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Indianapolis, Indiana is an amalgamation of vibrant cultures, iconic sports history, and rich industrial heritage, that thrives on diversity and tradition. But amidst the hustle of the Indy 500, the echo of basketball cheers, and the city’s growing foodie scene, an unexpected gem has been steadily brewing – the Indianapolis coffee scene.

Though often overlooked by the nation’s mainstream coffee culture, Indianapolis has quietly cultivated a thriving specialty coffee community over the years. Rich with local roasters, artisanal brew methods, and coffee houses that double as community spaces, the coffee scene in Indianapolis is as diverse and rich as the city itself.

The Indianapolis coffee shops, each with its unique character, offer everything from robust espressos and innovative lattes to cozy atmospheres and community-building initiatives.

best coffee shops Indianapolis

Whether you’re a local Hoosier looking for a new coffee haunt, or a visitor wanting to taste the city’s coffee charm, our guide to the best coffee shops in Indianapolis is just for you.

1. Coat Check Coffee

Coat Check Coffee is located in the historic Athenaeum, serving freshly roasted coffee with locally sourced ingredients such as their Dandy Breeze milk.

Other than delicious coffee you can also fill up on fresh pastries and bialy sandwiches. Enjoy any number of their offerings in their indoor and outdoor seating areas. 

Not only are the surroundings beautifully nostalgic, they also offer a cozy place to work or socialize.

2. Quills Coffee

Quill’s Coffee was created by a coffee enthusiast and former social worker who wanted to turn his passion into a premium coffee shop.

The coffee shop’s aim is to create a space where a community of coffee lovers can come together.  

There are a number of their own roasted blends that you can purchase online to continue that coffee shop experience in the comfort of your own home.

As the franchise has grown, you can enjoy these delightfully industrial coffee shops across the country.

3. Neidhammer Coffee Co.

Neidhammer is the perfect blend of a cool sophisticated loft apartment and coffee shop.

With tonnes of natural light and comfortable seating options, you can spend an afternoon relaxing here getting some work done or just simply reading a book and unwinding.

Local art is rotated regularly at the coffee shop which adds to their community spirit. 

From classic coffees to signature blends and seasonal treats, there is always something different to try at Neidhammer.

You can pair your coffee with a delicious crepe if you start to feel a little hungry.

4. Monon Coffee Company

Monon Coffee has a selection of whole-bean coffees from a variety of different countries, giving you a new experience with every blend.

A number of specialty drinks are on offer if you don’t fancy caffeine at the time. From white mochas to chai tea there is something for everyone at Monon Coffee. 

For your tea-drinking friends, there is an extensive variety of loose-leaf teas that are bound to delight the senses. Everyone can come together in this comfortable and quirky setting.

coffee shops near me in Indianapolis

5. Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company

Located along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Calvin Fletcher’s serves good quality coffee that is roasted in-house.

The sustainability sourced beans mean that you can rest easy knowing your coffee makes a positive impact from farm to cup. 

A selection of snacks and pastries can also be purchased at Calvin Fletcher’s.

Enjoy any of these delights in their cool and trendy coffee shop that has the option to choose from indoor and outdoor seating.

6. Rabble Coffee

This small local business provides its customers with specialty roasted coffee alongside loose-leaf tea, delicious pastries, and fresh juices.

The ever-changing supply of coffee comes from local and nationally acclaimed roasters to provide their customers with the best taste possible.  

Rabble prides itself on offering a welcoming space for the community, working with local artists and vendors there are a number of events and items for sale that reflect this principle.

7. Georgia Street Grind

In downtown Indianapolis, you’ll find Georgia Street Grind, a cozy little coffee shop that serves fresh brews from local roasters.

The great thing about Georgia Street is that you can request your own custom coffee creation! Your imagination is the limit here, satisfying even the most diverse palettes.

Skip the big chain store the next time you’re out hunting down the perfect cup of coffee and head to Georgia Street.

They may be small, but they certainly are mighty. Keep an eye out for their daily specials too.

8. Coal Yard Coffee

Another fantastic Indianapolis coffee shop is Coal Yard Coffee.

