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Charleston, South Carolina, is a city rich in history, brimming with southern charm, and known for its hospitable spirit. This picturesque city, with its well-preserved antebellum architecture, cobblestone streets, and vibrant gardens, boasts a cultural milieu that effortlessly combines the traditional with the contemporary.

As one of America’s oldest cities, Charleston is a treasure trove of historic landmarks and scenic views. From the stunning waterfront Battery to the colorful Rainbow Row and historic plantations, the city is a testament to the grace of the Old South. Its dining scene is no less impressive, featuring award-winning southern cuisine that delights the palate.

In recent years, Charleston has also cultivated a thriving coffee scene. Charleston coffee shops serve not just an excellent cup of coffee, but also embody the local culture and charm that Charleston is celebrated for. Each café tells a story, sets a unique ambiance, and presents an array of aromatic, locally sourced brews.

Coffee Shops Charleston SC

We guide you through the best 15 coffee shops in Charleston SC. Wherever you are in Charleston there will always be plenty of coffee shops nearby, so it won’t be hard to find one.

The Harbinger Cafe & Bakery

Located in the heart of downtown Charleston’s King Street, The Harbinger Cafe & Bakery is a charming little spot perfect for satisfying your coffee and pastry cravings. As you walk in, you’ll be welcomed by an artsy, plant-filled atmosphere that perfectly complements their delightful selection of coffee and baked goods.

Their pastries are made using high-quality ingredients, showcasing what’s special, different, and delicious about a small-batch bakery. You must try their mouth-watering avocado toast, which is a local favorite.

The Harbinger also offers a diverse range of coffees that will surely please your taste buds, whether you’re a fan of black coffee or prefer a flavored latte.

With its central location and the abundance of attractions nearby such as the historic landmarks, museums, and parks, The Harbinger Cafe & Bakery offers not only a delightful culinary experience but also a gateway to the vibrant and captivating charm of downtown Charleston.

Sightsee Shop

There’s a unique and inspiring coffee shop waiting for you in Charleston, called Sightsee. Combining the very best elements of a specialty coffee bar and retail space, Sightsee invites you to indulge in their tasty coffee, a variety of teas, and immersive art experiences all in one cozy spot.

As you step into Sightsee, you’ll be greeted by a friendly atmosphere with a touch of adventure, perfect for those who appreciate the spirit of exploration. Expect to find carefully curated merchandise including quirky and beautiful art pieces, perfect for sprucing up your home or finding that perfect gift for your loved ones.

Not only can you savor an expertly made coffee or fragrant tea, but you can bring the Sightsee vibe home with you, by purchasing one of their unique and artistic pieces of merchandise. In this special shop, you’ll experience a blend of shores near and far, right in the heart of Charleston.

Bad Bunnies Coffee

At Bad Bunnies Coffee, you can enjoy a delightful cup of coffee in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Savor their expertly brewed espresso and indulge in a selection of freshly baked goods that perfectly complement your hot or cold beverage.

Located in the heart of Charleston, this charming coffee shop beckons you to take a break from your busy day and immerse yourself in the welcoming ambiance.

Whether you’re starting your day with a caffeine boost or stopping by for an afternoon pick-me-up, Bad Bunnies Coffee aims to please with its delicious offerings and friendly service. So, the next time you find yourself in Charleston, don’t hesitate to hop on over to this lovely little gem.

Orange Spot Coffee

Orange Spot Coffee is one of the most popular coffee shops in North Charleston SC. They are known for their high-quality coffee and welcoming atmosphere. They offer a wide variety of coffee drinks, tea, pastries, and breakfast items. Customers can also purchase merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs.

What sets Orange Spot Coffee apart is its commitment to building community and serving those they care about. They strive to create a welcoming environment for all customers and foster connections between people.

They have hosted events such as open mic nights and art shows, which bring the community together. Additionally, they have a blog section on their website where they share stories about their community and events they have hosted.

The shop is open from 6am to 5pm on weekdays and 7am to 5pm on weekends.

Second State Coffee

Second State Coffee is a popular spot to grab a delicious cup of joe in Charleston, SC. They offer an extensive menu featuring specialty coffee drinks like Lavender Latte and Brown Sugar Latte.

