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You won’t find many cities in America busier than what many consider to be the ‘center of innovation’, of course, we’re talking about San Jose in California.

As the capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose is well known for housing the nation’s top tech and financial companies and being an incredibly popular tourist destination with its multitude of museums and landmarks dotted around every corner. 

Being as hectic and popular as it is, there are a wide variety of coffee shops in San Jose that allow its residents to kick back and relax now and again, however, some of these do stand out from the others for being the very best. 

15 Best Coffee Shops in San Jose, California

There are our choice of the 15 best San Jose coffee shops for you to try. You are never far from great coffee nearby in San Jose.

1. Hannah Coffee

Found around the Alameda area, this cute coffee shop is owned by cupcake craftswomen Hannah who makes all the delightful light pastries and snacks you can see as soon as you enter this delightful cafe. 

With a good selection of warm and refreshing espresso drinks and a flavorful selection of lattes, it’s never a bad idea to take a break from your busy day to relax with a warm beverage and a croissant or two at Hannah’s. 

Address: 754 The Alameda #80, San Jose, CA 95126 (click for map)

2. Philz Coffee 

Philz Coffee is all about variation, specifically when it comes to how it makes its coffee, which is prepared by blending multiple culturally different coffee beans into one to create a brand new blend.

Not only is Philz incredibly unique, ensuring that you get a taste of coffee that you’re guaranteed to have never tried before, but you also get the option to choose from your favorite brew and also a light, medium, or dark roast to go along with your warm and delicious beverage. 

Address: 1115 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125 (click for map)

3. Voltaire Coffee Roasters 

Named after the French philosopher known for drinking 50 cups of coffee a day and well known for its colorful and vibrant selection of drinks, you won’t be able to find a menu as packed with different flavored coffee options as Voltaire Coffee Roasters. 

From the Spanish Latte to their tasty Avocado & Egg Crostini, Voltaire’s is a must-visit when you want a funky switch up from the norm, but still want that familiar warm coffee flavor paired with some heavenly snacks.

Address: 360 S Market St #80, San Jose, CA 95113 (click for map)

4. Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Peet’s Coffee is quite unique since while there is a walk-in store located in San Jose, they also have a delivery service if you decide to sign up for their coffee subscription service where you can have your favorite brew delivered directly to your door.

To be honest, it’s hard to take a look at the selection Peet’s has to offer and not immediately want to write down your name to try out these incredible lattes and espressos without even needing to visit next time.

Address: 11295 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126 (click for map)

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5. Spectra Coffee

Whether you decide to try out the deliciously fruity Banana Cream Latte or the Mango Wango Tea, Spectra Coffee has one of the most varied menus you’ll be able to find in any coffee shop, however, they don’t just put a lot of effort into making their beverages tasty and unique, but the same goes for their delightful baked treats. 

With a wide selection of cookies, muffins, and brownies, you won’t regret visiting Spectra Coffee when you’re next on a break.

Address: 5353 Almaden Expy #52, San Jose, CA 95118 (click for map)

6. Crema Coffee Roasting Co. 

With a selection of traditional coffees mixed with a warm and relaxing atmosphere, Crema Coffee makes for a perfect visit when you don’t want to get too experimental with your coffee and instead just want a peaceful cafe that serves your favorite beverages to enjoy, along with a good selection of baked goods and sandwiches. 

With sidewalk seating also offered to customers, it’s always a treat to sip on some warm coffee out in the sun on the weekend at Crema Coffee. 

Address: 1202 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126 (click for map)

7. Chromatic Coffee 

If there’s one thing Chromatic’s team is dedicated to, it’s the art of preparing the perfect cup of coffee, and an element of this comes from sourcing their beans locally so that they are fresh, while also helping to support their community.

Alongside its fresh and delicious coffee menu, Chromatic Coffee also has a very distinctive aesthetic being somewhere in between rustic and industrial giving it a very unique atmosphere, making it incredible to browse around the store while you sip on one of their finely brewed coffees. 

