15 Best Coffee Shops In Oakland, California


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Whether you’re new to the area or taking a weekend vacation to a new city, finding the best places to get coffee and food is a must.

Coffee shops are the best way to get a sense of a city’s atmosphere and vibe – plus, it’s always fun to try new artisan coffee and foods that you might never have tried before!

So if you are visiting Oakland, or if you want to find a new go-to lunch spot during work, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 15 best coffee shops in Oakland, California!

5 Best Coffee Shops & Cafés In Oakland, California

1. Awaken Café & Roasting

Located in downtown Oakland, Awaken Café & Roasting has a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy.

This is a community café that strives to build a relationship with those in the local community and visitors, featuring regular open mic and karaoke nights and adorning the walls with local artists’ work. 

Aside from its values, Awaken produces some great coffee with its award-winning espresso bar.

While the opening hours are between 8 am-2 pm, the evenings are typically filled with events, featuring their fantastic range of beers and wines.

Address: 1429 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612 (click for map)

2. Cole Coffee

If you like specialty coffees, you need to check out Cole Coffee.

Cole Coffee has served coffee lovers for over 27 years, producing a range of strong and local coffees that feature different flavors and aromas.

Since 2005, Cole Coffee has settled into a small yet lively shop almost always busy with people who love coffee. 

Cole Coffee is the type of place you’d go to have a good cup of Joe with friends while feeling cozy amongst the comforting interior (including both indoor and outdoor seating).

Address: 6255 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618 (click for map)

3. Modern Coffee 

Modern Coffee is a small chain in Oakland, featuring three locations in the famous bay.

Modern Coffee is one of the most popular spots for caffeine lovers, featuring a premium coffee tap room and a vast range of locally brewed coffee.

There are also a bunch of coffee beans and merchandise to buy if you’re a fan of this coffee shop. 

The best part about Modern Coffee is undoubtedly the friendly atmosphere and small team who make the experience so worth it.

Address: Tribune Building, 411 13th Street (click for map)

4. Farley’s East 

Farley’s East is partially responsible for brightening Uptown Oakland into the flourishing community we know today, mostly because it was Oakland’s first café to build an urban outdoor experience.

The outdoor seating area at the front of the café is inviting enough, but there’s lots of seating inside to work or catch up with friends. 

As for food and drink, Farley’s East is home to fantastic Italian coffee and a range of affordable and delicious foods, including salads, soups, sandwiches, breakfast items, and baked goods.

Address: 33 Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94612 (click for map)

5. Bicycle Coffee Co

Bicycle Coffee Co

Bicycle Coffee Co is a slightly larger coffee chain, with locations around Oakland, Los Angeles, and even in Tokyo! As the name suggests, the theme of this coffee shop is bicycles, which is evident through the outdoor seating tables that are shaped like bicycles. 

Aside from the bicycles, Bicycle Coffee Co’s other true love is good coffee. They even go as far as to deliver their high-quality coffee to local businesses via bicycle!

Address: Jack London Square, 364 2nd Street @ Webster (click for map)

6. Blue Bottle Coffee 

Another popular chain is Blue Bottle Coffee, which features three locations across Oakland. Oakland’s locals are well aware of the iconic blue logo of this coffee shop, marked on the cups of the fantastic coffee brewed from beans roasted in-house. 

Not only this, but Blue Bottle Coffee strives only to serve beans that have been roasted within 48 hours, making their coffee one of the freshest.

These shops are open and modern, with a more community-based feel than a regular Starbucks.

Address: 480 9th Street, Oakland, CA 94607 (click for map)

7. Timeless Coffee

If you love coffee and baked goods, check out Timeless Coffee. Timeless Coffee is the place to go to escape the hustle and bustle of Piedmont Avenue, as the coffee shop thrives off simplicity.

The in-house roasted coffee is second to none, and there’s always a range of fresh baked goods and brunch options available. 

The best part about this café is that the food is 100% vegan, which is ideal for vegans, vegetarians, and those wanting to expand their taste buds!

