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Minneapolis is the home of many wonderful landmarks: the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Walker Art Center and the sprawling Mall of America.

But where are the best coffee shops in Minneapolis to grab a coffee in between visiting these places?

Well, that’s why we’re here to help. Don’t just rely on a quick search for coffee near me in Minneapolis, instead check out our choice of the cream of Minneapolis coffee shops so you can decide what you’d prefer in terms of ambiance, coffee quality and customer service.

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15 Best Minneapolis Coffee Shops

Be sure to check out some of our list of the best coffee shops Minneapolis has to offer.

1. Cafe Ceres

First up, we have a Minneapolis coffee shop with a Mediterranean flare, coming with plenty of Turkish bagels and other treats.

But for those people who prefer something a little more American, then you can enjoy this wonderful range of seasonal muffins.

It also comes with a wonderful range of lattes, including one with cardamom and ras el hanout, both of which are delicious and will give you a flavor quite unlike anything you’ll have ever tasted before.

2. Misfit Coffee

If you like the combination of whiskey and coffee, then we would recommend that you try going to Misfit Coffee.

This place even does a beverage made with coffee beans sourced from Koyoto with whiskey barrel chips.

If you want a cafe where coffee is approached from a different angle, then this is the place to come.

There are plenty of unique flavors that you can try, whether it is the lavender plum latte or cold colada.

3. Five Watt Coffee

This next coffee shop specializes in its own bitter range, adding them to its various coffee blends to produce a number of beverages with radically different flavors.

You can even get vanilla and bitter flavor coffee that has to be tasted to be believed.

There are 4 of these restaurants dotted around the city and we would recommend that you try all of them for the good quality of service and the warm and inviting decor.

This coffee shop really does take pride in doing things differently.

4. The Get Down Coffee Company

This coffee shop prides itself on being Black-owned, which is great if you want your coffee shop to support diverse ethnic backgrounds.

There are many outlandish and tasty beverages on offer, including a sweet potato latte.

This place also comes with a range of amazing pastries and has a vintage setting that you can be sure will keep you relaxed during your visit.

This is a great place to work alone or kick back and hang out with a small group of friends.

best coffee shops Minneapolis

5. Fairgrounds Coffee And Tea

Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea shop have really put a lot into the aesthetic, with plenty of vintage signs and potted plants that create the ideal setting for reading working or coming up with ideas for your next creative pitch meeting.

It has to be one of the top cool coffee shops in Minneapolis.

Fairgrounds has such a wide range of food and beverages, there will be something to satisfy even the most eclectic taste.

This includes things like a milk tea elixir, which is one of the creamiest teas we’ve ever tasted.

6. Carma Coffee

Now we have a really interesting and rather unique concept: a coffee shop that will also repair your car.

That’s right, while you are waiting for your automobile to be repaired, you can enjoy a hand-crafted latte or a rich Americano.

This place is a great place to hang out, you can chat with the very friendly staff while you are enjoying a cold brew latte or sampling a chai latte blended with some ice cream.

This has a niche appeal, but you don’t have to have a car to swing by and enjoy the ambiance.

7. Wildflyer Coffee

Now this Minneapolis coffee shop really pushes the boat out and tries something different with coffee blends from around the world.

You can enjoy nitro-infused iced coffee or a creamy miel, the sky is the limit at Wildflyer.

However, this is a coffee shop with a heart as well as a brain. This place devotes itself to helping people that are struggling to find employment.

It will not only train people as baristas, but it will help them with their CV writing and interview skills. Now, this is a coffee shop that cares!

8. Dogwood Coffee

When it comes to simple, stripped-down decor, then Dogwood really has the monopoly.

This coffee shop also comes with plenty of ethical incentives, such as paying small coffee farmers their fair share.

This place also comes with a patio where you can relax and enjoy the view with friends. You can also get a spumoni latte, which is made from pistachio sugar crumble and cherry.

Once you have tried the drinks here, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

9. Workhorse Coffee Bar

Now we have a charming establishment called Workhorse Coffee Bar that is ensconced in the quiet suburb of Saint Anthony Park.

This coffee goes above and beyond when it comes to decor, even choosing to have its own miniature art museum built into the coffee shop itself.

Have you ever heard of switchel? If not, then get on down to Workhorse to try one. This is a drink made with vinegar that is one of the staples of the spring and summer seasons.

If you want to keep it traditional, then you should try this one.

10. Quixotic Coffee

Quixotic Coffee is dedicated to removing the worry and stress from your life by cultivating a wonderful atmosphere where you can work, chill with friends or have some downtime when shopping with the whole family.

Whether you want to enjoy a foamy cold brew or a half-and-half coffee, you really are spoilt for choice here at Quixotic.

This place also comes with a wide range of syrups, which is great if you have children that are hankering for flavored hot milk.

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11. Mudslingers Drive-thru Coffee

Mudslingers is a little different as it is a coffee shop where you won’t even have to get out of your car to get a latte.

That’s right, this is a coffee drive-thru that simply cannot be bested when it comes to speedy customer service and a diverse range of coffee.

If you are rushing to work and you want that pick-me-up before you get into the office, then drive through Mudslingers.

However, don’t expect standard chain store coffee, this place does everything from peach smoothies to amaretto lattes.

12. Nina’s Coffee Cafe

Nina’s Coffee Cafe has all the space and light that you might get in a church, allowing you the same amount of quiet contemplation.

You can come for a latte in the morning and stay for lunchtime, there’s plenty on offer here.

In the morning this place looks the nicest, with a red-bricked front that gives off the air of an old boarding school.

But with the comfortable furnishings, this vibe will soon be dispelled. The coffee is also out-of-this-world, so what are you waiting for?

13. Cafe Astoria

If you want drinks that you can’t get anywhere else, then we would recommend that you get on down to Cafe Astoria.

This place comes with a latte made from bee pollen and wildflower honey, now you won’t find that in your average Starbucks!

This also comes with a secret menu that you can order from. This has all of the seasonal drinks that you can be sure will give you something different every month.

This also comes with some great lunchtime dishes that include hearty salads and mouth-watering crepes.

14. Caydence Records And Coffee

If you enjoy coffee and music, then why not come to a record store that serves you both? This place comes with a retro record store feel with rows of vinyl that you can pursue to your heart’s content.

This place doesn’t just serve up recorded music, it also hosts live music events.

You can sample a wide range of local bands during the evening as well as taste some of the finest beers that the community has to offer.

15. Northern Coffeeworks

Northern Coffeeworks really has all the bases for good coffee: ethically sourced coffee, excellent quality of service and pared-down decor that is great for anyone who wants to work or create in this space.

This place does great coffee as well as a range of baked goods that, if you get there early enough, are still warm out of the oven.

If you want to rest or you are a student doing some last-minute cramming, this is a great place where you can relax.


We hope that our list of some of the best coffee shops in Minneapolis has helped you to decide which ones will suit your vibe, whether it is for work, relaxing or socializing. 

If you like ethically-sourced coffee nearby, then there are numerous choices that you have on this list to find good coffee shop near me.

Check out St Paul, Minnesota Coffee shops.

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