15 Best Coffee Shops in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Best coffee shops in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City has an incredibly rich history that is so much fun to explore as an area, whether it’s paying a visit to the Western Heritage Museum or just gazing at the beautiful waterway that runs through the majority of the city, there’s so much to admire about this expansive city. 

However, while it’s fun to learn all about the history of Oklahoma City and how it grew to become the 8th largest city in the United States, it’s always important to take time out of your day to enjoy the wide landscapes and beautiful weather in one of their many cafes and coffee shops. 

Here are a few that you should definitely consider visiting when you need a warm and creamy coffee to see you through the rest of the day.

Best coffee shops in Oklahoma City Oklahoma

1. Leaf + Bean

Small, cozy, and the perfect spot to relax with a friend or two to break up the day, Leaf & Bean may not look as ‘modernized’ or ‘futuristic’ as many of Oklahoma City’s usual coffee shops, however it instead goes for a more traditional aesthetic that we all are so familiar with, while also selling a wide range of espressos and lattes such as their green mocha variant, alongside a good selection of food including muffins and delicious donuts. 

Address: 2901 N May Ave, Oklahoma City

2. Leap Coffee Roasters 

Leap Coffee Roasters source their coffee beans from small coffee-producing farms worldwide. Not only are the beans completely fresh, which translates to the coffee itself, but it also helps to ensure sustainability for these smaller coffee bean farms. 

With a wide selection of espresso, latte, cappuccino, and macchiato flavors, along with more fresh pastries than you can dream of, Leap Coffee Roasters is an ethical coffee store with an incredibly friendly atmosphere. 

Address: 44 NE 51st St, Oklahoma City

3. Coffee Slingers 

With beans sourced from all over Latin America which are then roasted in the store itself, if you’re looking for a delightful tasty switch up to the regular coffee blends and flavors we’re all so used to, Coffee Slingers offers an outstanding variety from cinnamon plum tea to the slightly tangy blue lotus chai. 

With the menu written on a large blackboard and some excellent snacks to choose from including their signature crispy bacon sandwiches, it’s always worth visiting Coffee Slingers even if it’s just to see what delicious drinks are new on the menu. 

Address: 1015 N Broadway Ave, Oklahoma City

4. Clarity Coffee 

With incredibly high-quality single-origin coffees and a modernized interior with its large spacious tables and long windows, if you’re ever on Main Street you will be able to see the modern decor of Clarity Coffee from a mile away. 

The ample setting and free Wi-Fi make Clarity Coffee not just a great hang-out spot, but also perfect for when you need some of your own space while tucking into a warm baked snack with a side of a warm espresso or coffee blend. 

Address: 431 W Main St, Oklahoma City

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5. Shartel Cafe

Shartel Cafe may not look like most diners with its huge windows and high chairs, however, if you and your friends are in the mood for snacking on some delicious meals alongside some deliciously spiced coffees and lattes, you’re spoilt for choice here.

From creamy omelets and scrambled eggs to their signature crispy fried chicken steak, if you’re feeling a little peckish and are craving that rich taste of caffeine, Shartel Cafe is a coffee shop and mini-restaurant rolled into one. 

Address: 5116 N Shartel Ave, Oklahoma City

6. Elemental Coffee

Located right next to the Oklahoma City National Museum, there’s no better cafe to stop at and enjoy after exploring than Elemental Coffee with its warm and friendly atmosphere that not only roasts its coffee beans in the store to make each cup as warm and fresh as possible, but they also serve a selection of lighter smoothies and juices, and a fantastic selection of breakfast and lunch options so that you can visit any time of the day, 

Address: 815 N Hudson Ave, Oklahoma City

7. Eote

Standing for ‘Ends of the Earth’, this tagline refers to the fact that Eote’s owners and staff are dedicated to sourcing the very best coffee beans from around the world to ensure each customer can try a delicious beverage that is unlike anything they’ve tried before.

