15 Best Coffee Shops in Clayton, Missouri


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Clayton’s coffee culture is as diverse as the city itself, with an array of coffee shops that cater to a wide range of tastes. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, a fan of cozy coffee house atmospheres, or a busy professional seeking a quick caffeine boost, the coffee shops in Clayton have something to offer.

These coffee establishments, from chic, modern espresso bars to family-owned coffee shops, serve as community gathering spots, workspaces, and places of comfort and relaxation. They offer a delightful range of flavors, from classic roasts to innovative blends, and create an inviting ambiance that makes every visit a unique experience.

Best Coffee Shops in Clayton, Missouri

We will guide you through Clayton’s best coffee shops, focusing on their distinctive offerings, the quality of their coffee, and the ambiance that makes each of them a special part of Clayton’s community.

So grab a cup, settle in, and join us as we explore some of the best coffee shops Clayton MO has to offer.

1. Kaldi’s Coffee

Kaldi’s coffee shop in Clayton has been open since 2007. This small shop is praised for its great atmosphere. If you want to spend your mornings watching the peaceful streets or take your afternoon break at a cozy place, Kaldi’s Coffee is one of your go-to shops.

So now, let’s talk about their menu. The shop takes pride in its specialty coffee that is roasted and brewed locally. Espresso, americano, latte, macchiato, and cappuccino—they have a variety of drinks that suit your taste. They also have smoothies and frozen beverages to offer.

Their food is also worth mentioning. They have dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free options that are perfect to pair with your drinks. 

2. Café la Vie

Café la Vie has a unique setting. It is a coffee bar in the morning and a relaxing restaurant in the evening. 

A breakfast in this place will surely be an exquisite experience as it is located at the Le Méridien St. Louis Clayton, which is a stylish and elegant building for residents and tourists.

Café la Vie features delicious coffee prepared by seasoned baristas. If you want something light for breakfast or something that will fill you up to the brim, their menu has great choices for you. 

3. Cafe Breve

Cafe Breve has been open for residents and travelers since 1999. Located in the heart of downtown Clayton, this place is a great one if you want to have a quick and fulfilling breakfast. 

Every food on their menu is made to order, so expect fresh and hot servings of sandwiches, omelets, paninis, and many more. With their wide selection of locally roasted specialty coffee, you’ll surely find the perfect drink for you. They also offer cold brews, lattes, and mochas.

Clayton Coffee Shops

4. City Coffeehouse & Crêperie

This place is proud of its French crepes. So if you are a big fan of crepes and coffee, then you just found the perfect shop for you. 

Aside from crepes, you can find a wide variety of treats on their menu, such as salads, homemade pastries, Belgian waffles, and many more. This is why you have a plethora of options to pair with your drink.

Of course, their coffee is top-notch. You can choose from their selection, which includes americano, cappuccino, and different types of latte.

If you choose to dine at their store, you may opt to have a seat inside to enjoy their European-style interiors or find an available space outside to watch the beautiful city of Clayton while indulging in your hot or cold drink.

5. Colleen’s

On the look for a spot where you can enjoy top-notch coffee and sweets? Then drop by Colleen’s! 

This place is your top destination for delectable breakfast meals, mouth-watering shortbread cookies, and of course, the nationally acclaimed Intelligentsia coffee. Not only that but expect that every menu item is fresh and made from scratch. 

6. Ivy Cafe

Ivy Cafe has a similar setting to Café la Vie above. This place is a coffeehouse during the day and a Winehouse at night. 

It’s the perfect spot for you if you want to taste locally roasted coffee and great dishes made from nutritious ingredients. Their daytime drink selection includes latte, cold brew, americano, and other beverages like french press hot tea and matcha.

7. Cafe Manhattan

Cafe Manhattan has been around since 1989. If you want a good cup of coffee and to fill yourself up with various tasty dishes, then paying them a visit is definitely worth your time.

This place serves freshly roasted coffee and tasty dishes, such as salads, appetizers, pizzas, and sandwiches.

8. Zante Cafe

Zante Cafe offers great food and beverages at lower prices. So if you’re on a tight budget, this place is one of your best options.

This cafe, which is popular for its lunch meals, has recently added breakfast items. Their menu is filled with mouthwatering dishes and flavorful beverages including decaf coffee and regular coffee.

9. Half & Half

If you’re looking for another spot with great coffee and excellent food, this is another highly recommended shop for you.

This shop offers pastries, sausages, country biscuits, and many other dishes that are made from scratch.

They have partnerships with other coffee shops allowing them to offer a diverse range of coffee. With its rotating menu, you can try a variety of seasonal coffee that is carefully made by hand to suit your taste. 

This place is a spectacular shop if you want to start your mornings by enjoying great coffee and eating tasty snacks or full meals.

10. Cafe Cornucopia

Fulfilling meals and exceptional coffee await you at Cafe Cornucopia. This place is one of the top destinations for lunch and breakfast. With their fresh and delicious food, you’ll surely get enough energy for a busy day.

Whether you want salads or sandwiches, their menu has various options for you. 

The shop also has friendly staff who prepares food quickly and provides you with superior service.

11. Uptown CaFe

Want to enjoy a great cup of coffee and an excellent pizza? Then this place is for you.

Since 1999, Uptown CaFe has been open to customers who are craving sandwiches and authentic Italian pizzas. Not only that, but this place also offers a wide variety of quality meals ranging from appetizers, salads, and wraps.

Aside from coffee, they have a diverse beverage selection, including hot tea, milk, chocolate, and so much more.

Coffee Shops near me in Clayton, Missouri

12. UKRAFT Cafe & Catering

This place is another great spot if you’re looking to enjoy not just flavorful coffee but also great food and other hot or cold beverages. It’s a nice and clean shop that prides itself on its diverse food and beverage selection as well as exceptional service. 

Their Clayton coffee shop offers a full breakfast/lunch menu that includes wraps, biscuits, avocado toasts, and many more. In case you prefer gluten-free options, they can also provide some for you.

13. Kingside Diner

This shop has it all for you. From breakfast and lunch items to dinner items, you can find all of these at Kingside Diner.

They will surely energize your mornings with popular breakfast meals like burritos and griddle burgers.

Of course, you can also choose your coffee from their wide selection to pair with your food. Whether you want freshly ground espresso, latte, or cappuccino, this place has something for you.

14. Cherry Tree Cafe

Cherry Tree Cafe is another great spot for those who love to drink or try locally-made coffee.

What makes this place different is that it can be found inside a university campus – Washington University in St. Louis. 

This shop is not just proud of its coffee but also of its food selection. Drop by to get a fulfilling cup of coffee together with a delicious serving of pasta, sandwich, or salad. 

Want to enjoy your coffee with a tasty piece of bread? Not a problem! Their store is located just beside the campus bakery, so you can simply grab your favorite bread while ordering your drink.

15. Java Plus

This is a small and local shop that has been offering fresh and amazing coffee from Dubuque since 2004. You can also find various bread types as well as breakfast and lunch options on their menu. 

At Java Plus, you’ll only receive mouthwatering meals and drinks made only from the highest quality ingredients.

Expect that every bite and sip will be satisfying as they carefully prepare your order to exceed your expectations.

We hope our selection helps you find a great Clayton coffee shop. Next time you get your phone out to search for the best coffee near me in Clayton just come back to this page instead and try out another of our recommendations.

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