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Welcome to Annapolis, Maryland, a city where the fragrance of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the crisp, salty scent of the Chesapeake Bay. Known as the sailing capital of the world and host to the internationally acclaimed Annapolis Boat Show, this maritime gem offers an exciting blend of history, adventure, and a thriving coffee culture.

Annapolis is a city where colonial-era streets meet the modern vibrancy of artisanal coffee shops. Home to the U.S. Naval Academy, the oldest State House still in legislative use, and a rich array of 18th-century brick houses, Annapolis is steeped in fascinating history. This charm is further amplified every fall with the arrival of the Annapolis Boat Show, attracting sailing enthusiasts from around the globe.

The city’s coffee scene is no less captivating. From intimate Annapolis coffee shops tucked away in historic downtown to contemporary, waterfront coffee roasters, Annapolis offers a unique coffee experience that mirrors its eclectic, maritime character.

Best Annapolis MD Coffee Shops

Whether you’re an ardent coffee connoisseur, a sailing enthusiast, or simply looking for a cozy spot to savor a delicious brew, our guide to the best coffee shops in Annapolis promises to enrich your visit to this enchanting city.

Curate Annapolis

Curate Annapolis is a charming coffee shop located in the heart of downtown Annapolis, Maryland. As a café, bakery, and wine bar, Curate provides a comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy your morning coffee, sip on some premium tea, or even indulge in an evening glass of wine. The local community loves it for its rotating selection of artisan coffees, house-made pastries, and tasty breakfast/lunch menu, making it a must-visit when you’re in the area.

When you step into Curate Annapolis, you’ll be greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the friendly staff, ready to help you find your new favorite drink. Curate is dedicated to sourcing high-quality coffee beans, ensuring you taste the difference in every sip. The café’s interior is cozy and stylish, offering the perfect spot for catching up with friends, getting some work done, or even enjoying one of their popular gallery events.

In addition to its delectable coffee and tea selections, Curate Annapolis is known for its scrumptious breakfast and lunch options. Their talented pastry chef, Stephanie Squires, bakes an assortment of mouth-watering pastries in-house daily. If you’re looking for a heartier meal, they also offer an array of plated breakfast and lunch dishes that will satisfy your hunger and your taste buds. Don’t forget to explore the nearby Market House and City Dock Coffee for more local flavors during your visit.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters

At Ceremony Coffee Roasters, you’ll find a dedication to perfection in every cup. As a premier Annapolis coffee shop, this place features thoughtful sourcing of their beans, meticulous roasting, and artfully crafted espresso drinks. If you’re craving a chai latte or that daily dose of caffeine, this is the place to be.

You won’t be disappointed by the rich flavor profiles and expertly brewed coffees at Ceremony. Their seasonal menu offers a range of options that are bound to satisfy any palate. With an inviting atmosphere and plenty of seating, it’s easy to see why this place has become such a beloved spot in Anne Arundel County.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters has a strong presence in Annapolis with two locations to serve you. You can visit their Russell St location or their Forest Dr location, both offering the same dedication to quality and taste that Ceremony is known for. 

In addition to their delicious coffee offerings, Ceremony Coffee Roasters is also committed to sustainability and ethical practices in sourcing their beans. From single-origin selections to their classic blends, you can trust that your caffeine fix is coming from a responsible and passionate provider.

Brown Mustache Coffee

Located in historic downtown Annapolis, Brown Mustache Coffee is an inviting coffee shop that serves up ridiculously good coffee™ alongside locally sourced foods and pastries. As you step in, you will find the cozy spot tucked away inside Old Fox Books at 35 Maryland Ave, offering a perfect blend of literary charm and caffeine delights. Their delectable breakfast menu includes items such as pastries, and their signature Belgian waffle awaits to satiate your early morning cravings.

The delightful atmosphere at Brown Mustache Coffee creates a friendly and welcoming environment for both locals and visitors alike. You can enjoy your American fare in a laid-back setting, surrounded by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the whispers of turning pages. Its location within a bookstore adds a unique character to this coffee shop, making it an ideal place for a quiet morning or an afternoon of relaxation.

