15 Best Coffee Shops and Cafés In Dallas, Texas

15 Best Coffee Shops & Cafés In Dallas, Texas

Dallas is an incredibly popular city in Texas, having the largest populous in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex as well as being the fourth largest metropolitan area to be found in the United States, thanks to having a massive population of 7.5 million people.

With a population that large, it is no surprise that there are a huge amount of coffee shops to choose from spread across the entirety of the city. 

We are going to be narrowing down this vast ocean of coffee shops for you in this article as we go through fifteen of the best coffee shops in Dallas, Texas! Let’s get started.

Best Coffee Shops In Dallas, Texas

1. Hola Cafe

Hola Cafe is a small Dallas coffee shop, offering an intimate and cozy atmosphere. It has limited seating, but if you do manage to grab yourself a seat, there is a lot to love about the bright and modern aesthetic of the café.

There is a lot to enjoy about the coffee that is served up at the Hola Cafe, too, such as their deliciously smooth cold brew.

Address: 416 N Tyler St, Dallas, TX 75208

2. Stupid Good Coffee

The coffee at Stupid Good Coffee thankfully lives up to the name of the shop itself! 

Stupid Good Coffee serves up a range of traditional coffee classics, such as Americanos, lattes and cappuccinos, as well as some unique takes on these classics, such as their horchata latte and their cookie butter latte.

Address: 1910 Pacific Ave, Ste 2060, Dallas, TX 75201

3. La La Land Kind Cafe

If you are interested in aesthetics when it comes to your coffee shops and cafés, then La La Land Kind café is the perfect choice for you thanks to being located in a small and cozy white house. 

It isn’t all style over substance though, as La La Land Kind Cafe offers tons of variety with their coffees, such as with their La La Latte, featuring honey, milk, matcha or espresso and la la froth. You should also try their Lavender Bloom Matcha Latte, which also features either espresso or matcha and milk but with vanilla and lavender included. 

La La Land Kind Cafe is also noteworthy for its staffing, as they are dedicated to employing foster children as their cashiers, baristas and chefs who are at the age where they are expelled from the care system.

Address: 5626 Bell Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

4. White Rhino Coffee

White Rhino Coffee has locations in Cedar Hill, Uptown, Bishop Arts and Arlington, with more on the way, so it is no surprise that it is a popular local coffee chain in Dallas. 

As well as coffees and teas, there is plenty of food to be had at White Rhino Coffee, including substantial meals like their full breakfast taco menu as well as their loaded sweet potato hash and maple glazed chicken biscuits.

Address: 230 W. Belt Line Road, Cedar Hill, TX, 75104

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5. Houndstooth Coffee

A modern choice of coffee shop, Houndstooth Coffee prides itself on serving up coffee made from a local roaster called Tweed.

This dedication to the local coffee community has made Houndstooth Coffee an iconic and popular coffee brand throughout Texas, with three locations in Dallas alone and the shop getting its beginnings in Austin

Whether it is a regular cappuccino or espresso or something more unique, you are sure to find something to your taste at Houndstooth Coffee.

Address: 4200 N Lamar Blvd, Ste 120, Austin, TX 78756

6. Ascension Coffee

Ascension is a little bit different from your run-of-the-mill coffee shops as they serve up an extensive food menu alongside their stellar coffee.

It can be a little bit worrying when you see such a large menu at a coffee shop, as it can make you think that the coffee itself is an afterthought in comparison, but this is far from the case with Ascension coffee. 

With an Australian-style theme, Ascension Coffee features a range of specialty coffees as well as craft coffee drunks such as long blacks and flat whites.

Address: 1621 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75207

7. LDU Coffee

This is definitely the place to go if craft coffees are your thing, thanks to the range of tasty choices that LDU Coffee has to offer. 

Some of the most popular drinks to be had at LDU include their iced lattes, as well as their Americanos and their flat whites.

You can also grab yourself some food whilst you are there too, with different kinds of house-made sandwiches available. 

LDU also sell their own LDU Magic Bean Juice concentrate so that you can take their beans home to make their coffee for yourself.

Address: 2650 N. Fitzhugh Ave, Dallas, TX 75204

8. Merit Coffee

Opening up in Dallas in 2019, Merit Coffee is a hot spot in the area when it comes to tasty lattes, cappuccinos and cold brews. 

