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Newport Beach is situated in the heart of Orange County and is renowned for its stunning coastline, upscale lifestyle, and vibrant atmosphere that’s second to none. Often known as “the OC’s crown jewel” Newport Beach is where surf culture meets refined elegance.

The Newport Beach coffee scene is as breathtaking as its views, offering a unique blend of the laid-back surf culture and the sophistication for which Newport Beach is famous. Here, coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s a lifestyle.

From independent roasters sourcing the finest beans to baristas who add a touch of beachy charm to every cup they craft, the coffee shops in Newport Beach are a testament to the city’s love for quality and creativity.

The variety of coffee shops Newport Beach possesses is as diverse as the city itself. From cozy beachside cafes where you can savor your cup with a view of the Pacific, to hip, urban spots that buzz with the energy of the city, each offers a unique experience and flavor.

Best coffee shops in Newport Beach California

Whether you’re a local surf enthusiast looking to discover a new hangout spot, or a visitor wanting to taste the local flavors, this is your ultimate guide to the best coffee shops in Newport Beach.

Best Coffee Shops in Newport Beach

We found the best 15 Newport Beach coffee shops for you to try when visiting California. 

1. Alta Coffee

Breakfast is served all day at Alta Coffee, so if you’re a breakfast-for-dinner sort of person, then you’re in luck.

Their coffee is roasted by Wilson Coffee Roasters, with a new ‘coffee of the day’ on offer giving customers something new to try on their morning coffee run. 

No matter the time of day, this coffee shop offers a delicious offering. Omelets, pastries, sandwiches, and sides can be enjoyed by all, no matter your dietary requirements. 

This cozy and comfortable café is a great place to relax for all, from the farmhouse decor and live music events it encompasses the very essence of a Newport coffee shop.

2. Cappy’s Café

Cappy’s has been a favorite Newport Beach cafe for over 40 years. Right next to the beach, Cappy’s offers weary sunbathers and swimmers an all-American experience.

Customers can expect hearty breakfasts to suit every preference as well as a range of lunch options and seafood. 

Relax outdoors with your dog or grab a booth inside with your friends, this super chilled-out café is the perfect place for a simple yet delicious pit-stop. Cappy’s outdoor terrace is dog-friendly.

They even have a fully licensed bar if you’re after something stronger.

3. Coffee Dose

Coffee Dose isn’t hard to miss, with the bright storefronts and funky decor.

Walking into the coffee shop, you’ll instantly feel uplifted by the vibrant colors and funny slogans on the walls. Choose from one of their signature lattes or treat yourself to a delicious waffle.

Later in the day, you can choose from one of their playfully named cocktails or share a bottle of wine with your bestie. 

With naughty printed coffee cups, cheeky slogans, and quirky decor, Coffee Dose isn’t a brand that takes itself too seriously.

Instead, they aim to combine great coffee, a pinch of humor, and a sprinkle of fun.

4. The Galley Café

This Newport Beach waterfront diner offers the very best of all things vintage.

Take a step back in time with a visit to The Galley Café as you order a traditional burger, sundae, or milkshake from the iconic 50s and 60s eras. 

Customers can enjoy views of the boats on the water as they dine in a traditional booth and sip on their coffees.

Stroll down to The Galley for a lovely breakfast for friendly service and indulgent treats.

Newport Beach coffee shops

5. Haute Cakes Caffe

Haute Cakes Caffe is a classic neighborhood cafe that serves breakfast all day, fresh coffee, and light bites perfect for lunchtime.

Inside you can expect contemporary decor and plenty of light flooding in. 

Stop by for a quick cup of coffee and a fresh pastry or stay and relax for longer on a beautiful sunny day with their outdoor seating, surrounded by calming foliage.

The café doubles up as an event space that is popular within the local community.

6. Herst Coffee Roasters

Herst Coffee Roasters is one of the more stylish coffee shops in the area.

With a number of their own signature blends that come from a variety of different countries, it is the ideal place to stop for the coffee lover. 

A number of fresh pastries and sweet treats are on offer to please every palette. Try something new with one of their Swedish-inspired pastries. 

Events can be hosted at this contemporary hot spot so there is always something to keep you coming back!

7. Kéan Coffee Artisan Roasters

The range of ethically sourced and sustainably grown coffees from every corner of the globe and craft roasted daily onsite.

