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Chattanooga, Tennessee – a vibrant city cradled between the curves of the Tennessee River and the towering peaks of the Appalachians.

There is much to see, from picturesque views atop Lookout Mountain to the awe-inspiring underground spectacle of Ruby Falls and the captivating marine life at the Tennessee Aquarium.

You will need a break after all that sightseeing so we would certainly recommend you visit one of the many great Chattanooga coffee shops.

The revitalized downtown area, complete with a charming riverwalk, offers a bustling hub of unique shops, local art galleries, and of course some great places to get the best coffee in Chattanooga TN.

Best Coffee Shops In Chattanooga TN

15 Best Chattanooga Coffee Shops

We explored the top 15 coffee shops in Chattanooga – places that serve not just exceptional coffee, but also offer inviting spaces that reflect the city’s welcoming atmosphere and creative spirit.

1. Mean Mug Coffee House

First, we have a very traditional-looking coffee shop, with wood flooring and exposed brickwork, you can be sure of feeling at home in Mega Mug.

There is plenty on offer from this coffee shop in terms of both food and drinks.

You can get superfood drinks that are filled with healthy protein and fiber. You can also get a range of very interesting lattes, such as ones infused with honey or turmeric.

This also comes with a delicious range of paleo and gluten-free breakfasts.

2. Frothy Monkey

If you are someone that could be described as grandiose, then this next coffee shop will certainly appeal to you.

This one comes with massive ceilings that will give you a neck ache if you try and look all the way up them.

You should try their signature golden monkey latte, which will hit your tastebuds with such an eccentric mix of flavors… although we’ll leave you to try it first.

This comes with a lot of seating, so you can probably find yourself a seat no matter what time of the day you rock up.

3. Goodman Coffee Roasters

If you want somewhere you can take your dog and sit with a great book and a latte, then Goodman is the place for you.

This is located on Market Street, you’ll be able to spot it with the French patio situated at the front.

This comes with such a wide selection of coffees, that it will be hard to decide what you are going to drink first.

But we would certainly recommend that you try one of the cold protein shakes, as these are great for your tastebuds and your muscles.

4. Cadence Coffee Company

Next up, we have a cozy Chattanooga coffee shop that is great for those who are not a fan of a lot of space and a lot of customers.

This comes with a sizable breakfast menu, including a sausage and cream cheese popover.

This also comes with some great coffee, including an amazing pour-over filter coffee that really will give you a hankering for that second cup.

In terms of ambiance, this one really brings relaxing vibes.

5. Stone Cup Coffee

Now we have a coffee shop that fuses the psychedelic with the traditional, with those stone brick walls and a multi-colored menu that looks like something straight out of the 60s.

This is one of the coolest Chattanooga coffee shops that you’ll find in Chattanooga.

Thankfully, the nostalgic vibe is not matched by the coffees on offer, as this place comes with a wonderfully refreshing approach to brewing and service.

You can come here for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as there is always food on the menu.

6. Sleepyhead Coffee

Sleepyhead Coffee is a coffee shop that started from a humble beginning as a simple coffee cart but has now expanded into a place that serves vegan breakfast and a range of delicious on-site baked pastries.

There are plenty of cold beverages to choose from at Sleepyhead Coffee, including some alcoholic ones if you fancy chilling out on the stoop on a hot summer’s day.

We would also recommend you try their lemon donut which is 100% vegan.

coffee chattanooga
Lookout Mountain

7. Mad Priest Coffee Roaster

If you want your coffee shop with a sense of humor, then we would certainly recommend that you pay Mad Priest a visit.

The owners of this place have a great Youtube channel (MadPriestCoffee) that has made them one of the most popular coffee houses in this area.

But they also have the coffee knowledge to back this up, with a range of blends that will satisfy anyone with a sense of adventure.

If you like one of their roasts, you can always grab a bag to go and enjoy a cup in your own home.

8. Milk And Honey

Now, if you want a place where you can take a child who might not have any interest in coffee, then Milk and Honey is the place for you.

You can get gelato, ice cream, breakfast items, and sandwiches. This is a one-stop shop for you and the whole family.

But don’t worry if you feel daunted about the menu, this place is full of friendly staff that will help you navigate it.

They will advise you on coffee and recommend the day’s best pastries. Milk and Honey offer only the very best in customer service.

9. Velo Coffee Roasters

Again, we have another very dog-friendly cafe, so if you want a place where you can pet your pup with one hand and hold a cappuccino in the other, then trot on down to Velo Coffee Roasters.

If you want a little peek behind the magician’s cloth and see how coffee is made, then Velo has a very open-door policy and will allow you to see everything going on behind the bar.

This place ships coffee all around the city… and we can see why!

10. Rembrandt’s Coffee House

Described as one of Chattanooga’s favorite coffee houses, you can be sure of getting good quality service and great coffee at this establishment.

This comes with artisanal coffees made on-site, along with freshly made pastries and cakes.

They’ll even make you a great breakfast that you can enjoy out on the decking on a sunny morning.

However, if you are keeping an eye on your waistline, then Rembrandt’s has got you covered with a range of delicious salads.

11. Oaks Coffee House

If you have a conscience when consuming your coffee, then you might want to get on down to Oaks Coffee House, where they make sure that giving back to the community is their top priority.

This coffee shop makes sure that generous amounts of the proceeds go to charity and local initiatives.

Pair this ethos with the range of amazing coffee blends and pastries that they have on offer, you’ll simply be throwing your cash at them!

coffee shops chattanooga
Downtown Chattanooga

12. Provisions

If you like the idea of sitting by the waterfront and enjoying a coffee as you watch the waves lap up against the steps of a museum, then you’ll want to pop along to Provisions.

This is a place where all the culture vultures congregate.

If you like your treats made by local bakers, then Provisions is catering for you.

You can pair up one of these sweet treats with a range of coffees from around the world.

It comes with vegan-friendly and gluten-free options too.

13. Peet’s Coffee

What’s so good about Peet’s? Well, apart from the fact that they always offer a diverse range of seasonal drinks and snacks, the main appeal of Peet’s is the amazing attention to detail when it comes to making your coffee.

This place is one of the most welcoming that you can find in all of Chattanooga, which is why people come in their droves from all over the country and make sure to leave great reviews. This is a coffee for only those who are in the know.

14. Together Cafe

You won’t find this cafe hard to spot, even from one thousand feet away, as it is situated in a two-story building that really shines during sunset hours.

This place is a beacon of good coffee and some of the best views in Chattanooga.

All of the sales of the coffee at Together go back into the community, with a lot of the lattes and cappuccinos made with Mad Priest’s signature beans.

This place also serves some sweet nuggets such as cookies and cakes that you can pair with any coffee you like.

15. Wildflower Tea And Apothecary

We don’t like to say we’ve saved the best until last, but this time we really have, with the wonderfully titled Wildflower Tea and Apothecary.

If you like your loose-leaf blend tea in all colors and flavors, then this is the place for you.

This place really fosters a relaxing and gentle environment, aimed as a place where you can come and relax, away from the hurley burly of modern city life.

If you like the Old English tearooms vibe, then get on down to Wildflower.


Wherever you are in Chattanooga there will always be plenty of coffee shops nearby, so it won’t be hard to find one.

Hopefully, you will get the opportunity to check out at least one or two of these Chattanooga coffee shops we recommend.

Remember, the next time you get your phone out to search for the best coffee near me in Chattanooga TN just come back to this page instead and try out another of our recommendations.

Check out the best coffee shops in Tennessee in the other places we cover in the state. 

 Take advantage of the chance to explore our wide range of coffee shops in Memphis, and Nashville as well.

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