15 Best Coffee Shops In Orange County, California


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With its iconic coastline, bustling city areas, and a coffee scene as diverse and dynamic as the county itself, Orange County coffee shops are a haven for coffee lovers of all kinds.

Situated in the heart of Southern California, Orange County is more than just beautiful beaches and Disneyland. It’s a region that prides itself on quality, diversity, and creativity – traits that clearly translate into its thriving coffee culture.

From Huntington Beach to Irvine, Costa Mesa to Anaheim, the county is dotted with unique coffee shops that reflect the spirit of their neighborhoods.

One of the defining characteristics of Orange County’s coffee culture is its emphasis on community where people come together to connect, collaborate or simply enjoy a moment of tranquility in their busy day.

Whether you’re searching for a vibrant, artsy spot to fuel your creativity, a quiet retreat for a productive work session, or a comfortable place to relax and catch up with friends, there’s an Orange County coffee shop that fits the bill.

15 Best Coffee Shops In Orange County, California

Join us as we explore the best of Orange County’s coffee scene in this blog post. We will introduce you to our selection of the best places for great coffee in Orange County that make this region a true coffee lover’s paradise.

1. Dripp 

When it comes to providing a small and welcoming social space where you can relax while sipping on a delicious coffee of your choosing, Dripp cafes are some of the best in Orange County with their wide and spacious interior and an extensive variety of espressos, lattes and warm handmade pastries to choose from. 

Address: 500 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA (click for map)

2. BLKdot Coffee

What makes BLKdot Coffee so popular among those who have tried it is not only the modernized and friendly atmosphere inside each of their four shops spread out across Orange County, but also their incredibly unique and flavorful slow-dripped Viatnemes craft coffee.

Whether you’re looking for a more traditional espresso or want a drink that’s a bit of a switch-up from the norm, BLKdot Coffee offers all this and more. 

Address: 656 N Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA (click for map)

3. Morning Lavender Coffee

As soon as you feast your eyes on the vibrant and classy aesthetic of this cafe and the beautiful color palette of its drinks, it becomes evident that Morning Lavender Coffee was founded by a couple who started in the online boutique industry back in 2014.

Classy, stylish, and the perfect visit for you and your friends or significant other to try a few delicious coffees along with a tasty brunch, you won’t want to miss out on Morning Lavender Coffee. 

Address: 330 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA (click for map)

4. Bear Coast Coffee

If you ask any local Californians what the most popular coffee shop in Organge County is, there’s a very high chance they will say Bear Coast Coffee which is a testament to just how much this shop has grown since opening its doors just a few years ago in 2014.

Since then, it has become known for its incredible mixture of coffee flavors including lavender-infused caramel and nutmeg-scented vanilla.

They also have a great selection of warm and tasty snacks that are a delight to bite into, and the good news is with so many dotted around Orange County, you won’t need to travel far to try one out.

Address: 618 1/2 Avenida Victoria, San Clemente, CA (click for map)

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5. Portola Coffee Roasters 

With shops in numerous locations including Tustin, Santa Ana, and Orange Huntington Beach, the coffee served in Portola Coffee Roasters is made from a selection of the best and most flavorful coffee beans from several continents including South America, Africa, and Europe. 

With the shop’s cozy and inviting interior design and some of the most luscious coffee mixtures in all of California, we can’t get enough of this delightful coffee shop.

Address: 3313 Hyland Ave, Costa Mesa, CA (click for map)

6. Coffee Dose

Colorful, expressive, and serving some incredibly delicious lattes that many of us never thought would even be impossible, Coffee Dose prides itself on giving you the energy to get you through the day ahead with a selection of delicious beverages containing a noticeable caffeine kick to the flavor.

Whether you’re feeling the cinnamon or vanilla bean syrup lattes or the oat milk sugar-free espressos, Coffee Dose is a must-try when you need that pick-me-up throughout the day. 

Address: 2675 Irvine Ave Suite, Costa Mesa, CA (click for map)

7. Hidden House Coffee

Sometimes all we want to do after a long day is relax in a coffee shop with a nice warm drink where we can enjoy our own personal space, and Hidden House knows this with each of their shops being incredibly spacious and expansive, giving each customer more than enough space to relax or get on with some work while they sip on the perfect mixed coffee beverage along with some warm baked treats and cakes that are on offer.

