15 Best Coffee Shops In Madison, Wisconsin


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The city is known for its Madison moments, so whether this is the various hikes, stores, walks, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops available, you know that each is made unique by the vibrant people who aren’t afraid to try out new things.

This is especially the case with the great coffee shops Madison has to offer, which are family-friendly where you can unwind with the best coffee in Madison MI.

Below are fifteen places for you to try out, whether you’re a visitor or local.

Best coffee shops in Madison WI

1. Black Locust Cafe

We start with a cozy cafe that is all parts modern, as is evident by the exterior that puts you in place somewhere fancy, so you’ll be surprised by how chic everything looks inside, and we haven’t even got to the menu yet.

You can find crepes, maple latte, pork belly sandwiches, A la carte, chai tea, espresso bar favorites, juice, and adult beverages if you think there are limits to what you can find in a cafe.

Address: 829 East Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53703 (click for map)

2. Wonderstate Coffee

Here, we have a broad and airy place that gives you a nice view of the state building nearby, and with food that gives you a nice balance between sweet and savory, it’s very well that you could find something new and refreshing.

From the menu, you can find various sandwiches, bagels, tea, and coffee, and they even have their own gear section in case you want to start making your brew from home, so if you’re looking around, you should definitely visit this one.

Address: 27 West Main, Madison, Wisconsin 53703 (click for map)

3. Cafe Social

The classy interior of this place may have you reconsider your remote working location, as it has a clean look so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the interior, and we can get a good idea of how good the food will be just by looking at the diverse menu. 

You’ve got everything from bagels, empanadas, oatmeal, chips, pizza, iced tea and coffee, hot caramel macchiato, apple cider, and of course, the coffee options that you know and love, so take your pick.

Address: 102 N Bedford St., Madison, WI 53703 (click for map) (click for map)

4. Fair Trade Coffee House

This Madison coffee shop has the traditional diner look that you may recognize, and this continues to the interior, which has comfy chairs and booth seats to give you more comfort, and it’s even better knowing that their coffee beans are 100% fair trade certified.

They also have something called a 7-layer bar and a piece of lemon berry mascarpone cake, which, when paired with a nice hot or cold mocha, is just what anyone could ask for after a long day.

Address: 418 State Street – Madison, WI 53703 (click for map)

5. Colectivo Coffee

If you want a modern-designed shop at the heart of State Street, near the University of Wisconsin Madison campus, you won’t find anywhere better.

With vegetarian options and an outside patio, you have more options available to you.

The atmosphere has been described as funky, which we don’t find hard to believe once you step in and look at the art and the colorful signs, so if the weather is nice and you need a well-due catch-up, this could very well serve your needs with an excellent service.

Address: 583 State Street Madison, WI 53703 (click for map)

6. Cargo Coffee

For a place with specialty drinks and health-conscious sandwiches, with a focus on community events, drives, and competitions that go hand in hand with the local art scene, which is just as vibrant and exciting as what you can find inside.

With a clearly defined coffee, breakfast, and soup menu, you can be sure to find just what you need.

With the option to build your own wrap with a good variety of ingredients, you can go as mild or as spicy as you like, so perhaps this calls for some experimentation.

Address: 1309 S Park St, Madison, WI 53715 (click for map)

good coffee shops in madison wi

7. Michelangelo’s Coffee House

In our view, this coffee shop is very fitting of the name, as it has classical art and a refreshing feel that serves the downtown area, with staff that have an all-in commitment to customer service while serving fair trade and socially conscious coffee. 

You have a colorful menu with specialty drinks, including the chai charger, black forest mocha, espresso Miel, and paninis that can be made to order.

It is just a picking of the array of items, as we haven’t mentioned the cakes and smoothies you can find here too.

Address: 114 State Street, Madison WI  53703 (click for map)

8. Valentia Coffee

This coffee shop in Madison is usually full of students or remote workers, and it’s easy to see why, quite apart from it being close to the university.

There is good lighting, wifi and this can help give you the boost you need with their coffee and espresso options that are carefully crafted and prepared to provide you with something different.