Building long-standing relationships with its coffee growers has been a priority of the brand since 1970, so you can ensure only the best quality cup of coffee at Kéan Coffee Roasters. 

Their coffees are rotated seasonally, so things won’t stay the same.

They have a fantastic selection of loose-leaf teas, iced teas, and other coffee shop favorites if you’re looking for something different.

8. KIT Coffee

KIT is a busy and vibrant coffee shop that boasts craft espresso as well as many sweet and savory treats.

The modern and contemporary interior offers their customers and community a relaxing refuge. 

Within the coffee shop, you can also find a small plant shop where pop-ups also often happen.

You may come for a tasty cup of coffee but leave with a treat for yourself. Whoops.

Best Coffee Shops In Newport Beach

9. Moon Goat Coffee

What started as a passion project has blossomed into the popular Newport Beach coffee shop that is seen today.

Moan Goat Coffee sources its unique blends from 15 different countries around the world to bring its customers a number of coffee, tea, and tonics. 

Their coffees are roasted in their Santa Ana roastery where they dedicate their time to getting things just right.

From branded merch to coffee beans, you can take any number of things home with you from your trip to Moon Goat Coffee.

10. Moulin

For a taste of Paris in the iconic Orange County, you can stop by Moulin for some classic French cuisine and incredible coffee.

From breakfast to lunch, this little slice of Europe has a vast range of choices.  

There are even goodies you can take home with you! A range of artisan bread, pastries, cheese, and charcuterie options can be picked up at one of their counters.

All of these items are prepared freshly on the day so you know you’re getting exceptional quality French food.

11. Newport Coffee Company

At Newport Coffee Company, the coffee is roasted in small batches by their local micro-roaster.

Hand-crafted espresso, daily drip coffees, and their own brand of signature whole-bean coffee are on offer, giving their customers only the best quality coffee.

A range of healthy and indulgent options is available at  Newport Coffee Company, from gelato to Acai bowls.

Whether you’re looking for a healthy breakfast or an afternoon snack there is something to tempt everyone to this idyllic café on the Balboa Peninsula.

12. Pandor Artisan Bakery And Café

Another French-inspired café is Pandor, owned by a husband and wife team who wanted to bring the wonders of an authentic French boulangerie to the shores of Newport Beach.

This dream has been fulfilled; using traditional French artisan baking processes, they make their fresh produce daily which always attracts a crowd. 

Whether you’ve stopped for breakfast or have decided to come and get a fresh loaf of bread, you won’t be disappointed with the choices at Pandor.

Everyone knows the French know how to make a great cup of coffee, which can also be expected here.

Pandor even has a small number of its own classic offerings that will tingle the senses.

13. Rose Bakery Café

Rose Bakery Café is a small and simple establishment that offers customers a great meal at a fair price.

A huge range of beverages is available from the café, including more modern options such as a Chai latte. 

Enjoy one of their famous donuts or breakfast burritos whilst you laze around on the outdoor patio.

Perhaps you’re just there to pick up something from their extensive deli counter. Whatever the occasion, you can always expect good quality food from Rose Bakery.

Newport Beach coffee shops near me

14. Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

Donuts and coffee go hand in hand, they are a combination as old as time itself.

Their donuts are made fresh in-store every hour, only using the best possible ingredients.

These award-winning donuts have been featured on countless “Best of” lists and various TV shows. 

Sidecars’ mission is to spread good food and good coffee into their local communities through their SideCares program.

This program gives back to the local community by giving their leftover food and drinks to shelters as well as collaborating with charities that help with a number of causes.

15. Side Street Café

Side Street Café features a traditional American storefront with striped canopies and plenty of outdoor seating.

Inside you’ll find a whole bunch of knick-knacks and trinkets that make the space interesting and unique. 

Serving up a number of breakfast treats such as omelets, eggs, and french toast this is an ideal place to stop with friends or family.

It is a family-friendly café with a cozy vibe and is reasonably priced.

Coffee Newport Beach Style

What did you think of the coffee shops you tried in Newport Beach?

Hopefully, you will find time to check out one of these fantastic coffee shops to ensure you end up with the best coffee Newport Beach can provide. 

Remember, the next time you get your phone out to search for the best coffee near me in Newport Beach just come straight back to this page instead and try out another of our recommendations.

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