15 Best Coffee Shops in Birmingham AL


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Birmingham, Alabama is a city rich with culture and history, making it a perfect spot for those seeking a good cup of coffee along with a taste of Southern hospitality.

From established favorites to unique hidden gems, these Birmingham coffee shops offer a variety of brews and flavors catering to all preferences. Some shops boast a bohemian vibe, while others are ideal for a quiet moment alone or a productive work session.

The one thing they all have in common: excellent coffee that will keep you coming back for more.

Delve into Birmingham’s lively coffee scene as we guide you through these must-visit cafes. Each description highlights their specialty drinks, delicious pastries, and relaxing atmospheres, along with their street addresses and links to their websites or social media pages.

15 Best Coffee Shops in Birmingham AL

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the 15 best coffee shops in Birmingham, guaranteed to sip your taste buds away.

Top 5 Must-Visit Coffee Shops

Seeds Coffee Co

Seeds Coffee Co is a popular coffee shop in Birmingham, known for its commitment to ethical sourcing and high-quality beans.

They offer a variety of coffee drinks and baked goods to satisfy any craving. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff will make your visit a pleasant one.

You can find Seeds Coffee Co at 174 Oxmoor Rd, Birmingham, and don’t forget to check out their social media pages.

Red Cat

You’ll feel right at home with Red Cat’s bohemian vibe. Located near Railroad Park, it’s an urban oasis that offers a great selection of coffee alongside breakfast and lunch options.

They’re also geared toward social consciousness, so you can feel good about your caffeine fix. Patrons love their unique and creative lattes, as well as their extensive tea selection.

You can find Red Cat in three locations: Railroad Park, Pepper Place, & UAB Highlands. Visit their website and social media pages to learn more.

Domestique Coffee

Domestique Coffee boasts a selection of house-roasted coffee and specialty drinks, with multiple locations in the Birmingham area. Along with their commitment to quality, they also partner with local businesses for their food offerings.

Domestique Coffee has locations at 20th Street, Dawn Patrol in Homewood, and their roaster on 6th Ave South. Don’t forget to visit their website and social media pages to learn more.

Church Street Coffee and Books

Church Street Coffee and Books is the perfect destination for those who love a good book with their coffee. With a wide range of coffee options and a selection of books available for purchase, this cozy spot is a must-visit.

You can find Church Street Coffee and Books at 81 Church St, Mountain Brook, AL 35213. Check out their social media and website.

Caveat Coffee

Caveat Coffee is a trendy and modern coffee shop offering flavorful brews and a comfortable atmosphere. If you happen to be in Homewood, just outside Birmingham, and looking for a place to get yourself a good cup of coffee or tea, then Caveat Coffee is the perfect place to stop by.

Patrons can enjoy their coffee in a minimalist, light-filled space or take their drinks to go. Learn more about Caveat Coffee by checking its social media pages or website.

Hidden Gems in the City

Wild Roast

Wild Roast is a charming and rustic Birmingham coffee shop with a cozy atmosphere. They offer a variety of delightful coffee brews, teas, and homemade pastries.

The shop is known for its friendly staff and laid-back vibe, making it an ideal spot for a quiet afternoon with a good book or catching up with friends. An artful ambiance is created by carefully curated pieces of décor and locally-sourced artwork.

Santos Coffee

Established in the heart of downtown Birmingham, Santos Coffee is a perfect nook for studying, writing, or simply relaxing. This idyllic spot emphasizes sustainability and ethically sourced beans while offering a diverse selection of coffee and tea blends.

Patrons can appreciate the modern aesthetic and welcoming atmosphere that showcases the love put into each delicious cup of coffee.

June Coffee

June Coffee is a chic, minimalist coffee shop that embodies simplicity and elegance. The bright atmosphere and clean design make it a pleasant space to meet friends or enjoy some quiet time alone.

Offering an assortment of specialty coffee drinks, teas, and baked goods, June Coffee is committed to serving high-quality products with exceptional attention to detail.

Filter Coffee Parlor

As a family-owned shop in Five Points, Filter Coffee Parlor brings the comfort of home to its unique and inviting space. The friendly owners are a constant presence behind the counter, crafting each beverage with care.

This community-driven coffee shop offers a variety of delicious drinks, pastries, and cozy seating areas to satisfy both social butterflies and those seeking solitude.

Red Bike Coffee Co.

Red Bike Coffee Co. roasts its own coffee beans, which they source from around the world. They offer a variety of coffee drinks, as well as pastries and other snacks.

The coffee shop is known for its friendly atmosphere and its commitment to sustainability. They use compostable cups and straws, and they recycle all of their waste.

They also have a bike rack outside for customers who want to bike to the shop.

Unique Beverages and Treats

At Bizarre: The Coffee Bar, you can find an array of unique drinks like pistachio, honey, guava, and orange blossom lattes. Their downtown location transitions into a bar at nighttime, adding an interesting twist to your coffeehouse experience. Stop by at 217 22nd St N, Birmingham, AL 35203 and check them out on their Facebook and Instagram.

Octane Birmingham offers delightful caffeine options such as iced coffee, cappuccino, and dark roast, as well as a fantastic brown sugar cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth. Enjoy their sandwiches, salads, and pastries at 2822 Central Avenue, Homewood, AL, and follow them on Facebook to stay updated.

Baba Java Coffee in Birmingham presents a variety of coffee options, including unique concoctions such as their coffee cream soda. Ranked among the best coffee shops in Birmingham, Baba Java offers an unparalleled experience. Stop in at 4730 Chace Cir #124, Birmingham, AL 35244, and stay connected on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Ambiance and Additional Offers

Revelator Coffee Company: is a bright, modern cafe with an industrial-chic decor, located at 1826 3rd Ave N #101, Birmingham, AL 35203. The coffee is roasted in-house and is always fresh and delicious. With a relaxed and inviting ambiance, this cafe is the perfect place to go. Look it over on its Facebook and Instagram, too, to learn more.

Frothy Monkey: With an inviting atmosphere that blends an industrial feel with cozy furnishing, Frothy Monkey serves incredible coffee and a selection of craft beers. Drop by their shop at 2320 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203. Go and check its Instagram and Facebook pages as well.

Books Beans & Candles: This unique coffee shop, with a focus on mystical and metaphysical items, also serves excellent coffee. Immerse yourself in the rich smell of incense and explore their variety of books while sipping a hot cuppa. Visit them at 1620 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd S, Birmingham, AL 35205. Learn more and be connected via Facebook and Instagram.

Hopefully, you will get the opportunity to check out at least one or two of these Birmingham coffee shops we recommend.

Remember, the next time you get your phone out to search for the best coffee near me in Birmingham just come back to this page instead and try out another of our recommendations.

Check out the best coffee shops in Alabama in the other places in the state we cover.

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