15 Best Coffee Shops in Scottsdale Arizona: Your Ultimate Guide


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Celebrate the rich and diverse coffee culture in Scottsdale, Arizona! This southwestern city, often referred to as “The West’s Most Western Town,” is not only renowned for its vibrant art scene, upscale boutiques, and world-class golf courses but is also a paradise for coffee lovers.

Scottsdale’s coffee scene is as sunny and eclectic as its desert landscape. It boasts an array of coffee shops, from artisan roasters crafting the perfect brew to cozy cafés offering an ambiance that matches the city’s warm and inviting charm.

These coffee houses serve as the city’s vibrant social hubs, where local creatives, professionals, and tourists alike gather for their caffeine fix and a moment of reprieve from the bustling city life.

Whether you’re a fan of the traditional latte, crave a smooth cold brew, or seek out unique coffee concoctions, Scottsdale’s coffee scene will not disappoint.

In this blog post, we will guide you through some of the best coffee shops in Scottsdale, each with its own unique blend of atmosphere, service, and of course, fantastic coffee. Stay tuned as we embark on this caffeinated journey together!

Best Coffee Shops in Scottsdale

Remember, these are just a few of the standout coffee shops in Scottsdale. Throughout this article, we’ll introduce you to even more fantastic spots, complete with their street addresses and links to their websites or social media pages.

So grab your reusable cup, and let’s continue exploring the vibrant Scottsdale coffee scene.

Top 5 Coffee Shops

Echo Coffee

At Echo Coffee, you can expect high-quality, expertly-roasted coffee located at 2902 N 68th St #135, Scottsdale, AZ. Their house-roasted beans are sourced from sustainable and fair-trade farms, ensuring each cup is ethically produced.

Known for its excellent customer service and tranquil atmosphere, Echo Coffee is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely coffee break.

Find out more on their Facebook page.

Cartel Coffee Lab

Cartel Coffee Lab, located at 7124 E 5th Ave, Scottsdale, AZ, is well-known for their amazing house-roasted coffee, sourced from various locations around the world.

Their knowledgeable staff and minimalistic atmosphere make it an ideal spot for working or enjoying a good book. They also offer scrumptious pastries to accompany your coffee.

Stay updated through their website and social media pages.

Press Coffee

Nestled in the Scottsdale Quarter at 5257 N Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale Quarter Mall Building F, Ste 160, Scottsdale, AZ, Press Coffee is an inviting, community-driven space dedicated to serving delicious coffee.

With a focus on quality and consistency, their baristas work diligently to prepare your perfect cup. They also partner with local bakeries to offer fresh pastries and treats.

Follow them on Facebook for the latest news.

Mythical Coffee (North)

Maverick Coffee, found at 10269 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ, is a charming coffee shop boasting a laid-back vibe and exceptional coffee.

In addition to their drink menu, they serve a variety of tasty food options, making it suitable for a quick bite or a leisurely visit.

Their commitment to quality and friendly service contributes to your enjoyable experience. Stay connected on their Instagram.


Fourtillfour is a unique Porsche-themed coffee shop located at 7105 E 1st Ave, Scottsdale, AZ. Here, you’ll find a cozy atmosphere where car enthusiasts and coffee lovers can mingle.

Their artisanal coffee and friendly staff make it a great spot to start your day or catch up with friends. In addition to various coffee options, they also offer a light menu including pastries and sandwiches.

Check out their Instagram for updates and events.

Some Hidden Gems

Cockpit Coffee Bar

Cockpit Coffee Bar, located at 3703 N 69th St Unit 1, Downtown Scottsdale, Arizona, is a local favorite renowned for its quality cold brew and friendly staff.

Situated within Chadwick’s market, this coffee shop is a short walk from Valley Ho Hotel and offers a cozy atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor seating options.

Customers rave about the smooth cold brew and the great breakfast wraps, with the coffee beans being locally roasted and carefully selected for quality.

In addition to coffee and light bites, Cockpit Coffee Bar also offers beer, wine, and other prepared foods. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing start to your day or a quick coffee stop, Cockpit Coffee Bar is a delightful spot to unwind and enjoy great coffee

Check their Instagram page: @thehenryrestaurant for updates and special offers.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club, at 4400 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, is more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee.

This café offers delicious breakfast and lunch options for you to try while savoring their coffee.

Visit their website at breakfastclub.us or explore their Facebook page.

Village Coffee Roastery

Nestled at 8120 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85258, Village Coffee Roastery caters to true coffee lovers seeking a memorable experience.

Their beans are sourced responsibly, and they are known for their exceptional roasting techniques.

Stay updated via their website at villagecoffee.com, or follow them on Instagram.

Dutch Bros. Coffee

Dutch Bros. Coffee, located at 2012 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257, is a popular drive-thru coffee chain known for its high-quality coffee and friendly service.

The location offers a variety of caffeinated drinks, including its signature Rebel energy drink, smoothies, and traditional coffee options. The staff is known for their upbeat, positive attitude, and they often engage in lively conversations with customers.

Open daily from 5:00 AM, with closing times varying from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM, it’s a convenient spot for early risers and late-night coffee enthusiasts alike

Follow them on Facebook: @DutchBrosCoffeeScottsdale.

Nordstrom Ebar Artisan Coffee

Nordstrom Ebar Artisan Coffee, located at 7055 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, offers an inviting atmosphere where guests can enjoy a variety of beverages and snacks.

This includes handcrafted coffee beverages, prepared by skilled baristas, housemade smoothies, and a selection of fresh pastries.

For those seeking a quick meal, Nordstrom Ebar also provides a variety of grab-and-go options, such as sandwiches, salads, and snacks, all of which are made fresh daily​​.

Notable Mentions

Scottsdale Coffee Shops Near Me

While exploring the Scottsdale coffee scene, be sure to check out these notable coffee shops in Scottsdale that cater to various tastes and preferences:

  1. Berdena’s: Located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, Berdena’s offers both indoor and patio seating. Known for its bright ambiance, excellent coffee, and loose-leaf teas, this shop also serves the best avocado toast. (Address: 7051 E 5th Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, Website: berdenas.com)
  2. Street Brew Coffee: A great find on your first day in Scottsdale, Street Brew offers delicious coffee, desserts, and juice bars. Enjoy the outdoor seating and takeout options. (Address: 10634 N 71st Pl, Scottsdale, AZ 85254, Facebook Page: Street Brew Coffee)
  3. Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea – Scottsdale: Indulge in the Sweetwaters menu filled with delightful coffee, tea, and desserts. (Address: 14850 N 87th St Suite 110, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, Website: sweetwaterscafe.com)
  4. Sip Coffee & Beer House: This rustic-themed coffee shop features live music, craft beer, cocktails, and light fare. Treat yourself at this local hangout (Address: 3617 N Goldwater Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, Website: sipcoffeeandbeer.com)
  5. Red Canyon Cafe: Ice cream, crêpes, great food and, of course, gourmet coffee are available in Frontier Town (Address: 7240 E Main St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, Website: https://www.redcanyoncafeaz.com)

And of course, if you’re looking for a familiar taste, there are several Starbucks locations throughout Scottsdale for your convenience. Happy coffee shop hopping!

Traveling around Phoenix and Arizona? Then check out the best coffee shops in Arizona to find the other places we cover.

Next time you get your phone out to search for the best coffee near me in Scottsdale just come back to this page instead and try out another of our recommendations.

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