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Louisville, Kentucky, is a city known for its Southern hospitality, vibrant arts scene, and of course, the world-famous Kentucky Derby. Nestled along the banks of the Ohio River, Louisville blends a rich history with a dynamic present, and it’s this unique fusion that extends to the city’s burgeoning coffee scene.

As well as Louisville’s Victorian-era architecture and its buzzing music festivals, the city is also brimming with coffee shops that are just waiting to be discovered.

In Louisville, coffee shops are more than just a place to get your morning caffeine fix. They’re community spaces, artistic corners, and a window into the local lifestyle.

15 Best Coffee Shops In Louisville, Kentucky

Stay tuned as we take you on a coffee adventure through the Gateway to the South. We are giving our selection of the fifteen best coffee shops in Louisville, Kentucky.

1. Ntaba Coffee Haus

Specializing in African coffee, Ntaba Coffee Haus both roasts and serves its products directly from the African coffee and tea trade straight from its base of operations in Louisville.

This single-origin African coffee is deliciously delectable, with some of their most popular drip coffees being their South African bean and their Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

2. Red Hot Roasters

Red Hot Roasters is not the place to go if you are looking for a Louiseville coffee shop where you can sit back in relax in a comfortable armchair, as their go-to serving method is their drive-through.

This makes it the perfect option for high-quality coffee when you’re in a hurry. 

That being said, Red Hot Roasters does offer some outside seating for when the weather is more suitable. 

Some of the standouts on the Red Hot Roaster’s menu include their frozen green tea latte and their Mexican mocha. 

3. Please And Thank You

With three different establishments to be found in Louisville, Please and Thank You serves up tasty cookies alongside their rich and flavorful coffee, making it the perfect choice of coffee shop if you are craving something sweet with your beverage. 

Please and Thank You is a unique combination of a traditional coffee house with a music store of sorts as well as a bakery thanks to serving up those aforementioned cookies whilst vinyl records as used as display decor. 

Some of the stand-outs on offer include their Iced Harvest Moon Latte, which features milk, espresso, ice, fall spices and maple syrup.

4. Old Louisville Coffee Co-Op

There is a lot to love about this next Louisville coffee establishment, from their dedication to building the Old Louisville community to their environmentally friendly methods, their support of local brands and businesses, and more.

They also happen to serve up some particularly tasty coffee!

Some of their current partners include local brands such as Sis Got Tea and Kizito Cookies. Old Louisville Coffee Co-Op also supports other businesses, such as Three Keys Coffee which is a black-owned and Houston-based craft coffee roaster business.

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5. Heine Brothers Coffee

This local coffee chain has around eighteen locations spread throughout the Southern Indiana and Louisville area and is known for serving up fair trade organic espressos and coffees. 

Heine Brothers is known as the “Original Louisville coffee house”.

They offer a wide range of different kinds of coffees, including their Crème BruLatte and their signature Fair Trade Mayan Mocha.

The Crème BruLatte is basically a coffee version of the famous crème brûlée dessert, while the Fair Trade Mayan Mocha is a unique concoction that combines spicy cayenne pepper, raw sugar, cocoa powder, and particularly strong espresso.

6. Safai Coffee 

This premier Louisville coffee house not only serves up tasty coffee, it is also located in a shop that has a particularly quirky atmosphere and trendy design.

This makes it the perfect spot to chill out with friends and family whilst sipping on some delicious caffeinated drinks!

Safai Coffee has its own brand of handcrafted specialty drinks and organic coffees, which are made via a pour-over method of brewing to allow for the freshest taste.

7. Quills Coffee

Quills Coffee is another local Louisville chain of coffee shops that offers some amazing artisanal coffees. Their latte selection is particularly impressive, with a wide range of different flavors and taste sensations on offer.

An example of their uniquely delicious lattes includes their rare Porch Swing Peach Lavender Latte, which features heaps of house made peach lavender syrup for a fruity yet fragrant coffee taste. 

