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Raleigh, North Carolina is a bustling city that is full of life and energy. As the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh has a rich history and culture that is reflected in its many museums, historic sites, and parks.

Visitors to Raleigh can explore the city’s many attractions, including the North Carolina Museum of Art, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and the State Capitol Building.

Beyond its cultural offerings, Raleigh is also known for its vibrant coffee scene. The city is home to a wide range of coffee shops and cafes, each with its own unique atmosphere and menu.

Best Coffee Shops In Raleigh

We list our selection of the 15 best coffee shops in Raleigh, NC, and provide an overview of what makes each one special. Whether you’re a local resident or a first-time visitor to Raleigh, this guide will help you discover the best coffee shops Raleigh has to offer.

The Optimist Raleigh

At The Optimist Raleigh, you’ll find a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee and a delicious bite to eat.

Partnering with local brands like Black & White Coffee Roasters, Blue Ox Bakery, and Trophy Brewing Co, you can expect high-quality beverages and treats throughout your visit.

Whether it’s grabbing a quick coffee to go or sitting down with friends over a delightful latte, it’s easy to appreciate the positive vibes this specialty coffee house brings to the city.

321 Coffee – Downtown Raleigh

Located in the heart of North Carolina, 321 Coffee is a unique and welcoming coffee shop that’s making a difference by providing employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. By visiting 321 you will not only get to enjoy some of the best coffee in the state but also support a worthy cause.

Featuring a variety of delicious drinks and snacks, 321 Coffee offers a comfortable atmosphere where you can relax, socialize, or get some work done. Their friendly staff is always ready to serve you with a smile, making your experience at the Downtown Raleigh location even more memorable.

Pine State Coffee

Pine State Coffee is a locally-owned specialty coffee roaster and café in Raleigh. As a go-to destination for coffee enthusiasts, you’ll find a wide range of coffee drinks, from espressos and lattes to cappuccinos and pour-overs.

What makes Pine State unique is its commitment to sourcing beans directly from farmers and offering a rotating selection of seasonal coffee. While sipping on your favorite brew, you can also enjoy a variety of baked goods and snacks available for purchase.

In addition to its cozy café atmosphere, Pine State Coffee offers you the opportunity to bring the experience home, providing whole bean coffee selections to enjoy in the comfort of your own space. With their dedication to quality, it’s no wonder Pine State Coffee has become a staple in the Raleigh coffee scene.

Lucky Tree

Lucky Tree is a charming, artsy coffee shop that offers more than just tasty coffee and pastries. As you step inside, you’ll notice the quirky decor and an array of art pieces and trinkets available for purchase.

In addition to supporting local artists, Lucky Tree is committed to providing organic, locally roasted coffee, and thoughtful wheat-free ingredients.

The cozy atmosphere filled with natural light during the day will make you feel at ease, while the warm, moody vibe in the evening is perfect for catching up with friends or getting some work done.

The shop also offers both delivery and dine-in options, so you can enjoy their delicious offerings wherever you feel most comfortable.

NoRa Cafe

NoRa Cafe is your local neighborhood coffee shop located in North Raleigh. With a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, you will always feel at home while sipping on their delicious Carrboro Coffee.

Along with their specialty coffee, they also offer locally baked pastries, fresh sandwiches, and a selection of beer and wine. This cafe is an ideal spot to indulge in a warm beverage, grab a book, and spend hours leisurely soaking in your surroundings.

While enjoying your visit to NoRa Cafe, don’t forget to check out their assortment of books for sale and their ever-changing menu of new and inventive offerings. From the relaxing ambiance to the friendly baristas, NoRa Cafe has made a mark on the Raleigh coffee scene and is a must-visit for all coffee lovers like yourself.

Black & White Coffee at Videri Chocolate Factory

Imagine a place where you can savor both great coffee and delicious chocolate. At Black & White Coffee, located inside the Videri Chocolate Factory in downtown Raleigh, you can enjoy just that.

This unique cafe, which is their second location, ensures a cozy atmosphere as you sip on an Iced Mocha or other popular drinks made from carefully sourced beans. As a bonus, free parking is available in the area, a rarity in downtown Raleigh.

While you’re there, treat yourself to some fine chocolate from Videri, enhancing your coffee-drinking experience and indulging your sweet tooth. You’ll find this spot a great place to relax or catch up with friends, as the friendly environment invites you to stay awhile.

Morning Times

Morning Times is a popular coffee shop in Raleigh that has been serving delicious coffee since it first opened its doors.

As you walk in, you will be greeted by a warm atmosphere that makes this place a favorite local hangout. The menu offers a satisfying variety of coffee and tea options, as well as tasty breakfast items to start your day off right.

You will appreciate the friendly service and comfortable seating, which make it an ideal spot for a morning pick-me-up or a casual meeting with friends and colleagues.

Sola Coffee Cafe

Sola Coffee Cafe is a friendly all-day cafe that serves delicious breakfast, lunch, and drinks to satisfy your coffee cravings.