With expert baristas preparing the coffee and teas in front of the customer allowing them to see what extra spices and flavors are mixed in, along with Thursday being a ‘free-taste’ day where can taste test any of their exquisite blends from the menu, there’s always a reason to re-visit Eote.

Address: The Central Exchange Building, 7 NE 6th St Suite, Oklahoma City

8. The Last Drop

Located right next to the historical Howard Johnson Restaurant building, while The Last Drop offers everyone’s favorite standard beverages including rich cappuccinos and strong and potent lattes, they also have a wide selection of signature drinks that switch up the flavor just a little bit. 

From their incredibly delicious spiced hot chocolate to the creamy caramel macchiato, every moment is a joy when you’re relaxing in this warm cafe with a warm and delicious drink in one hand and a sweet baked treat in the other. 

Address: 5425 N Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City

9. Hank’s Coffee

When looking for a new coffee shop, the coziness factor matters just as much as the taste of the coffee itself. Luckily, Hank’s Coffee excels in both, and while their more recent construction means the overall design and atmosphere of each shop is still coming together, it already has people talking about its minimalistic environment and particular focus on vegan drinks and dishes.

Since they also sell beer and wine throughout the day, it’s never a bad idea to start out with a few cups of coffee at Hank’s and see where the evening takes you. 

Address: 1227 N Walker Ave, Oklahoma City

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10. Abbie’s Coffee Shoppe

Creative, cozy, and known for its much cheaper menu compared to most of its competitors, this delightful coffee shop is hidden away inside Ralph’s Family Pharmacy, however it’s more than worth the trip even just for the sheer amount of coffee, espresso, and latte options you can choose from, all with their own unique spices and flavors offered at a much cheaper price. 

Whether you’re feeling like having a hearty breakfast sandwich to get you ready for the long day ahead, or you want to enjoy some muffins and donuts to treat yourself after a hard day at work, Abbie’s Coffee Shoppe has it all. 

Address: 1101 NW 178th St, Edmond, Oklahoma City

11. StellaNova

With a giant coffee cup sitting right above each store, StellaNova likes to immediately let customers know just how stylish and trendy it is, which can be seen clearly with the vibrant artwork dotted around the shop. 

Along with a few games customers can enjoy inside the store, StellaNova’s fantastic coffee and tea selection and mouthwatering baked treats go perfectly with the homely atmosphere it tries to replicate. 

Address: 4716 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City

12. Cafe Bella

This independent cafe may be tucked away on Pennsylvania Avenue which can make it a little hard to spot, however with the sheer amount of food options that you can enjoy any time of the day, along with several signature drinks to choose from including bubble tea and loose-leaf teas, Cafe Bella is perfect when you want to tuck into a light meal with a warm beverage by your side. 

Address: 9018 Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City

13. Vintage Coffee

As the name suggests, Vintage Coffee has a vibrant and expressive atmosphere with unique artwork all over the walls to make each shop incredibly colorful and different from the standard shops we all know so well.

With laid-back and friendly staff to help you decide which of the many teas, coffees, or flavored lattes to choose from, this local coffee shop is bursting with personality and atmosphere. 

Address: 5001 N Western, Oklahoma City

14. Holey Rollers

While Honey Rollers is most well known for their incredibly delicious donuts, pastries and breakfast bites, their drink menu has also grown tremendously, serving everything from standard cappuccinos and lattes, all the way to boba iced teas, so you can be sure you’re beverage will be just as delicious as the snacks themselves. 

Address: 3010 Paseo, Oklahoma City

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15. The Underground Coffee

This locally owned coffee shop serves the regular cappuccino, americano, and macchiato selection which can all be cold brewed, pour-overs or brewed teas, and with a great selection of savory snacks that are served all throughout the day, if you’re ever exploring around Douglas Boulevard, this coffee shop is an underrated gem for the amount of customization offered to the customers. 

Address: 1621 S Douglas Blvd, Oklahoma City


Try out some of these warm and inviting coffee shops next time you’re taking a break from exploring the ever-expansive Oklahoma City.

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