15 Best Coffee Shops In Albuquerque, New Mexico


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The historical and diverse city of Albuquerque is one of the most populous in New Mexico and is mostly known for its beautifully hot weather.

Its architectural diversity and its International Balloon Fiesta, which is a hot air balloon festival that takes place every year in early October. 

Whether you are a local to the city of Albuquerque or are visiting, it is vital to know where to find the best coffee shops so that you know where you can stop to take a break and re-energize. 

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at fifteen particularly noteworthy coffee shops and cafés that you will find in Albuquerque!

Best Coffee Shops In Albuquerque

1. Trifecta Coffee Company

Trifecta has been around in Albuquerque for a fair amount of time, with around twenty years of experience in the coffee business. 

This company knows exactly what it is doing when it comes to coffee, with the owners ensuring that their products are not only high quality but also made entirely in-house. 

Trifecta Coffee Company is a great choice for a coffee shop if you are looking for a reliable all-rounder.

Offering baked goods and different flavors of coffee syrups, as well as traditional coffee options as well. 

2. Little Bear Coffee

This specialty coffee company in Albuquerque has a simple mission in that they want their coffee to create a feeling of care and comfort in their customers.

This is definitely what you get with Little Bear, as the shop itself has a homely and welcoming atmosphere. 

In terms of the coffee that they sell, they have a range of ways to get your caffeine fix, be it specialty beverages, espresso drinks, cold brews, and more. 

3. Zendo Coffee

Zendo is the self-proclaimed “finest neighborhood coffee shop”, and it is a title that is far from unwarranted. 

The variety of coffee to be found at Zendo means that you are sure to find something for everyone, no matter what their particular tastes might be when it comes to caffeine.

There are delicious traditional blends on offer as well as more modern coffees with interesting flavor combinations. 

When it comes to its food menu, Zendo offers vegan and vegetarian options to be as inclusive as possible. 

The venue itself is an artistic one, with plenty of art to enjoy as you sip your beverage. 

4. Moons Coffee And Tea

For fans of tea as well as coffee, Moons is a perfect choice. Serving up fresh and premium roasted fine teas and coffees from around the world, Moon’s prides itself on offering a wide variety of beverage flavors. 

With their coffee, some of the unique flavors that you will find include holiday spice, Crème brûlée, chocolate raspberry, and cinnamon hazelnut. 

Their teas are equally diverse, with flavors such as apricot, almond, mango, and boysenberry available. 

5. Blackbird Coffeehouse

Blackbird is an artisan coffee house with a mission of serving up coffee made from only the finest coffee beans to create the best possible quality when it comes to its diverse blends and beverages.

 The specially designed lattes created by Blackbird Coffeehouse are one of the highlights to be found in the shop.

Such as their Jack Rabbit latte- made with espresso, caramel, lavender, milk and sea salt, or their self-titled Blackbird latte, made with espresso combined with red chile, milk and dark chocolate. 

6. Napoli Coffee

Napoli Coffee is a great choice of coffee shop if you are looking for a place to sit down and relax, work or study whilst you sip on a tasty cup of joe. 

The Southwestern vibe in Napoli emphasizes the cozy and relaxing atmosphere, whilst the selection of comforting foods- such as soups, muffins and pastries.

Make for an establishment that is a must-visit if you find yourself in the city of Albuquerque.

7. The Grove Cafe And Market

With a trendy yet casual atmosphere, The Grove Cafe and Market is a popular hangout spot for those looking to indulge in some delicious food and tasty coffee. 

The coffee menu is pretty basic at The Grove, but they offer more than enough to keep both coffee aficionados and casual coffee drinkers happy.

This includes the Grove House Brew, mochas, lattes, Americanos and espressos to name a few.  

8. Java Joe’s

Java Joe’s is all about freshness when it comes to their coffee, with all of their coffee beans being flavored, blended and roasted in-house. 

