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When you’re in the beautiful sunny region of Sedona in Arizona there isn’t a shortage of coffee shops. But what is the best coffee shop in Sedona?

These are places you can relax and kick back with a caffeinated beverage of your choice in some of the best surroundings.

Whether it is a fresh latte, an espresso, or a pastry made on the premises and still hot from the oven, there are as many Sedona coffee shops as there are in your imagination. So why not try all of them?

So why not have a look at our list of the best 15 coffee shops in Sedona and see for yourself?

15 Best Coffee Shops In Sedona Arizona

Where to find the best coffee in Sedona AZ

1. Creekside Coffee And Bakery

Here we have a venue that tries its best to give you a venue where you can spend most of the nights of the week.

It hosts wine evenings and local music events. Plus, it has a stream of fresh coffee and well-baked pastries.

If you want somewhere to chill out at the start of the day or unwind at the end of it, this is a great place to start.

This is situated in a great spot that will allow you to look out and contemplate what the day has in store for you.

2. Fay Cafe

If you are a fan of indoor plants or reading good books, then you won’t go far wrong in Fay. This place is open for the whole week from 8 am until the early evening, which is great if you need a place to work remotely.

The staff in Fay’s are also super-friendly and will allow you to relax a little while before taking your order.

There is a long list of great coffee and teas you can pair with organic and vegan snacks this place offers.

3. Sedonuts

Now, if you are a donut fan and live in the Sedona area, you’d be foolish not to get yourself down to this fantastic place.

This does some of the best donuts in Arizona, with lemon-glazed, maple bacon, apple, and chocolate donuts.

But what about the coffee? You’ll be happy to know that Sedonuts delivers on this too. This place uses only the very best organic coffee. They also have great gluten-free and vegan options too.

4. Synergy

This place serves a delicious range of coffees, which is great if you are looking for a place with plenty of choices on the menu.  Synergy has a quirky aesthetic that is also distinctly modern.

If you like herbal teas and vegan options, this is also an ideal place to visit.

This place has tried to approach the traditional coffee shop from a new angle and largely it succeeds in doing that. It also has some wonderful views that you can enjoy from the patio.

best sedona coffee shops near me

5. Oak Creek Espresso

This coffee shop really puts in the effort when it comes to distributing hand-crafted beverages. This place does sumptuous loose-leaf teas and chai teas that are made fresh on the premises.

This place comes with ethically sourced local beans, so if you are looking for a place that put its heart before its profits, then this is a great place for you to frequent.

If you need somewhere to chill out after work, you can’t go wrong with Oak Creek Espresso.

6. Coffee Pot Restaurant

If you are looking for somewhere to stop for breakfast before undertaking a long journey, this is a great place to hang your hat.

The coffee pot specializes in breakfast, coming with an amazing 101 omelet that customers have given rave reviews.

If you are looking for somewhere to sit out on the patio during the summer months, then this is the place to go.

It comes with refined decor that fuses the contemporary with something a little bit vintage. This is a great place to work or relax with friends.

7. Sedona Wellness Cafe

If you are interested in herbal remedies and drinks that will purify your body of all the bad things that you can accumulate living in the city, then why not try Sedona Wellness Cafe’s eclectic mix of herbal, detoxifying remedies?

This place really focuses on well-being, offering you healing or some relaxation while you are enjoying an organic coffee.

These guys produce locally-sourced drinks that come with a plethora of healthy and healing nutrients and vitamins.

8. Black Cow Cafe

This next cafe is one that comes highly recommended, with plenty of rave reviews on the internet.

You can get some amazing salads, paninis, and coffees at this cafe. It is local and puts the focus totally on serving the community.

One of the unique draws of this coffee house is that it makes specialty ice creams on the premises.

Whether it is vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, maple syrup or salted caramel, you’ll be able to find the flavor combo that you want. This also makes it a great place to take children.

9. Layla’s Cafe And Bakery

Now we have somewhere that is sat right at the heart of the community, with a bakery that you can be sure will deliver great quality service, as well as good coffee and fresh pastries that are made on-site.

You can get a lovely cheese danish to start your day or treat yourself to a warm pan au raisin after you have finished work. This is all very affordable and you can pair it with a range of bitter or creamy coffees.

10. Spiritstone Coffee

If you like your coffee to be 100% organic and you are into the more spiritual side of things, then you’ll want to hop on down to Spiritstone.

This place will give you a whole host of gems that you can browse before sitting back and browsing over your purchases with a mug of fresh, strong coffee.

This coffee shop really puts a lot of effort into researching where their coffee is cultivated.

Whether it is in the shade or in an open sunny field, Spiritstone gives you an in-depth breakdown of what it is looking for in its coffee manufacturing.

11. Secret Garden Cafe

If you are looking for the finer end of fine dining and coffee shop service, then you can’t go far wrong with the Secret Garden Cafe.

This place has a very refined decor, with a patio set out the back with a garden this is perfect for instilling that sense of comfort and relaxation.

Enjoy a rich breakfast or lunch with some thick and fluffy pancakes with maple syrup or a fresh ground turkey burger from the bun.

All of the ingredients here are fresh and organic, and the coffee is some of the finest we’ve tasted.

Best Coffee Shops In Sedona, Arizona

12. Before And After Java Cafe

When it comes to having the best location, we think that Before And After Java Cafe wins hands down, boasting some of the most spectacular views of the Arizona valleys.

In fact, the views are so great, you’d almost be forgiven for not noticing the coffee – although this is superlative too!

This is a place where you can enjoy an early morning pick-me-up coffee or relax during a lazy afternoon with a berry refresher.

This place obviously gets hot most of the year round, so having somewhere shady to cool off will be ideal.

13. Black Potion Coffee

Next up, we have a small coffee house that gets its beans from Brazil, with a seating area that is cozy and well-furnished.

This is another place that specializes in crystals, so if you need that extra touch of healing, then you can help yourself to some quartz or amethyst.

This place is very well-kept and comes with an aesthetic that will certainly appeal to the macabre with a few animal skulls hanging from the wall.

However, the coffee is the reason that most people come here and that is truly top-notch!

coffee shops in sedona az

14. Energy Cafe

If you like somewhere that does not come with too many frills and you want staff that is friendly and welcoming, then pop on down to the Energy cafe.

The staff here are all locals and will always be happy to give you advice on where to take the kids.

The coffee here is great, coming with a few selected blends that you can find easily, but here it is delivered with a warm and friendly smile.

There are plenty of hiking spots nearby, so why not come to the energy cafe afterward to relax with a latte?

15. Sedona Memories

At this last coffee shop, we have to admit, we picked more for the sandwiches than the coffee. They are simply huge and if you want a lunchtime indulgence that will keep you filled up for most of the day, we’d certainly suggest you go to Sedona Memories.


We hope that our top-rated coffee shops in Sedona, Arizona have given you a few ideas about what to expect regarding vibe, coffee, and service and that it helps you taste the best coffee Sedona can offer.

So next time you are in need of a coffee and you reach for your phone to search for coffee near me in Sedona then just head straight for this page instead.

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