While visiting Brown Mustache Coffee, make sure to explore their selection of coffee beverages, expertly crafted to please your taste buds. Pair your eye-opening sip with a scrumptious pastry, or indulge in their popular Belgian waffle for a fulfilling and delightful experience. You can savor the ambiance as you discover new books and engage in conversations with like-minded people, discovering why this gem of a coffee shop is a favorite among Annapolis locals.

Bitty & Beau’s Coffee

At Bitty & Beau’s Coffee in Annapolis, you’ll experience not only great coffee but also a sense of community and inclusivity. This unique coffee shop is run by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, making it a special place to grab your daily cup of java. Their friendly staff and cozy atmosphere will make you feel right at home as you enjoy your favorite espresso-based drink, drip coffee, or iced beverage.

Located in the heart of downtown Annapolis at 124 Dock Street, Bitty & Beau’s Coffee is the perfect spot for a quick coffee break or a leisurely lunch. Try one of their delicious sandwiches or baked goods, made fresh daily, as you take in the charming ambiance of Maryland’s capital city.

The coffee shop’s impact extends beyond exceptional coffee and tasty treats. Bitty & Beau’s Coffee is passionate about advocating for inclusion and fostering a welcoming environment for people of all abilities. By supporting this wonderful business, you’re making a positive impact on the local community and helping to challenge misconceptions about people with disabilities.

Rise Up Annapolis

Rise Up Annapolis is a local gem perfect for anyone who appreciates high-quality coffee, scrumptious pastries, and a welcoming atmosphere. It’s an ideal destination for your mornings to sit back and savor a delicious cup of coffee while diving into your favorite book. This place prides itself on excellent customer service and is recognized as a hidden gem among Annapolis coffee shops.

The seating area is comfortable and provides a great space for you to relax, work, or socialize. Rise Up Annapolis also offers an app you can use to order in advance, allowing for a seamless and hassle-free experience. You can enjoy the fabulous pastries, which serve as delightful complements to their exceptional coffee offerings.

One of the reasons Rise Up Annapolis stands out is its friendly and warm atmosphere. You’ll immediately feel welcomed and at home in this cozy coffee shop. The connection with their patrons, combined with the quality of their coffee and offerings, makes Rise Up Annapolis a must-visit destination for coffee lovers.

Best Annapolis Coffee Shops near me
Annapolis Harbor

Bean Rush Café

If you’re looking for a cozy coffee shop in Annapolis, Bean Rush Café is the perfect spot to satisfy your coffee cravings. Known for its aromatic and warm signature brewed coffees, this local gem offers a variety of options for both breakfast and lunch. With their friendly environment and dedication to keeping it simple, fresh, and local, you’ll quickly find yourself feeling right at home.

Your mornings can kick off with Bean Rush Café’s delicious breakfast sandwiches or choose from their selection of loose-leaf teas, espresso-based drinks, and even cold brew. Their extensive menu also includes vegetarian options, soups, salads, and sandwiches, catering to all tastes.

While you enjoy your coffee, take advantage of their comfortable seating areas and, if you’re lucky, you might even spot a few U.S. Naval Academy students or Anne Arundel locals.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, Bean Rush also offers a variety of desserts to complement your beverage of choice. Their drinks, such as the popular “West Annapolis Banana Bread”, showcase their unique flavors and dedication to quality service. Next time you’re in Annapolis, be sure to stop by Bean Rush Café and experience a true local favorite.

Oscar’s Coffee

Oscar’s Coffee is a charming, local coffee shop in Annapolis, Maryland. Located in the Eastport neighborhood at 105 Eastern Ave, this cozy spot offers a delightful morning routine for residents or visitors to Anne Arundel County. With a friendly atmosphere and excellent coffee, you’re sure to feel right at home when you step inside Oscar’s.

At Oscar’s Coffee, you can expect a well-curated menu of delicious coffee drinks, teas, and light fare. The knowledgeable staff can help you choose a beverage that will invigorate your day, or you can explore their offerings on your own. Take your drink to go, or stay and enjoy the welcoming ambiance and great conversation with other patrons.

