15 Best Coffee Shops & Cafes In Chicago, Illinois

15 Best Coffee Shops & Cafes In Chicago, Illinois

Chigaco is known as being one of the coolest cities in the grand state of Illinois, and it’s only natural that the coffee shops have moved with the times.

You’ll find no more intense concentration of trendy coffee shops on the planet.

There are so many independent roasters in Chicago that it has been hard to narrow them down to just 15.

These coffee parlors don’t just make amazing coffee, but they are great places to eat, hang out, eat vegetarian and vegan food and enjoy live events.

So where can you find these amazing little coffee shops? Where are the secret ones? Which ones serve food and put on live events? Well, then we would recommend that you try our list of the 15 best coffee shops in the country.

The Best 15 Coffee Shops In Chicago

1. The Coffee And Tea Exchange

If you want a coffee shop that will cater to your eccentric and diverse coffee bean needs, then we can recommend nowhere better than the Coffee and Tea Exchange in East Lakeview.

This coffee shop will order you coffee from wherever you want, no matter what corner of the world it comes from.

In-store, they specialize in coffee makers and African coffee beans. This is great for the adventurous coffee drinker.

Address: 3311 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657

2. Dark Matter Coffee

If you want a coffee company that has committed to fair business practices and wants to ensure that you have the most viable coffee, then Dark Matter is a great place to start.

This company gets its beans from Mexico, El Salvador and Colombia.

This is a great place to go if you are an average coffee drinker, a more experienced coffee connoisseur or you are a retailer that wants to get some rare beans for their staff room coffee maker.

Address: 738 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60612

3. Wormhole Coffee

Okay, we’ll admit that we chose this place because of the cool name, but that does not mean that it is lacking in the coffee department.

This place is 80’s themes and even has the Wayne’s World car glued to the ceiling – it has to be seen to be believed!

The other amazing thing about this coffee shop is the sheer range of flavors that it has on offer.

Whether it is vanilla bean, peanut butter or peanut mousse chocolate, you’ll have everything you need to satisfy this sweet tooth.

Address: 1462 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago,IL 60622

4. Metric Coffee

If you like a little bit of quirky history behind your coffee shop, then you won’t find a quirkier history than Metric Coffee.

This gets its name from a German roasting machine from the 60s that still used metrics as a unit of measurement.

This maintains a great roasting selection, allowing you to order one of its custom bean mixes or to try one of the latest coffees that they have ordered in from the other side of the globe.

This is more a place for tasting than relaxing.

Address: 2021 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL 60612

5. Gaslight Coffee Roasters

Gaslight Coffee Roasters

If you like your roasted coffee shop with that vintage feel, then you can’t go wrong with this coffee roasting establishment.

It is made with authentic wood from Logan Square in Illinois.

This place also comes with a wonderful selection of foods, whether it is duck eggs, benedict, homemade pickles or cheese sourced from the local area.

They also have coffee beans from all over the globe, which is great if you like to sample coffee from all over.

Address: 2385 North Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

6. Groundswell Coffee Roasters

If you enjoy a good spiced latte during the fall, then we would definitely recommend that you get along to Groundsell Coffee Roasters.

This place really has a thing for seasonal coffees, especially from South America.

It also has a place where you can sit in the warm and enjoy a pastry.

There are several cafes in the Chicago area that are stocking Grounswell’s delicious coffee beans, so why not buy a pack for your home?

Address: 4839 n Damen Ave. Chicago, IL 60625

7. Veteran Roasters

If you want a coffee shop that comes with one of the noblest of mission statements, then you won’t want to go anywhere else except Veteran Roasters.

This coffee house only employs veterans and aims to stop homelessness and unemployment amongst veterans.

This also comes with coffee beans from Brazil and Papa New Guinea, all of which are sustainably sourced and fresh off the vine.

These are light and smooth blends and the best thing about them is that they are very cheap.

Address: 646 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

8. Oromo Coffee

Next up, we have a coffee shop that is very affordable, which is probably one of the reasons why it is packed out almost every day of the week!