As you enter the charming café, you will notice its cozy and welcoming space with comfortable seating for a relaxed and enjoyable experience. In addition to its quality coffee offerings, Second State also touts a selection of craft beers to satisfy the diverse preferences of its patrons.

Besides Second State Coffee in Downtown Charleston on Beaufain St, there is also a second location in West Ashley, situated on Ashley Hall Road. Both cafes are popular spots in Charleston, SC, where coffee enthusiasts can indulge in a wide range of delicious and meticulously crafted beverages.

With their commitment to serving exceptional brews and providing a cozy atmosphere, it’s no wonder they have become beloved destinations for locals and visitors alike.

Here are some quick details so you definitely won’t want to miss out on this friendly café.

Bitty and Beau’s Coffee

At Bitty and Beau’s Coffee, you’ll find a unique and heartwarming coffee experience. Just walking in, you’ll be greeted by an inviting atmosphere and friendly staff. Bitty and Beau’s takes great pride in creating an inclusive environment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, giving them opportunities to work and excel.

As you sip on your cup of coffee at Bitty and Beau’s, you might feel like you’re taking part in something bigger, as the shop truly emphasizes the importance of community and inclusion. Beyond their good deeds, you can expect delicious coffee selections, including espresso, cold brew, and house-made coffee ice cubes, ensuring your iced drinks never lose their bold taste.

The Rise, a popular baked good on their offer, adds an extra treat to your coffee break. Made with a mix of flour-and-water dough layered with butter and yeast, it just elevates your coffee experience at Bitty and Beau’s.

Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer

At Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer, you’ll find the perfect blend of caffeine and craft brews in a cozy atmosphere. Located in Charleston’s historic Radcliffborough neighborhood, Kudu offers a remarkable selection of locally roasted coffee, as well as a diverse range of craft beers to choose from.

During the day, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, and as the night starts to set in, you can unwind with a refreshing beer.

The inside seating and outdoor courtyard (which is pet-friendly) provide a charming ambiance to catch up with friends, work remotely, or simply immerse yourself in the delightful flavors of Kudu’s coffee and beer. Be sure to experience their live music nights, where local talents perform, making it an ideal spot to relax and revel in Charleston’s vibrant culture.

While they don’t have a website, you can stay connected with them through their active presence on social media platforms that provide updates on their latest offerings, events, and promotions, ensuring that you never miss out on the exciting happenings at Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer.

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Mercantile & Mash

At Mercantile & Mash, you’ll find a unique combination of a retail space and coffee shop in one. Located in the heart of Charleston, you can expect to find a variety of grab-and-go food provisions and delicious pastries. Their coffee is locally roasted, and you can enjoy every sip knowing that you’re supporting a local business.

The atmosphere of Mercantile & Mash is warm and welcoming, making it the perfect spot to meet up with friends, conduct business meetings, or simply sit back and relax with an artisanal coffee in hand.

While not located directly in Mount Pleasant, it’s still close enough for a short drive, and soon, you’ll find yourself in an ambient coffee haven.

In addition to the superb coffee they serve, Mercantile & Mash offers an ample selection of pastries to pair with your beverage. From buttery croissants to rich chocolate cake, there’s something to suit every palate.

If you’re looking for whole beans to take home, consider stopping by the nearby Charleston Coffee Exchange, where you can find beautifully roasted beans to elevate your home brewing experience.

Muddy Waters Coffee Bar

Muddy Waters Coffee Bar is a beloved spot situated on James Island, Charleston. Established in 2005 by owners Michele and George who were inspired by their time spent in Seattle, they sought to bring a quality coffee experience to Charleston. As a locally-owned coffee shop, Muddy Waters has gained popularity for its friendly atmosphere and dedication to serving great coffee.

When you visit Muddy Waters, you’ll be welcomed into a community-oriented space perfect for any coffee lover. The shop features a variety of espresso-based drinks, traditional drip coffee, and tasty baked goods to satisfy your cravings. As a customer, you can expect a warm and inviting experience, and the staff’s passion for coffee is evident in every cup they brew.

Highfalutin Coffee Roasters

Nestled in the heart of Charleston, Highfalutin Coffee Roasters offers you a delightful experience with their exceptional gourmet coffee and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re on the go or looking to unwind, you’ll find your perfect blend of fresh coffee roasted to perfection.

