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Maui is a highly popular tourist destination and for good reason!

The beautiful scenery, activities steeped in traditional Hawaiian culture, rich wildlife, fantastic beaches, and delicious Hawaiian food make for an island that is sure to be appealing to those considering a vacation to the Hawaiian islands. 

Coffee might not be the first thing to come to mind when it comes to considering a Maui trip, but it is always important to know where to pick up a delicious cup so that you know where to make a pit stop when between vacation activities.

If you are a local to the islands, it’s always essential to know the best coffee shops in your area! 

Best Coffee Shops In Maui, Hawaii

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at fifteen of the best coffee shops in Maui to be found on the idyllic Hawaiian island!

1. Wailuku Coffee Co

Wailuku Coffee is a company that has been around since 2010 and is a family-owned and operated coffee shop with a community-conscious model.

As well as serving up delicious coffee and other treats, Wailuku is also known for supporting local charities and local artists by exhibiting art shows every month- at both their Maui locations- and donating around 15% of all the proceeds of the artists to non-profit local charities. 

2. Bad Ass Coffee Of Maui

It’s not just an awesome name that Bad Ass Coffee has to offer!

This particular coffee establishment has plenty of variety on its menu when it comes to its signature lattes, from more traditional blends such as caramel and vanilla lattes to interesting and unique combinations. For example, their Grasshopper coffee features Crème de menthe and Dark Chocolate, or the Menehune Mocha, which is a blend of raspberry and dark chocolate. 

3. Maui Coffee Roasters

Established forty years ago in 1982, Maui Coffee Roasters features a wide range of both hot and iced cold beverages as well as decaffeinated coffees. They also serve up some tasty treats alongside their coffees, such as sandwiches and pastries. 

When it comes to their coffee, Maui Coffee Roasters handcrafts each coffee roast, which is no more than 75 pounds, to ensure the highest possible quality.

They also roast their coffee across the Hawaiian islands and utilize environmentally friendly technology in the form of Loring coffee roasts, eco-friendly and technologically advanced roasters which are designed to cut back on fuel by 60% whilst eliminating all general detrimental emissions by 90%. 

4. Lava Java Coffee Roasters Of Maui

Lava Java Coffee Roasters emphasizes the flavorsome richness of Maui-grown coffee, taking heed of the non-acidic and smooth finish and the natural oil content of Maui’s coffee beans.

The establishment prides itself on using Maui-grown coffee to provide the best, local coffee experience. 

Alongside their coffee, Lava Java also serves up gourmet chocolates and flavored sugars, as well as souvenir items like logo mugs. 

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5. Vida by Sip Me Maui

Freshly roasted and organic coffee is on the menu at the Sip Me coffee shop in Maui.

They are another establishment that utilizes freshly roasted coffee directly from Maui, specifically provided by the premier coffee roaster that is Maui Oma. 

They have a range of coffees to offer, from traditional, European-style expressions to House Blends and more.

You can also find artisanal loose-leaf teas as well as smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and pastries (with vegan and gluten-free options). 

6. Akamai Coffee Co

Akami is another coffee shop that emphasizes the importance of using coffee that is 100% Maui grown, so you can be sure that you will only get the richest and more flavorsome tastes.

The roasting process at Akami has been fine-tuned significantly- with the shop making note of the importance of roasting properly- so that the coffee that is served is only of the highest quality with strong, delicious flavor profiles. 

7. MauiGrown Coffee

As the name suggests, MauiGrown is yet another coffee shop that places a high level of importance on homegrown coffee. 

The beans used in MauiGrown signature Ka’anapali Estate Coffee can be found in the West Mountains in Maui, close to the well-known, historical town of Lahaina.

The beans are grown on a 500-acre estate, where other kinds of Arabica coffees are also grown. 

There is no doubt that with MauiGrown coffee, you will get the ultimate taste of Maui!