Address: 4252 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611 (click for map)

8. Café Jolie 

If you want to explore a city directly next to Oakland, check out Café Jolie in Alameda. This is the best place in Alameda to get brunch with family and friends, featuring an expansive and delicious range of breakfast and lunch options suitable for vegans and meat eaters. 

Aside from the beautiful food, the interior design sets a chic and stylish atmosphere that you don’t often find in Alameda. The decor is reminiscent of French pâtisseries, making for a charming little café. 

Address: 1500 Webster St, Alameda, CA 94501 (click for map)

9. Sweet Bar Bakery

For those who love baked goods, you need to check out Sweet Bar Bakery. Sweet Bar Bakery in downtown Oakland is a haven for freshly-made and delectable sweet treats. Run by professional baker Chef Mani Niall, this bakery is home to some of the highest quality food you’ll find in Oakland. 

This is the perfect place to come for breakfast or a light lunch, thanks to the menu consisting of freshly baked bagels, salads, sandwiches, and a vast range of baked goods to satiate sweet cravings.

Address: 2355 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612 (click for map)

Doyle Street Cafe

10. Doyle Street Café

Located just next to Oakland is the charming small city of Emeryville, which is home to one of the best lunch spots in the area. Doyle Street Café is the type of place you’d visit to have a hearty and filling lunch, so if you want to fill yourself up with goodness for the afternoon, this is the place to go. 

This café is committed to using locally sourced ingredients to make comforting meals, including omelets, quesadillas, sandwiches, salads, and more.

Address: 5515 Doyle Street #10, Emeryville, CA 94608 (click for map)

11. Café Gabriela 

Café Gabriela is one of the safest spaces for anyone who has never felt like they truly belong in the communities of Oakland.

Run by a queer immigrant from the Philippines called Penny, Café Gabriela is a safe space for workers and customers alike. It’s warm, familiar, and filled with good food and great coffee!

As the café is run by Filipino immigrants, the menu is a beautiful blend of cultural flavors mixed into American cuisine. Plus, it’s a great way to support the local queer community!

Address: 988 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607 (click for map)

12. Aunt Mary’s

Check out Aunt Mary’s if you’re in the mood for proper American comfort food. Aunt Mary’s strives to make high-quality American comfort food with a delightful twist, using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients wherever possible.

It’s friendly, filling, nourishing, and a great pick-me-up to start your weekend!

Aside from the range of teas and coffees, Aunt Mary’s also serves a vast range of beers and wines to enjoy with your friends. They also offer takeout for those in a rush on their lunch break.

Address: 4640 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609 (click for map)

13. Wooden Table Baking Café

Wooden Table Café is the place to get a taste of Latin American cuisine in the heart of Oakland.

This café boasts an impressive menu consisting of freshly baked empanadas, sweet treats, truffles, and their signature Argentinian alfajores. 

Not only this, but the café sells some fantastic coffee, along with their famous house blend that is sold in their store.

Address: 910 81st Ave #19, Oakland, CA 94621 (click for map)

14. Snow White Coffee 

Nothing quite beats finding your new go-to coffee place to catch up with friends, soothe your sweet treat cravings, and get your coffee fix.

Snow White Coffee is one of Piedmont’s most popular coffee places, and for good reason! The coffee is fantastic, and the staff is incredibly friendly and helps create a local community. 

Snow White Coffee offers a range of freshly baked goods, from muffins to cookies to pastries.

Address: 3824 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611 (click for map)

15. Hudson Bay Café

In the heart of the Rockbridge community is the Hudson Bay Cafe, a charming café that offers a range of coffee, teas, light snacks, lunches, breakfast items, and baked goods.

It has a bit of everything on top of a delightful atmosphere and cozy interior, which is ideal for a quick lunch break between work and classes. 

If you’re new to the area, Hudson Bay Café is bound to become your new go-to place for coffee and food!

Address: 5401 College Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618 (click for map)


So, there you have it! Oakland is filled with an abundance of charming coffee shops and cafés – you just need to know where to find them.

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