With its cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, you’ll feel right at home while enjoying its popular menu offerings. Indulge in their Hot Mini donuts, Avocado Toast, Protein Bowl, Acai Bowl, or choose from their variety of Breakfast Sandwiches.

This charming spot, with great outside space, has earned itself a high reputation among Raleigh’s coffee lovers, consistently delivering exceptional service, flavorful food, and top-notch coffee.

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Iris Coffee Lab

Step into Iris Coffee Lab, Raleigh’s cozy and inviting coffee shop located on Glenwood South. Open every day from 8 am to 5 pm, this charming café offers a pleasant mix of indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Indulge in their irresistible menu that includes an array of espresso, lattes, drip coffee, and tea beverages. Each cup is prepared with love and expertise, showcasing a great level of craftsmanship and quality.

Not only does Iris Coffee Lab specialize in coffee, but they also cater to the gluten-free community with delectable bites. Customer favorites include the Blue Matcha Latte, Honey Lavender Latte, and Vanilla Latte.

Drop by to satisfy your caffeine cravings and immerse yourself in the warm, friendly atmosphere that makes Iris Coffee Lab a must-visit spot in Raleigh.

Global Village Organic Coffee

As you walk into Global Village Organic Coffee, you’ll be greeted by the aroma of organic and shade-grown coffee.

Since 2000, this cozy cafe has been serving some of the finest organic coffee and espresso in Raleigh. Along with their expertly crafted beverages, you can also treat yourself to whole leaf organic teas, delectable pastries, and satisfying paninis.

New ownership in the summer of 2022 has continued the tradition of providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere on Hillsborough Street. This is a gem you won’t want to miss in your Raleigh coffee shop exploration.

Joe Van Gogh Cedar West

Nestled in an office park, Joe Van Gogh Cedar West offers you a quiet and comfortable space to enjoy some coffee while working or just relaxing.

With a range of delicious options, such as the seasonal coconut pound cake, you’re sure to find something that satisfies your taste buds.

The atmosphere is perfect for teleworkers seeking a calm and cool environment away from the typical hustle and bustle of most coffee shops.

Purr Cup Cafe

Welcome to Purr Cup Cafe, a unique and cozy cafe where you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the company of adorable rescue kitties.

At Purr Cup Cafe, the focus is on creating a welcoming community space for all cat lovers while also serving as an adoption center where local rescue cats can find their forever homes.

Indulge in some delicious treats like perfectly cooked biscuits, and don’t forget to try their great Vietnamese coffee, hot chocolate, or matcha.

Whether you’re just visiting or looking to adopt a furry friend, your visit to Purr Cup Cafe helps support their rescue efforts and makes a difference in the lives of these loveable cats.

Biggby Coffee

Biggby Coffee, a locally owned and operated coffee shop, offers a diverse menu that includes not only the best coffee, but also teas, lattes, smoothies, and more.

You’ll feel right at home in this cozy yet modern establishment, perfect for both grabbing a quick pick-me-up or taking the time to sit down, relax, and savor your drink. Their buttercup latte is a fan-favorite, with the perfect temperature and delectable taste that keeps customers coming back for more.

With a focus on quality, Biggby Coffee provides you with an exceptional beverage experience that you’ll undoubtedly enjoy.

Smooth Joe Coffee

Smooth Joe Coffee is a welcoming neighborhood coffee shop located in the North community of Raleigh, North Carolina.

This charming spot is known for roasting its own Smooth roasted coffee, which adds a special touch to its delightful beverages. When you visit, you can enjoy a variety of expertly crafted coffee drinks, paired with delicious treats like nicely cooked muffins.

With its friendly staff and cozy atmosphere, Smooth Joe Coffee offers the perfect spot for a casual meet-up, study session, or a quick caffeine boost.

Dilworth Coffee

Dilworth Coffee is a cozy and friendly Raleigh coffee shop that brings a touch of charm to your coffee experience. Known for its high-quality coffee, this place offers a range of blends and flavors to suit anyone’s tastes.

As you step inside, expect to be greeted by the warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites you to relax and unwind. The knowledgeable and amiable staff are always happy to help you find your perfect cup of coffee.

At Dilworth Coffee, it’s not just about the coffee, it’s also about providing a space for connection and creativity. Whether you’re meeting a colleague for a casual brainstorming session or simply grabbing a cup of joe on the go, Dilworth Coffee serves as the perfect backdrop for your daily caffeine fix.

No matter where your adventures take you in Raleigh, rest assured, you’ll always be in close proximity to numerous coffee shops nearby, making your hunt for a coffee a breeze.

We sincerely hope you’ll seize the chance to experience at least one or two of our top recommended Raleigh coffee shops.

The next time you’re poised to pull out your phone and search “best coffee near me” while you’re in Orlando, remember to revisit this page instead. Try another one of our curated recommendations that promise to offer an exceptional coffee experience.

Check out the best coffee shops in North Carolina in the other places in the state we cover.

Remember to explore our variety of coffee shops located in Wilmington, and Durham as well.

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