15 Best Coffee Shops in San Antonio, Texas

15 Best Coffee Shops & Cafes in San Antonio, Texas

Being the seventh largest city in all of America, San Antonio is home to some of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations and attractions including the Alamo, Sea World, and The San Antonio Botanical Garden. 

This kind of popular attention does also mean that this beautiful and adventurous city is filled with some incredibly unique coffee shops and cafes to kick back and relax now and again with the dozen or so roasters and cafes that have been taking over San Antonio since the coffee scene has boomed over the last few years. 

Here are some of the very best coffee shops San Antonio for you to check out next time you’re adventuring in this wide and wonderful part of Texas. 

Best Coffee Shops in San Antonio
River Walk San Antonio

1. Shotgun House Coffee Roasters 

The cozy factor of a coffee shop can really make or break the atmosphere for a lot of us, and when it comes to combining a warm and friendly atmosphere with warm and delicious drinks, Shotgun House Coffee Roasters has a very traditional and almost industrial setting along with a wide selection of beverages to choose from. 

With coffee beans sourced all over the world including Guatemala, Brazil, and Papa New Guinea, you can be sure each espresso and cappuccino from shotguns is packed full of flavor. 

Location: 1333 Buena Vista, SA

2. Halcyon Southtown 

Right next to the beautiful San Antonio River, Halcyon is known as a popular coffee shop and casual cafe during the day, before turning into a more vibrant wine bar at night. 

Along with the downright scrumptious brews that you can order, Halcyon also offers extensive options as part of their breakfast and lunch menu, the only real issue is once you sit down in this incredibly welcoming coffee store, it can be hard to ever want to go home.

Location: 1414 S Alamo St, SA

3. Tandem San Antonio

Not only are you guaranteed to have a fun and memorable time when stepping into one of Tandem’s multiple coffee stores dotted around San Antonio with its live music performances and stand-up comedy, but they also use Dark Matter Coffee beans straight out of Chicago that transform each ordinary drip into a sensory drip. 

Being stationed right next to a hike-and-bike trail, it’s never a bad idea to stop at a Tandem coffee shop, even if it’s just to check out the exciting live performance on in the day. 

Location: 310 Riverside Dr, SA

4. Philo Coffee

Providing the perfect mixture of delightfully warm coffee and light and hearty breakfast and lunch options, each of Philo’s menu items are freshly made and sourced from local eaters, so you can be sure whatever you choose to enjoy from the menu, it’s going to be light and refreshing. 

Offering all the traditional drinks including mocha, Americanos, espressos and lattes all with their own vibrant and distinctive taste due to the use of French-style beans, if you want the freshest food possible to go along with a delightful beverage of your choosing, you won’t want to miss out on Philo Coffee.

Location: 606 W French PI, SA

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5. Laika Cheesecake & Espresso

While cheesecake lovers will feel right at home in this cafe that serves a multitude of different flavors for you to tuck into, they also have a selective range of espressos that often go underappreciated, but are a sheer delight to sip on while watching the world go by through the windows. 

From the tasty frothed Cuban coffee to the slightly sweeter Lavazza espresso, when it comes to combining a fan-favorite dessert with an appetizing warm beverage, Laika Cheesecake & Espresso does it better than anyone.

Location: 4718 Broadway, Alamo Heights, SA

6. Estate Coffee Company 

Near the Historical Gardens is a colorful and stylish coffee shop that has a very modern appearance and is most well known for its in-house roasted beans that make each and every cup of coffee as rich and flavorful as possible. 

With a few scrumptious baked treats also on offer along with a decent selection of coffee bean bags on offer for you to pick up as you leave, next time you’re visiting some of the beautiful scenery around the River Walk and Historic Gardens, don’t forget to take a break at the wonderful Estate Coffee Company store. 

Location: 1320 E Houston St 101, SA

7. What’s Brewing Coffee Roasters

It’s difficult to talk about San Antonio’s finest coffee shops and cafes without mentioning What’s Brewing, one of the most popular stores in the city which is mainly due to the sheer variety of choice you get when ordering a drink. 

