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If you’re planning a trip to Sacramento, California, who can blame you…

As the capital city of California, it’s just a few hours from exciting destinations such as San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Sacramento itself is way underrated. It has a great, laid-back atmosphere, plenty of things to do, and fantastic food.

In fact, Sacramento is often referred to as America’s Farm to Fork capital, because the area exports food throughout the nation and has a whopping 40 local farmers’ markets.

So if you’re looking for somewhere in Sacramento to grab a coffee and a bite to eat, then you’ve come to the perfect place – there’s certainly no shortage of them there!

Best Coffee Shops In Sacramento, California

Let me share with you my favorite coffee shops in Sacramento. There are a great many to choose from, and it took a lot of deliberation to decide which coffee shops do or do not make the cut for my shortlist.

1. Temple Coffee Roasters

Temple Coffee Roasters began in 2005, and now they have 8 coffee houses, mainly in Sacramento, and their own roastery.

They provide Farm-to-Cup coffee, incorporating social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Their coffee includes single-origin varieties, blends, and decaf. They also do teas and subscription boxes.


2. Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

The uniquely named Chocolate Fish Coffee Roaster is a multi-award winning coffee roaster sporting 3 retail coffee houses, two of which are based in Sacramento, and the third is situated in nearby Folsom.

They have forged great relationships with the coffee farmers they work with, and they can brew an excellent cup of coffee. 

If you sign up for their newsletter, you can occasionally get discount codes for their online shop. And there are online gift certificates available.


3. Naked Coffee Roasting & Café

Naked Coffee Roasting & Café is a beloved gem nestled in Sacramento, renowned for its heartwarming hospitality and expertly crafted coffee. With multiple locations, this café offers a symphony of flavor to coffee lovers every day of the year​​.

Customers rave about the rich, smooth coffee, whether it’s a hot cup in the café or a few pounds taken home as a gift​.

A unique highlight is their on-site roasting on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which offers an exceptional experience for all coffee enthusiasts​​.

Beyond coffee, Naked Coffee is celebrated for its caring and attentive staff, creating an environment that feels like a home away from home​. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Naked Coffee Roasting & Café is a must-visit for a perfect coffee moment.

Address: 3527 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95817 (click for map)

4. Insight Coffee Roasters

Insight Coffee Roasters sources single-origin coffees from all over the world, including Mexico, Columbia, and more.

They brew some excellent specialty coffees and teas and have an excellent breakfast menu, complete with breakfast sandwiches, biscuits, scones, cookies, granola bowls, and more. Their prices are quite reasonable for the area.

Address: 3650 Industrial Blvd Suite 140, West Sacramento, CA 95691 (click for map)

Sacramento Coffee Shops Near me

5. The Mill

The Mill’s 3 Sacramento based coffee houses are a great place to go for remarkable coffee, handcrafted tea or a bite to eat. They have a wonderful, uplifting ambiance.

You also have the option to buy their locally roasted Bouquet coffee beans to brew at home, and you can even sign up for seasonal coffee subscriptions delivered directly to your door.


6. Old Soul Co

The Old Soul Co has been a staple in the community since 2002. They are skilled coffee roasters, bakers, and artisans that support local farmers and brewers. They value premium ingredients and most products are handmade on-site from scratch with a farm-to-table menu.

Their coffee houses are a great place to connect over specialty coffee and gourmet baked goods. They each have their own menu. And they do curbside pickup.

You can place your orders online, and sign up to their newsletter.


7. Milka Coffee Roasters

Milka Coffee’s flagship coffee shop is in a beautiful, old, Italianate building from the 1800s, that was remodeled to add Queen Anne bay windows, making it quite unique.

Inside, there’s a clean, welcoming atmosphere, and of course, some great beverages to enjoy. They have some very interesting options available such as dirty chai, tie-dyed ice tea, maple lattes and more.

They also offer curbside pickup and gift cards.

Address: 1501 G St, Sacramento, CA 95814 (click for map)

8. Goodside Coffee

Goodside coffee is a nice, quiet little hub in Sacramento where you can get some really good coffee. What’s more, they’re open 7 days a week, albeit at different opening hours. 

They have a substantial following on Instagram, where they have well over 3,000 followers.

On their Instagram page, you can view photos of food and drinks and even place your order in advance. You will also be able to view their seasonal menus there as well.

Address: 1430 H St, Sacramento, CA 95814 (click for map)

9. Camellia Coffee Roasters

Camellia Coffee, named after the flower, started out in 2015 as a wholesale coffee roaster, but a few years later founders Ryan and Robert decided to open their first café and become a hub for the local community, serving their own great coffee. 

They serve hot and cold coffee and teas, extras, and they also sport a small collection of breakfast sandwiches, croissants, hand pies, and bagels. Veggie versions are also available.

Address: 1200 R St Ste 130 Sacramento CA, 95811 (click for map)

coffee shops in Sacramento

10. Tower Cafe

The Tower Cafe is situated next to the historic Tower Theater on Broadway.

It’s a great place to escape – on the outdoor patio you are surrounded by beautiful trees, flowers, and a flowing water fountain, while indoors you’re presented with an eclectic collection of beautiful artwork.

They serve a great selection of food and drinks, and thanks to their liquor license, they also serve some great cocktails, too. And they’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Address: 1518 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818 (click for map)

11. Scorpio Coffee

Scorpio Coffee is not your typical coffee shop – they are inspired by some of the best cafés the world over. They offer superb specialty coffees from roasters from every corner of the globe.  

The setting is very clean and modern. It feels like a sanctuary of sorts. They sell black coffees, white ones, signature drinks and seasonal beverages, and some select food options as well, such as salad, toast, and muesli.

Address: 1905 16th St, Sacramento, CA 95811 (click for map)

12. Pachamama Coffee

Pachamama Coffee is 100% farmer-owned, and more specifically they are owned and governed by farmers in the likes of Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Ethiopia. 

What’s more, they’re the 2021 winner of the Specialty Coffee Association’s Sustainability Award for Business Model. And they’re on a mission to empower smallholder coffee farmers around the world.

They have a host of coffee houses in and around the Sacramento area, where you will find state-of-the-art espresso machines, pour over bars, and more.


13. Identity Coffees

Identity Coffee’s flagship coffee house is large and spacious, and it’s a great place to come and get a little peace and quiet to recharge your batteries. It’s also home to their very own coffee roastery. 

It features minimalist decor with slab tables and comfy seats, with all furnishings custom made by one of the co-owners. They offer a rotating selection of single-origin coffees as well as a variety of different brewing methods.

Address: 1430 28th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 (click for map)

14. Station 38 Coffee

Station 38’s coffees are all freshly roasted locally in Sacramento, California. They offer a traditional coffee menu alongside signature drinks, organic smoothies, and made-to-order sandwiches and toasts.

Their café is open 7 days a week, and you can order online or have your order delivered to your door.

Address: 3711 J St. Ste. A, Sacramento, CA 95816 (click for map)

15. Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee is known for its customized blends, which are made with as many as 7 different beans from around the world. And in addition to serving great coffee, they also offer hot breakfasts and baked goods. 

You can place your order online or using their app, and you can also subscribe to their newsletter to keep posted on promotions and such.


Wrap Up

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through my shortlist of the best coffee shops Sacramento can offer. I trust that at least one of these will tempt you when looking for a coffee shop near me in Sacramento.

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