This is one of those secret coffee shops, ensconced just off Lincoln Avenue.

This also has a gluten-free menu, with plenty of fresh ingredients that elevate it above a lot of other coffee establishments.

One of our favorite drinks on this menu is Vietnamese lemongrass and ginger iced coffee.

Address: 4703 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

9. Bridgeport Coffee Company

This coffee shop is one out of 4, all of which are thriving on a daily basis.

They serve food as well as coffee, offering a wide range of sweet and savory treats to its patrons, who can either choose to sit indoors or outdoors.

This comes with 18 Century architecture that will certainly give you something to look at while you are lounging away during the lazy summer afternoons.

This place also roasts its own coffee, which will certainly draw in the aficionados.

Address: 3101 South Morgan Street, Chicago, Illinois 60608

10. Sip Of Hope Coffee Bar

Sip Of Hope Coffee Bar

This is another coffee shop that comes with a very moral mission, which is why we have included it on our list of 15 of the best coffee shops.

This company wants to combat suicide and raise awareness for mental health.

In addition to that, it also serves really great-tasting coffee.

This comes with a wonderful interior, so you’ll want to spend as much time here as possible. The coffee is also sourced ethically too.

Address: 3039 West Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60647

11. Back Of The Yards Coffeehouse And Roastery

This coffee shop gets all their coffee straight from Mexico, which means that their drinks all have that very distinctive rich flavor.

It also uses a lot of the proceeds that they make to pay for community initiatives.

This comes with a range of exclusive cold brewed coffees that include chai lattes.

It also comes with a wide range of sweet pastries and cakes which have been specially selected to pair with the coffee.

Address: 2059 W 47th Street, Chicago IL, 60609

12. Damn Fine Coffee Bar

This is a very traditional coffee bar (if you can ignore the Twin Peaks-inspired name) that serves a range of top-quality espressos and lattes.

You can also get some freshly-warmed pastries if you get there early enough.

This comes with something for everyone, with dairy-free and gluten-free options on the menu.

This comes with a very aromatic coffee shop buzz, which is great if you want something to energize you in the morning before work.

Address: 3317 W Armitage, Chicago IL 60647

13. Hero Coffee Bar

If you want your coffee made for you fast yet skilfully as you are in a rush for work, then we would recommend this next venue.

With a cozy interior and great decor, you won’t have to worry about getting a great Instagram photo.

You can get sandwiches, bagels and baguettes in this coffee shop. This is great if you want to try somewhere new for your lunch.

This is an extremely popular cafe in the Chicago area, so you might want to get there early for a seat!

Address: 22 East Jackson Ave. Chicago, IL

14. Intelligentsia Coffee

Now if you can get past the slightly pretentious name, then you’ll be able to experience one of the best and most renowned coffee shops in the Chicago area.

With a wide range of organic coffees, this is a meat and potatoes coffee shop that is hard to beat.

This is a favorite among tourists, so you might have to spend a lot of time with slightly loud customers from all over the world.

But it will be worth sitting there for a few hours to say you have visited one of the finest coffee houses in the state.

Address: 3123 N Broadway Chicago, IL 60657

15. Heritage Bikes And Coffee

Heritage Bikes And Coffee

Finally, if you want a place where you can enjoy a steaming cup of great coffee and get your bike fixed at the same time, then why not cycle on down to Heritage Bikes and Coffee? This place is a niche that not many others will have thought of.

They have a selection of amazing coffees along with breakfast burritos, avocado on toast or a classic American diner breakfast – this is great if you are a fan of syrupy pancakes and eggs! If you need a caffeine top-up as you cycle into work, this is the perfect coffee house for you!

Address: 2959 North Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60657


We hope that our list of some of the best 15 coffee shops in Chicago, Illinois, has given you a better idea of where you want to visit to get your caffeine fix in your are ever in this fair city.

As you can see from some we have mentioned above, there really is something for everyone and we’re sure that once you’ve visited one, you’ll want to visit them all!