With an active role in the local art scene, the coffee shop hosts a number of live music events and displays local art amongst its own eclectic decor.

It is the perfect place for local artists and art enthusiasts alike to come and hang out. 

Coffee is also a major priority here too, serving a number of handcrafted drinks you’ll be able to get a great caffeine hit here.

The coffee is freshly roasted down the street and available for you to purchase and take home with you!

9. The Mocha Nut Coffee Shop

Combining high quality coffee and delicious fresh bakery items, The Mocha Nut Coffee Shop is the perfect place for the foodie as well as the coffee enthusiast.

You can expect to find seasonal drinks as well as coffee classics in this trendy industrial-style setting. 

If you’re looking for a caffeine fix on the go, you can order ahead for pickup to save yourself some time!

best coffee shops indianapolis

10. Brickhouse Coffee Co.

Brickhouse Coffee takes a slightly different approach to roasting their small batches for farmer-friendly roasts.

Every single batch is done by the owner himself! The attention to detail with the coffee at Brickhouse is second to none and the passion can be tasted in every cup. 

As well as coffee, the community is also important to the Brickhouse family.

This family-owned business creates meaningful relationships within the community and looks for opportunities to give back with various projects and events.

Look out for the dramatic storefront when you’re next on the lookout for a cup of joe.

11. Nine Lives Cat Café

A cat café you say? Yes, you read that correctly, this is a café dedicated to cats. This free-roaming foster home enables you to pet some furry friends and enjoy a cup of coffee.

If you’d prefer to enjoy a drink away from the cats you can stay in the café and wander into the Cat Lounge when you feel like it. 

All of the beautiful felines roaming around Nine Lives are up for adoption, so you might come home with more than a belly full of coffee!

12. Tea’s Me Café Indy

Tea’s Me Café is an award-winning local café that is loved in the community.

Although their specialty is loose-leaf teas from all over the world they also offer hot or cold coffee as well as food items. 

Choosing from their extensive range might take a while, but it will be worth it.

A variety of events are hosted by the café which contributes to their strong sense of community.

From park runs to yoga, there are a huge number of ways you can get involved with the community and have a delicious cup of tea whilst you’re doing it.

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13. Provider Coffee & Cocktail Lounge

Provider Coffee Shop is one of the Small Victories branches, encompassing a number of similar venues around Indianapolis.

In the historic Tinker House building, you can find this establishment serving quality coffee, pastries, long drinks, and bialy sandwiches. 

Locally sourced produce is high up on Provider’s list of priorities, similarly to their sister establishments they serve Dandy Breeze milk from a local grass-fed dairy farm.

Anything they can make from scratch, they do. This even includes their flavored lattes! 

Their outdoor patio is the perfect place to enjoy a long drink on a summer’s evening. Customers can also find solace within their cozy walls during colder, rainier months too.

14. Café Patachou

Café Patachou refers to itself as a ‘student union for adults’.

The award-winning restaurant and café offer fabulous breakfast and lunch options along with their own house blends of coffee.

If you aren’t in the mood for coffee, something stronger might appeal to you in the form of a fruity cocktail.

Only the best is acceptable for the customers of Café Patachou, their food is made with expertly sourced ingredients that are organic and local where possible.

If you’re stuck for somewhere to brunch with the girls on the weekend or grab a quick coffee and snack on the way to work you won’t be disappointed when stopping here.

15. The Well Coffeehouse Fishers

The Well is passionate about producing quality coffee that comes from a responsible source.

Creating relationships with the farmers that produce the coffee is important at The Well, as is ensuring that farmers and producers get paid a fair living wage. 

Events and coffee classes are also on offer at various locations, creating a sense of community amongst coffee lovers and live music enthusiasts alike.

The Bottom Line

Don’t you just hate the stress of trying to find a good coffee shop?

Especially if you’re with a group of people, the last thing you want is to be remembered as the one who chose that awful coffee place last time.

This won’t be an issue if you choose one of the fantastic local coffee shops on our list! 

Remember, next time you get your phone out to search for the best coffee near me in Indianapolis just come back to this page instead and try out another of our great recommendations.

Check out the best coffee shops in Indiana in the other places we cover in the state.

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