8. Paia Bay Coffee And Bar

If you are looking for a coffee shop in Maui where you can grab a bite to eat or something stronger to drink alongside your coffee, then the Paia Bay Coffee and Bar is the place to go. 

Their food includes the likes of Mediterranean Platters, freshly caught fish tacos, and fish burgers, whilst their alcoholic beverages are pretty varied, with house-crafted cocktails, wines, and draft, and canned brews available.

Their coffee is a highlight of their menu, featuring various rich and delicious flavors. 

9. Alba’s Cuban Coladas

As the name suggests, Alba’s Cuban Coladas brings the taste of Cuba to Maui! In fact, Alba’s was the first authentic Cuban cuisine and coffee joint in the area, making it a unique venue to visit for your coffee fix whilst on Maui. 

Cuban coffee is well known for its strong and individual taste and Alba’s serves up plenty of different kinds, such as the Cortadito- featuring a double shot of Cuban espresso alongside cane sugar and topped off with evaporated steamed milk-, and the Buchi, which is a small, but very strong shot of Cuban espresso served within a cup that is around the same size as a thimble (don’t let the size fool you! The Buchi packs a super strong punch).

10. Grandma’s Coffee House

This family business is another that sources its coffee directly from Maui, making sure that it is grown organically with no exposure to pesticides or chemicals. 

The beans used by Grandma’s Coffee House are handpicked before the cherries are pulped, and the beans are dried naturally in the sun.

The beans are then hulled and roasted at the store, making for super fresh and flavorsome coffee. 

11. Hawaiian Village Coffee

As well as creating their coffees with espresso beans that are roasted locally, directly from Social Hour Coffee Roasters in Waikapu, Hawaiian Village Coffee also offers some delicious snacks to go with your hot beverage, such as breakfast items, assorted pastries, and bagels. 

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12. Drift Coffee

Drift Coffee is perfectly located in the middle of Lahaina in Maui, which features various attractions and historical sites. Not only that, but they also serve some great coffee too!

Drift has plenty of traditional favorites on the menu, such as lattes, mochas, espressos, and cappuccinos.

They also have their own house brew as well as matcha, tea, cortado, and spiced chai. 

You can grab yourself a tasty accompaniment too, such as Lahaina pastries, cinnamon toast crunch, doughnuts, or ricotta mango toast. 

13. Kraken Coffee

Kraken Coffee is all about fun, creativity, and excitement when it comes to its goals as a coffee establishment, and its modern, varied menu is certainly proof of that.

From standards such as their cappuccinos and flavored lattes, such as the Haleakalatte which is a rich caramel latte, to unique concoctions such as their Maui Mango Mocha- dark chocolate and mango mocha, there is something to please everyone with Kraken Coffees menu. 

14. Maui Coffee Attic 

Combining the best of coffee with the local music community, the Maui Coffee Attic is definitely one of the cooler coffee hangouts in Maui. 

Based in a 1950s-style café, Maui Coffee Attic offers various coffees such as lattes, expressions, and cappuccinos as well as cold drinks including iced coffees, frappés, and lemonades.

Some of their unique caffeinated drinks include the Aloha Mocha, a combination of macadamia nut syrup and white chocolate, and the Hapa Latte, a blend of white and dark chocolate.

15. The Coffee Store

Last but not least, The Coffee Store was the very first specialty coffee shop in the Hawaiian Islands, being founded back in 1974.

Since then, they have only grown their presence and have become dedicated to the goal of elevating the Hawaiian coffee experience. 

With a roastery that can be found on the slope of the Haleakala volcano in Maui.

The Coffee Store has established itself as a supplier to both local and international coffee shops, though its dedication is mostly to supplying coffee shops throughout Maui.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed our comprehensive list of fifteen of the best coffee shops in Maui to be explored! 

Whether you are a local to the island or a tourist, we hope that you have found this article useful and that you enjoy plenty of delicious coffee and snacks in some of these incredible establishments.

Remember, the next time you get your phone out to search for the best coffee near me in Maui just come back to this page instead and try out another of our recommendations.

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