There are two stores in Dallas currently, one in Highland Park and one in Deep Ellum, both of which feature a highly contemporary interior and indoor and outdoor seating. 

Don’t forget to try the homemade Pop-Tarts to go with your beverage if you decide to venture to Merit Coffee!

Address: 2639 Main Street, Suite 140, Dallas, TX 75226

9. Sip Stir Coffee House

With an upscale vibe that is still incredibly comfortable and welcoming, Sip Stir Coffee House offers a great atmosphere as well as high-quality coffee. 

There is much to be had in terms of choice at Sip Stir Coffee House, such as a selection of both hot and cold coffees, as well as espressos and tea. You can also opt for smoothies and frozen drinks when the weather gets warmer. 

You also have a selection of food to choose from as well, such as baked goods- like muffins and cookies-, grilled hot sandwiches and different kinds of toast.

Address: 2570 Justin Road #140, Highland Village, TX 75077

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10. Cultivar Coffee Bar

Cultivar Coffee Bar and micro-roaster is well known for the Dallas coffee roasters espresso drinks that they have been serving up in East Dallas since 2011. 

The outdoor seating area is a shining point for Cultivar, offering a wide area where you can enjoy your coffee in the sun. 

One of the standout drinks to be had at Cultivar is their Ethiopian pour-over coffee, which has an intensely rich and deep flavor.

Address: 1155 Peavy Rd, Dallas, TX 75218

11. Fiction Coffee 

Fiction Coffee might have a small coffee menu, but what it offers has been selected to please various tastes for coffee enthusiasts. 

From cappuccinos to unique drinks that are served on a rotating basis, there is plenty to choose from with Fiction Coffee. 

If you are more of a tea fan, the shop also serves it up along with light snacks and baked goods from local bakeries.

Address: 1623 N Hall St Dallas, TX 75204

12. Murray Street Coffee

This is another Dallas coffee shop that features a wide range of drinks as well as a pretty substantial food menu, including sandwiches, breakfast foods, salads, pastries, bagels, oatmeal and more!

Whether it is tea or coffee that is your poison, you are sure to find your preferred drink at Murray Street Coffee.

Address: 103 Murray Street, Dallas, Texas 75226

13. White Rock Coffee

If you are looking for a wide range of variety with your coffee, then White Rock Coffee is the choice for you.

As well as the standards when it comes to coffee, White Rock features custom creations which are usually extravagant drink concoctions that you won’t find anywhere else thanks to the wide range of choices of beverages that you can combine. 

White Rock Coffee also has its own bake shop with all sorts of baked goods, from muffins to croissants, cookies and more.

Address: 10105 E NW Hwy, Dallas, TX 75238

14. Edison Coffee Co

Edison Coffee Company is dedicated to creating the best possible coffee whilst maintaining ethical means of production, as well as building on local community relationships. 

This is a coffee company that prioritizes ethical sourcing, which is always a positive aspect of any coffee establishment. 

When it comes to the menu, Edison features traditional teas, coffees and a few non-caffeinated drinks as well as some interesting signature lattes flavors, such as their Blue Suede Shoes latte which combines a creamy latte with homemade blueberry syrup.

Address: 420 Parker Square Rd, Flower Mound, TX 75028

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15. Xaman Café

Last but not least, Xaman is a Mexican café and bar that serves up authentic Mexican coffee and foods. 

Some of the Mexican coffees that you can enjoy at Xaman Café include Xaman Horchata- made with a side of espresso and house-made Horchata, Café de Olla (with spice and piloncillo infused house coffee) and regular lattes alongside Cajeta Macchiatos and Oaxaca Mocha’s.

There is also tons of food to be had at Xaman, including breakfast options, such as toast and oatmeal; brunch, with Mexican classics like Chilaquiles Rojos on the menu, and soups and salads. 

If you’re hankering for a taste of Mexico, with both your food and your coffee, then Xaman Café in Dallas is the place to go.

Address: 334 West Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, TX 7508

Final Thoughts

So there you have fifteen particularly noteworthy cafés and coffee shops to be found in Dallas!

No matter what your tastes are in terms of coffee, you are sure to find a shop or café on this list that suits you perfectly thanks to the variety of places that we have included. 

If you moving around the area check out the Fort Worth coffee shops and if you find yourself looking for coffee in San Antonio then we can help.

Also check out the best coffee shops in Texas in the other places we cover in the state. 

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