The establishment works with a local dairy producer, Rasband Dairy, to obtain all of their cream and milk as well, whilst their produce for the food is sourced from local farmers whenever possible. 

As well as a full line of their own espressos- including traditional drinks and some creative creations- as well as blended in-house teas and cold drinks such as lemonades and smoothies. 

9. Rise + Roast

Rise + Roast isn’t named as such purely for gimmicky reasons, they literally rise and roast due to having an opening time of 4.30am! That must make them unique among Albuquerque coffee roasters.

This makes it the perfect choice of coffee shop in Albuquerque if you have any super early mornings lined up, or if you’re simply a particularly early riser. 

As well as their selection of coffees and teas, Rise + Roast is also well known for its collection of scrumptious donuts, which make for a match made in heaven alongside their signature coffees. 

10. Pinon Coffee

A staple of the community for twenty years, Pinon Coffee is a consistent provider of one-of-a-kind specialty drinks to the city of Albuquerque.

Pinon Coffee is literally the largest coffee roaster that you will find in New Mexico, and for good reason!

Pinon Coffee offers several unique services should you pop into the coffeehouse, including the option of adding coffee ice to a cold drink to avoid dilution. 

The establishment also has a range of unique, signature lattes with interesting flavors, such as the Biscohito latte, the Mexican Spiced Chocolate latte, the Maple Walnut Latte or the Honey Lavender latte. 

11. Cutbow Coffee

Cutbow Coffee utilizes the work of one of the most accomplished roasters of artisan coffee to be found in the United States: Paul Gallegos. 

Gallegos- an Albuquerque native- is responsible for the delicious coffee that you will find in Cutbow and with around twenty-five years of roasting experience, it is no surprise that the result is the smoothest, richest coffee blends. 

Albuquerque coffee shops near me

12. Humble Coffee

Humble Coffee House offers the whole package when it comes to a coffee shop.

They have great coffee along with friendly service and a relaxed space with a thoughtful design so you can chill out and enjoy your time there. 

This craft coffee shop specializes in single-origin brews and espressos, but they are also big on supporting the local businesses within the community. 

As well as coffee, you can grab yourself some delicious food at Humble too, such as fresh pastries and Albuquerque made breakfast burritos. 

13. Espresso Fino

It is all about organic, local coffee at Espresso Fino, with the barista-owned and operated espresso bar serving up entirely locally roasted, fair trade and certified organic coffee. 

When it comes to your surroundings, Espresso Fino features a charming atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor sidewalk seating. 

The unique set-up of this coffee shop, being entirely barista-run, makes for an interesting change of pace, whilst the high-quality coffee and relaxing interior only emphasizes the professionalism of Espresso Fino. 

14. Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters

If you are looking to learn more about how to roast the perfect coffee as well as enjoy drinking it, then Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters is a great place to start. 

This is thanks to the various events and coffee classes that this particular establishment offers, making it the perfect choice when it comes to a coffee-based learning experience!

You can also just pop in for a coffee if you would rather, with the roasters offering a range of coffees to choose from.

15. Satellite Coffee

Last but not least, Satellite Coffee is another shop that has a fair amount of variety when it comes to the beverages that they serve up. 

As well as unique crafted expressions- such as their Mexican latte with Mexican dark chocolate, cinnamon, and homemade whipped cream and the Turkish latte, featuring cardamom with espresso, honey, and steamed milk.

Satellite also offers some seasonal drinks. These include a Pumpkin Pie latte- with steamed milk of your choice with whipped cream and some sweet fall spices-, and a delicious Hazelnut Cold Brew. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have fifteen of the best coffee shops in Albuquerque.

Hopefully, we have offered enough diversity in terms of the different kinds of coffee shops that you will find in the city of Albuquerque, including independent locally-owned coffee shops.

So that no matter what your personal tastes might be, you are sure to find the place that serves the best coffee near me in Albuquerque!

Check out our selection of the best coffee shops in New Mexico in the other places we cover in the state.

Have a look at Santa Fe’s coffee shops.

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