Enjoy your coffee with delicious local pastries and engage in conversations at the bar, or sit back and relax in their cozy outdoor patio surrounded by greenery. Roasted locally at Charleston Coffee Exchange, their beans are a testament to the care and dedication poured into every cup.

If you find yourself near Harbor View, don’t miss out on exploring their second location, where you can savor a perfectly brewed vanilla latte, hot coffee, or a diverse selection of delightful beverages. Friendly staff and warm ambiance make Highfalutin Coffee Roasters a cherished gem in Charleston’s coffee scene.

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Broad Street

Shine Gallery Café

When you step into Shine Gallery Café, you’ll notice an inviting ambiance that makes it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. The café is known for its delicious espresso, coffee, and house-made cold brew with coffee ice cubes, ensuring that your beverage stays flavorful down to the last drop.

Additionally, Shine Gallery Café boasts some of the best desserts in the city, made exclusively by RISE, adding a delightful sweetness to your experience.

The cozy and modern interior, partnered with the fastest Wi-Fi in the region, makes Shine Gallery Café a favorite among locals and visitors who want to have a moment of serenity or catch up on some work.

The atmosphere and auras at Shine Gallery Café are unmatched, and the friendly staff are always eager to make your visit a memorable one.

Big Kick Coffee

When you step into Big Kick Coffee, you’ll immediately notice the inviting space and comfortable seating. This cozy coffee shop takes pride in offering small-batch fire-roasted coffee, made in a classic 25lb roaster that’s over 100 years old.

As you savor your cup, you’ll appreciate the distinct and rich flavors that set Big Kick Coffee apart from other places in Charleston.

Not only does this charming cafe provide a great place to unwind, but they also prioritize sustainable sourcing of its beans. As you sip your delicious coffee, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re supporting both local and environmentally-friendly practices at Big Kick Coffee.

The Black Door Cafe

Located in Charleston’s Historic Downtown, The Black Door Cafe has become a neighborhood favorite. It has an intimate, casual atmosphere, perfect for meeting friends or taking your laptop and enjoying a cup of coffee. Known for their quality coffee, The Black Door Cafe offers a versatile range of caffeinated beverages, with expertly crafted espressos, lattes, and more to suit your taste.

The menu does not disappoint either, as they offer delightful drinks and snacks to complement your coffee. The friendly staff at The Black Door Cafe ensures you’re getting everything you need.

Hosted on the ground floor of The Mills House Hotel, you can expect comfortable seating, fast internet, and a warm welcome from 6:30 AM to 8 PM daily.

Nosh Cafe and Wine Bar

Nosh Cafe and Wine Bar is a delightful destination for all coffee and wine enthusiasts in Charleston. As you walk in, you’ll be greeted with a comfortable atmosphere that is perfect for sipping on your favorite beverages and enjoying some light bites.

The cafe focuses on serving local coffee, making sure to provide their customers with a true taste of Charleston. Fusing their passion for art, Nosh Cafe and Wine Bar features a unique interior design that is sure to spark conversations among patrons.

With a menu offering various coffee beverages and wine selections, you can treat yourself to a smooth espresso or indulge in a glass of wine while you unwind in this charming coffee bar. Nosh Cafe and Wine Bar is not only a great place to connect with friends but also an ideal spot for relaxing after a long day at work.

Interstate 95 Coffee

Interstate 95 Coffee is a cozy, welcoming cafe in West Ashley, Charleston. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be greeted by the warm aroma of their freshly brewed coffee.

With a great selection of espresso-based beverages, you can easily find yourself a perfect caffeinated companion for your travels or work. This cafe, nestled in a strip mall alongside other businesses and restaurants, offers ample free parking for your convenience.

The comfortable atmosphere and friendly service make it an ideal location to meet with friends or get work done. They pride themselves on serving high-quality coffee, leaving you to savor every last drop.

As you sit back and enjoy your drink, don’t forget to try some of their freshly baked pastries to pair with your beverage of choice.

Hopefully, you will get the opportunity to check out at least one or two of the Charleston coffee shops we recommend.

Remember, the next time you get your phone out to search for the best coffee near me in Charleston just come back to this page instead and try out another of our recommendations.

Check out the best coffee shops in South Carolina in the other places in the state we cover.

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