With over 20 incredibly unique coffee beans to choose from which can all be ordered as a either a pour over, ground or brewed, the options really are endless.

What’s Brewing not only functions as a coffee shop that gives you much of the control over your own personal drink, it also offers brewing equipment such an AeroPress and bags of each of their beans, so you can continue experimenting even when you get home. 

Location: 138 W Rhapsody, SA

8. Mildfire Coffee Roasters 

Offering light and medium roasts that provide a flavorful and aromatic taste along with a few refreshing and light baked goods which are delicious to snack on in the morning or when you’re taking a quick afternoon break, Mildifre Coffee Roasters serve lattes, cappuccinos and espressos but with a mixture of flavors to add a bit of flare to these familiar drinks.

From the Hot Butter Latte which elegantly melts in the mouth with every sip to the incredibly potent flavor of the Aztech Mocha, you really can’t go wrong with any choice from Mildfire’s impressive menu. 

Location: 15502 Huebner Rd, SA

9. The Brown Coffee Co. 

Cozy, stylish and the perfect relaxing spot for when you want to take a break from the busy outside world or you just want some personal space to get on with some work, order one of The Brown Coffee Co’s foam-art cappuccinos or slightly bitter and delicious espressos and take a load off in this incredibly friendly and inviting coffee shop that also serves a few sandwiches and cakes for when you get a little peckish. 

Location: 812 S Alamo St, SA

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10. Merit Coffee

Merit Coffee are known for using beans sourced from around the globe including countries such as Ethiopia, Brazil and parts of Europe, which are then self-roasted inside the cozy store itself, making sure your drink is hot and fresh each and every time you visit. 

With a selection of other juices and teas to choose from, alongside some mouth-watering baked goods including scones and cakes, fresh coffee has never tasted this good. 

Location: 7338 Louis Pasteur, SA

11. Eclipse

As soon as you step into an Eclipse coffee store, it becomes obvious right away that their main priority is to provide some of the friendliest customer service possible with each customer being welcomed and introduced to the various menu options which can all be tried out. 

Curious about the shaken coffee cocktail or a beverage with a creamy Kenyan drip? Try them out to find your new favorite blend to sit back and enjoy with some warm light snacks. 

Location: 2327 N St Mary’s St, SA

12. Barrio Barista 

First opening its doors in 2014, Barrio Barista is dedicated to creating a ‘home away from home’ kind of atmosphere, and with its decorative but also spacious interior design and incredibly friendly staff who feel more like your friends than employees, feel free to try out one of Barrio’s Horchata Latte’s or Mex Mocha’s after you check out the Gilbert Gaza Park right next door. 

Location: 3735 Culebra Rd, SA

13. Commonwealth Coffehouse & Bakery

Commonwealth can only be described as a cafe, coffee shop and bar, all rolled into one with its scrumptious food selection including crunchy breakfast baguettes and creamy afternoon appetizers, along with a selection of delightful coffee options including an incredibly unique French press coffee that’s bursting with flavor to get you energized for the day ahead with that extra kick of caffeine. 

Location: 118 Davis CT, SA

14. Cafe Martinez

Opening its doors back in the 1930s, Cafe Martinez has retained that cozy and traditional aesthetic in its stores while keeping its menu fresh and new for all ages to enjoy.

Cafe Martinez is also a real treat to visit during the holidays since they offer unique coffee flavors for each season, giving you the perfect reason to visit regularly. 

Location: 7302 Louis Pasteur, SA

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15. Indy Coffee Club

The natural, earthy and rustic design of Indy Coffee Club reflects its unique and slightly more traditional drink options which will have you feeling right at home as you sip on a deliciously creamy espresso while enjoying a warm crumbly pastry.

Don’t forget to try out Indy’s signature ‘cereal’ coffee for a taste like no other. 

Location: 7114 UTSA Bulevard Suite, SA


Remember to take some time to yourself next time you’re in the bustling city of San Antonio and relax at one of these popular cozy, warm and friendly coffee shops dotted around the city.

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