Address: 460 Lincoln Ave #10, San Jose, CA 95126 (click for map)

8. Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee is a minimalistic shop that can be spotted immediately thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows, which give every store a modernized and vibrant design that makes it hard not to be at least intrigued.

In terms of their coffee, not only do Blue Bottle serve some incredibly unique options including the Ethiopia Gedeb Metad Washed and the Kenya Nyeri Kiawamururu, but they also sell tea bags, coffee brewers, and other coffee accessories so that you can make your very own coffee sanctuary when you get home. 

Address: 368 Santana Row Suite 1020, San Jose, CA 95128 (click for map)

9. Voyager Craft Coffee 

Opening its doors to the public in 2016, despite Voyager’s being founded a little more recently than many other coffee stores around San Jose, this is not to suggest that their coffee isn’t still top-notch. 

In fact, their signature recipes are prepared through a combination of globally inspired flavors, farm-sourced beans, and other secret ingredients to make each beverage unique. Alongside a delightful selection of scones, croissants, and cakes, there’s never a bad time to join the voyage. 

Address: 87 N San Pedro St, San Jose, CA 95110 (click for map)

10. Roy’s Station Coffee & Tea

This family coffee shop may have started with just a few stores dotted around California. But as the years have gone on it has grown into one of the most relaxing and inviting coffee chain stores you can visit.

You can enjoy one of their signature coffees and teas, many of which use delicious Verve beans to give the drinks a slightly lighter taste while retaining that familiar coffee flavor many of us can’t get enough of. 

Address: 197 Jackson St, San Jose, CA 95112 (click for map)

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11. Nirvana Soul 

With its incredibly vibrant and groovy aesthetic in each of its stores, it’s hard to leave as soon as you take a seat and sip on one of Nirvana’s amazing coffees.

Speaking of their coffee, they offer some of the most delicious signature beverages out there, especially their creamy Hazelnut Mocha which is a pure delight to taste with each and every sip. 

Nirvana Soul is the perfect place to be for an exciting atmosphere with a wide variety of tastes you have definitely never tried before. 

Address: 315 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113 (click for map)

12. MoonBean’s Coffee

With their coffee beans being imported around the world and primarily from Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America, you can be sure each and every cup of coffee at MoonBean’s has its own distinct flavor which encourages each of its customers to try something a little different to what they’re used to. 

With their beans being roasted in-house and incredibly friendly and chatty staff giving the whole shop a welcoming atmosphere, MoonBean’s is the perfect switch-up from the norm. 

Address: 6219 Santa Teresa Blvd, San Jose, CA 95119 (click for map)

13. Red Rock Coffee

Providing their guests with free Wi-Fi, live music, and lots of accessible outlets, once you sit down in Red Rock it’s hard to keep track of the time since there is always something going on which makes for an incredibly fun and sociable atmosphere. 

Mix this with some delightful coffee and tea options along with a great selection of baked snacks and it makes Red Rocket a fun and exciting shop to visit whenever you have some free time. 

Address: 201 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94041 (click for map)

14. Living Room Coffee Craft

As the name suggests, Living Room Coffee Craft has a seating arrangement that makes the coffee shop feel like you’re sitting around a living room with a few friends enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

If you don’t visit Living Room Coffee for the incredible cozy atmosphere, you can be certain you’ll stay for the warm and fresh selection of espresso and lattes, or their delightful selection of hand-made baked snacks. 

Address: 1711 S Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA 95008 (click for map)

15. Caffe Bene 

Caffe Bene has some of the tastiest cakes & pastries in all of San Jose being European and Japanese-inspired, along with their Costco and ham and cheese croissants.

When paired up with one of their carefully flavored coffee options, when you’re feeling a little peckish and want a side of coffee that’s a little different from what you’re used to, there are not many cafes better than Caffee Bene. 

Address: 181 E Tasman Dr #80, San Jose, CA 95134 (click for map)


When you get a little free time after exploring the busy city of San Jose, check out one of these fantastic coffee shops that will have you feeling comfortable and relaxed after just a few sips.

Remember, the next time you get your phone out to search for the best coffee near me in San Jose just come back to this page instead and try out another of our recommendations.

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