Address: 799 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53715 (click for map)

9. Cafe Domestique

This cafe takes its coffee seriously, which might be why you may spot regulars who have made this spot their new favorite, as it has an espresso bar, custom drinks, snacks, and even cold brew craft cocktails if ever you want an exclusive experience. 

It also has a vibrant bike scene, with the option to stop off here to get your caffeine fix after a ride, and has a bike shop next door that both sells and services bikes, so it is a great place for you and some friends to visit if you’re looking for somewhere to stop-off to.

Address: 1408 Williamson St., Madison WI 53703 (click for map)

10. Ancora Cafe

This has more of a smaller and more compact space, but once you see what drinks, snacks, and sidekicks are available, you may look past this and even has curbside pick-up for those times when you may be in a hurry to get somewhere.

If you come at the weekend, you might be surprised to find specials that mix up your traditional snack and beverage favorites, so it’s always worth checking in from time to time if you happen to be in the area.

Address: 107 King St, Madison, WI, 53703 (click for map)

11. Indie Coffee

This spot is very much what you’d expect from a neighborhood coffee shop with a mix of modern and old-fashioned elements that, when mixed with a large cup of joe, is bound to awaken your senses and rejuvenate your outlook if you’re studying or simply reconnecting with friends.

You can find salads, desserts, and snacks with a lot of time and care put into them to ensure they are delightful to look at and taste, so it has a bit of something for everyone who wants a refreshing take on cafe classics. 

Address: 1225 Regent St., Near Camp Randall, WI 53715 (click for map)

12. Bradbury’s Coffee

This spot has more of a cozier vibe, so if you need somewhere to warm up and unwind, this could offer you that, plus a classic brewed coffee, teas, and tisanes that will go well with a crepe or muffin, just to top it all off. 

We haven’t mentioned that the space has an open feeling that makes it efficient to work in or use as a resting place while on a walk to the capital with goods that are Instagram-worthy.

Address: 127 N Hamilton St Madison, WI 53703 (click for map)

13. Rotunda Cafe

From the outside, this cafe looks more like a museum which may add to its allure, and once you step inside, you’ll find high ceilings and a great range of hot and cold beverages for whatever mood you are in, so why not enjoy them in luxury?

Here you can find breakfast, lunch, and salad options, or if you’re not as hungry, you could have Scrambled eggs, a half-breakfast sandwich, granola, or a fruit parfait.

With a range of seating arrangements, you can unwind or get some work done if you want some peace and quiet.

Address: 1965 Atwood Ave #5220, Madison, WI 53704 (click for map)

madison wisconsin coffee shops near me

14. Lakeside St. Coffee House

This spot has a unique art decor interior and a vintage style going on, and we love it, as not only is it welcome, but you get a stunning view of the lake nearby, so outdoor seating is something worth trying out. 

They have a local bakery, espresso bar with a variety of specialty drinks, beer from the draft, and great-tasting coffee that is bound to warm you up, ad with a palace as lovely as this, you may not want to leave, like, ever. 

Address: 402 W Lakeside St, Madison, WI 53715 (click for map)

15. Java Cat Coffee

Quite interestingly, the owner of this coffee store is apparently a cat. With the continuation of the theme on the walls, this would be an ideal place for the cat enthusiast and with homemade gelato, breakfast, baked goods, and even ice cream to wrap your head around.

You’ll also find a vibrant place with a play area, and we know that not many places are able to keep young kids occupied, so this is a welcome addition, so you could make this your next family meet-up spot.

Address: 4221 Lien Rd, Madison, WI 53704 (click for map)

Final Thoughts 

You have here some of the best coffee shops Madison has to offer that range from what some would consider hipster cafes and shops to more decorative and classically-inspired spots that offer a warm and friendly atmosphere and can be great places to meet up with family and friends. 

You have a chance to try out specialty blends that could only be possible here, and you may even find a new favorite stop that gives you the uplift in your day that you need.

So the next time you reach for your phone to search for the best coffee near me in Madison just head to this page again and try out another coffee shop.

Check out the best coffee shops in Wisconsin in the other places we cover in the state.

 Take advantage of the chance to explore our wide range of coffee shops in Milwaukee as well

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