If you’re searching for a personal touch and impeccable service, look no further than Oscar’s Coffee in Annapolis. Be sure to check them out for a delightful coffee experience and to support a local business that takes pride in their community. The next time you’re in the area, do yourself a favor and give Oscar’s Coffee a try.

Old Fox Books & Coffeehouse

Old Fox Books & Coffeehouse is a charming spot in Annapolis where you can enjoy excellent coffee, browse through a wide variety of books, and relax in a cozy atmosphere. As you step inside, you’ll find a unique blend of a classic bookstore and a welcoming coffeehouse that brings together the perfect combination of your love for reading and appreciation for quality coffee.

You can find a diverse selection of books that cater to various interests and age groups, from bestsellers to rare editions. You might even feel a Harry Potter vibe as you lose yourself in the shelves.

The ambiance is further enhanced by the warm and friendly staff, which adds to the overall experience. Besides their fantastic coffee, they also have a delightful array of espresso drinks and delicious treats, including locally made ice cream from The Red Bean.

It’s not just about the books and coffee at Old Fox Books & Coffeehouse – the unique atmosphere makes this a destination worth exploring in Annapolis. It’s the perfect spot to catch up with friends, work on your next big idea, or unwind after a day exploring the picturesque streets of West Annapolis.

Naval Academy 1845 Coffee

Experience the unique essence of Naval Academy 1845 Coffee in three distinct locations where you’ll find the perfect spot to satisfy your coffee cravings.

  • Immerse yourself in history at 1845 Coffee-Gatehouse, nestled within the iconic Gate 3 Gatehouse.
  • Discover a hidden gem in Bancroft Hall at 1845 Coffee-Midstore, where the vibrant energy of the Midshipmen adds flavor to your coffee experience.
  • Lastly, indulge in the refined atmosphere of Hopper Hall at 1845 Coffee-Hopper Hall, where specialty coffees are crafted to perfection. 

Whether you’re seeking an espresso, iced coffee drinks, a variety of teas, or a seasonal beverage made with organic ingredients, these three locations offer a memorable coffee experience that combines rich flavors with the storied legacy of the U.S. Naval Academy. If you’re visiting around lunchtime, you can grab a quick bite from their selection of healthy treats and sandwiches.

So, when you’re in the Annapolis area and in search of a memorable coffee experience, don’t pass up the opportunity to visit Naval Academy 1845 Coffee. These quaint coffee spots are sure to leave a lasting impression on you, your taste buds, and your appreciation for history.

Miss Shirley’s Cafe

At Miss Shirley’s Cafe, you’ll find an exceptional award-winning culinary experience for your breakfast, brunch, and lunch cravings. This charming cafe is rooted in Southern fundamentals, with an emphasis on using fresh ingredients sourced from the Chesapeake Bay region of Maryland. As you step into Miss Shirley’s, you can expect beautifully presented plates, prompt and professional service, as well as a clean, comfortable, and well-maintained dining environment.

The menu at Miss Shirley’s offers a delightful mix of American fare, including savory tarts, burgers, and mouthwatering pastries like scones and fresh bread. In addition, they serve a variety of amazing breakfast options, such as the fan-favorite Chicken ‘n Cheddar Green Onion Waffles and Crab Hash & Fried Green Tomato Eggs Benedict. All their dishes blend perfectly with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, making your dining experience both comforting and energizing.

To top it all off, Miss Shirley’s Cafe has a friendly, inviting ambiance that reflects the spirit of Annapolis. If you’re ever in the area, don’t forget to pay them a visit and indulge in their delicious offerings. After all, who wouldn’t want to start their day with a warm, hearty meal complemented by a steaming cup of aromatic coffee?

Fortunately, wherever you are in Annapolis there will always be plenty of coffee shops nearby, so it won’t be hard to find one. Our guide is here to make sure you find the best coffee in Annapolis.

Hopefully, you will get the opportunity to check out at least one or two of the Annapolis coffee shops we recommend.

Remember, the next time you get your phone out to search for the best coffee near me in Annapolis just come back to this page instead and try out another of our recommendations.

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