Address: 511 E Santa Ana Blvd, CA (click for map)

8. Kit Coffee

There’s nothing quite like eating a hearty breakfast alongside a delicious coffee or tea to motivate you for the day ahead.

Kit Coffee is perfect for lifting you up on those grey and gloomy mornings with their popular breakfast wraps packed with all the ingredients you can think of along with some delicious best-selling lattes and cold brews. 

Address: 1617 Westcliff, Newport Beach, CA (click for map)

9. AoSA Coffee

Found near the naturally beautiful Huntington Beach, AoSA Coffee is a trendy and incredibly stylish coffee shop that replicates the feel of 1960s America while also serving up some seriously delicious coffee flavors, especially their nutty and caramel lattes that are slightly sweeter than the usual recipe. 

With a few tasty handmade pastries and cakes also on offer, it’s never a bad time to visit AoSA Coffee after you experience the fabulous Huntington Beach. 

Address: 16821 Algonquin St Ste 104, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (click for map)

10. Kean Coffee Artisan Roasters

Once you step into one of the many spacious and cozy Kean Coffee Stores dotted around Orange County, it’s hard to leave after eyeing up their menu.

From turmeric lattes which offer a smooth and creamy taste to their organic hot and iced teas depending on the temperature outside, it’s always a pleasure to sit down in one of these coffee stores and enjoy an afternoon sandwich or pastry with some of the fantastic coffee options they have to offer.

Address: 13681 Newport Ave Ste 14, Tustin, CA 92780 (click for map)

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11. Alta Coffee Shop

If you like your coffee shops to have as much of a cozy and relaxing atmosphere as possible, Alta Coffee Shop used to be an old bookstore until it was transformed into a wholesale coffee shop in 1985, and while they have updated their menu over time, each shop has replicated the bookstore design to be as welcoming as ever. 

With their wide selection of delightful cappuccinos, lattes, and as many scones and cakes as you could ever dream of, you can’t get much cozier than the Alta Coffee Shop. 

Address: 506 31st St, Newport Beach, CA (click for map)

12. Hopper & Burr

Hopper & Burr prides itself on sourcing its coffee from around the world to make not only some of the most delicious coffee mixtures in Orange County, but also some of the most colorful.

The great coffee is bolstered by just how expressive and vibrant the inside of their coffee shops are. Hopper & Burr is the perfect coffee shop for when you want some standard coffee with just a hint of other flavors thrown into the mix. 

Address: 202 W 4th St, Santa Ana, CA (click for map)

13. Thunderking Coffee Bar

When stepping into a Thunderking Coffee Bar, it’s easy to think that you might have accidentally walked into someone’s fancy living room with its wide, spacious design, small round wooden tables, and oversized comfy chairs that you can sink into.

In reality, this is the fantastic design that Thunderking incorporates into each one of its shops, providing a pleasant spot for you and your friends to relax while enjoying some warm and delicious coffee or even a few cocktails later in the day. 

Address: 711 W 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA (click for map)

14. Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

Not many people can turn down the suggestion of snacking on a few sugary doughnuts with a side of a delightful coffee or espresso, and that’s exactly what you get with this coffee shop. 

However, while Sidecar’s doughnuts definitely steal the show with the sheer number of flavors to choose from, they still have an extensive selection of coffee flavors. Whether it’s the black onyx mocha or the Saigon cinnamon crumb, it’s hard to beat Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee when you get that craving for some delicious doughnuts. 

Address: 270 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA (click for map)

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15. Zebrahouse Coffee 

Since it first opened its doors in 2011, Zebrahouse Coffee has grown into what can only be described as an all-in-one coffee shop serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner all throughout the day, along with some incredible lattes and espressos with a few select ingredients mixed in to enhance the flavors, including honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg. 

Perfect for any time of the day and especially great when you’re feeling like snacking on something while enjoying a warm cup of delicious and flavorful coffee, Zebrahouse Coffee is a must-visit if you’re in the El Camino area.

Address: 1001 El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA (click for map)


When you’re next in the busy and beautiful Orange County and after you’ve enjoyed spending some time in the theme parks or on the beach, check out a few of this selection of the best coffee shops Orange County has to offer.

And remember, next time you get your phone out to search for the best coffee in Orange County, just come back to this page instead and try out another one of our recommendations.

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