The ambiance that you will find at Quills Coffee is highly relaxing, making it a great choice of coffee joint if you are looking for a place to enjoy some caffeine whilst you work or study.

8. Sister Bean’s Coffee House

You will probably have noticed by now that this list is chock-full of locally-owned Louisville businesses, and Sister Bean’s Coffee House is no exception!

This is another choice that is great for studying or working thanks to the comfy surroundings as well as the wide range of drink choices, including hot and cold caffeinated and noncaffeinated drinks. 

As well as tons of drink options, you can also grab yourself some ice cream at Sister Bean’s, which is definitely a plus if you are fond of the frozen sweet treat!

9. Full Stop Station

Full Stop Station is a Louisville café that offers a one-stop shop for the basics that you need to get you through the day in terms of food and fuel!

The great thing about this choice of coffee shop in Louiseville is that they offer all the staples of a traditional convenience store and combine it with treats from local businesses. 

Not only does Full Stop Station offer the basics of coffee and tea, they also have specialty drinks, such as a Lavender Mocha Latter and an Espresso Tonic.

The amount of variety that Full Stop serves with their coffees is particularly impressive, seeing as their menu has plenty of food choices too.

10. Sunergos Coffee

Sunergos is another coffee establishment that has several locations to be found throughout the city of Louisville. 

Sunergos only has standing room space alongside some sidewalk seating, but this small size does not detract from the big flavors that the shop has to offer with its coffee. 

As well as a selection of brewed coffees, presented on a rotating basis, Sunergos also offers a choice of three bold espresso flavors that are available at all times.

11. Blackbeard Espresso

Blackbeard Espresso has an interesting backstory in that what once started life as a food truck has since grown into a fully-fledged brick-and-mortar shop!

This is another establishment that prides itself on serving up locally roasted coffee beans as well as pairing them with baked goods such as muffins. 

The understated decor of Blackbeard Espresso along with its minimalism makes for a thoroughly modern choice of the coffee shop.

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12. Dogebeans

When it comes to a contemporary style of the coffee house, Dogebeans might just be the most modern one out there due to their option cryptocurrency payment methods. 

As the name of the shop suggests, the popular cryptocurrency that is Dogecoin is how you can pay for your coffee at Dogebeans.

You can also pay with cash and cards, though, so it’s not strictly cryptocurrency!

In terms of their coffee, Dogebeans performs their own roasting in-house and also offers subscription services when it comes to the wholesale purchasing of their coffee.

13. Bean

Bean is a choice of coffee shop that is all about providing the freshest coffee that is inspired by countries from around the world. 

Some of the multicultural drinks that they offer include Vietnamese-inspired iced coffee, Ethiopian coffee, and a Spanish drink that blends steamed milk and espresso with local honey and cinnamon. 

Bean is definitely the choice for you if you are looking for different, worldwide tastes from your coffee.

14. Highland Coffee Company

With a laid back atmosphere, Highland Coffee Company offers organic fair trade coffee in several different forms, such as medium roast brews as well as changing flavored coffees of the day. 

The baked goods that you can get alongside your coffee are a feast for the eyes and the stomach! It includes tasty fresh fruit cobblers, scones, and panini’s to name a few.

There are also several vegan and gluten-free options to be had at Highland as well.

15. Day’s Espresso & Coffee

Finally, Day’s Espresso & Coffee is an intimate local establishment that serves up a selection of coffees, including a top-notch line of espressos, as well as snacks and goodies to go alongside them. 

If you are more partial to tea, then you can also pick yourself up one of these instead in a range of different flavors.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed our article on fifteen particularly noteworthy coffee shops in Louisville!

Whether you are looking for a café to take the family to or just a coffee shop to grab yourself a cup of joe when you’re in a hurry, you are sure to find the establishment that suits you best with this list. 

Remember, the next time you get your phone out to search for the best coffee near me in Louiseville just come back to this page instead and try out another of our recommendations.

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