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Nestled in the shadow of the majestic Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs offers a scenic and vibrant backdrop for coffee enthusiasts seeking a tantalizing brew.

This enchanting city, known for its natural beauty and rich history, is also home to a thriving coffee scene that delights both locals and visitors alike.

From cozy nooks tucked away in historic districts to modern and chic coffee houses, Colorado Springs boasts a diverse range of coffee shops that cater to every discerning palate.

Join us on an aromatic adventure as we unveil the crème de la crème of the Colorado Springs coffee shops, where each sip transports you to a world of rich flavors and invigorating aromas.

Best Coffee Shops In Colorado Springs near me

Whether you’re a curious local or an adventurous traveler, get ready to immerse yourself in the delightful world of the best coffee shops in Colorado Springs, where every cup tells a story and every visit is an invitation to savor the finest in coffee craftsmanship.

1. Wayfinder Coffee

The owners of Wayfinder Coffee are determined to make traveling easy for folks looking to explore the city while still staying within budget.

They want to give people options beyond chain restaurants and big box stores.

So they’ve opened up a place where you can grab a cup of coffee and a bite to eat without breaking the bank. 

Their menu features everything from breakfast sandwiches to salads and even a few gluten-free items.

But what really makes this spot stand out is its focus on local ingredients. Their roasts come straight from the farmers’ market every weekend. And their desserts are baked fresh daily. Well worth a visit. 

2. Loyal Coffee

Loyal Coffee takes its java very seriously without a hint of pretension.

Their flagship location is an iconic Colorado Springs bar where baristas there are friendly and knowledgeable about the beans they serve up. 

If you want to try something different, Loyal offers a variety of single-origin coffees, espresso drinks, and cold brews.

3. Yellow Mountain Tea House

The Yellow Mountain Tea House opened its doors in 2016 and quickly became one of the most popular places in Colorado Springs.

Located at 2616 W Colorado Ave, it offers traditional Chinese tea house vibes while serving up some of the best loose-leaf tea, ranging from traditional Chinese teas to herbal blends, as well as light snacks and pastries.

4. Switchback Coffee Roasters

This cozy little shop is located in a historic building on the corner of University Boulevard and College Avenue, just south of downtown Colorado Springs.

Switchback Coffee Roasters offers specialty coffees, espresso drinks, and baked goods, including gluten-free options. 

They offer free WiFi throughout the shop, and it’s open seven days a week.

Their hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, Saturday 9 am to 2 pm, and Sunday 10 am to 2 pm. A great place to work or chill. 

5. Building Three Coffee

At Building Three Coffee they strive to provide exceptional service and quality coffee every day while maintaining a welcoming environment.

They are committed to providing their customers with the highest level of service possible. 

Their goal is simple – to make each person who visits the store feel welcome and appreciated as well as enjoy an outstanding cup of coffee. What’s not to love?

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6. Carlos Bistro 

This hidden gem makes customers feel like they stepped into someone else’s kitchen.

Located just off the main drag in downtown Denver, it’s easy to miss because of its small size and nondescript exterior.

But once you walk inside, you’ll immediately notice how warm and inviting it feels. 

Owner and chef Carlos Echeandia greet guests personally, offering a smile and a firm handshake.

He then leads guests to his favorite table, where he pours wine while explaining the specials of the day. 

“We’re about quality,” says Echeandia, whose family owns several successful Mexican restaurants across the United States.

“Our goal is to make sure we give our guests something memorable.”

Named one of the best places to eat in both the city of Denver and the state of Colorado.

They take pride in offering a unique dining experience where diners can enjoy fine cuisine without breaking the bank.

7. Wades Cafe

The name Wade’s Cafe sounds like it could belong to some sort of cowboy bar. But this restaurant isn’t exactly what you’d call “cowboy chic.”

Instead, it’s a cozy little diner located just off Interstate 25 in Colorado Springs.

There are plenty of options here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all under $10.

My favorite meal is the ranchman’s breakfast, which includes eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, toast, and bottomless pancakes — all for less than $7.

You won’t find fancy decor inside Wade’s Cafe; it’s a simple diner with mismatched furniture and a checkered floor.

But despite its lack of pretense, this place feels warm and welcoming.

8. The Perk Downtown

When The Perk opened in 1994, there wasn’t much around except for a few restaurants and bars.

Now, there are many great places to eat, drink, and do things, but The Perk still stands out because of their location and atmosphere. 

They’re located in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, near the Plaza Theater, the Colorado College campus, and the Colorado Convention Center.

9. Caspian Coffee

The Caspian Café offers Mediterranean dishes with a twist. This small eatery specializes in Greek, Lebanese, Moroccan, Turkish, and Israeli food.

With a smaller menu, this restaurant has been able to perfect traditional Mediterranean dishes like Falafel, Hummus, Tzatziki, Babaghanouj, and Chicken Piri Piri.

The space itself is cozy, with a unique ambiance and friendly vibe.

Residents in the Springs love the café for its laid-back environment and casual setting.

There are no reservations at this restaurant; you’re welcome to come whenever you’d like.

However, it does take about 20 minutes at peak times to get a table. 

Previous customers have also rated the owner, chef, and staff highly for their excellent service and warm hospitality.

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10. Lucky Dumpling

Chef Brother Luck owns several restaurants including Lucky Dumpling, which opened in 2017.

He grew up in New Orleans and his parents ran a Chinese restaurant in Houston, Texas.

His brother runs another restaurant called Uncle Lucky Dumpling. In addition to being a chef, he is also a restaurateur.

The Lucky Dumpling is a hybrid restaurant that combines elements of both Chinese and Creole cuisine.

This fusion style is inspired by Chef Luck’s upbringing in Louisiana where he learned about Creole cooking from his grandmother.

On the menu, you can find dishes such as chicken and waffles, fried oysters, shrimp crepes, crispy pork belly, and even a dessert called Lucky Dumpling.

There are also vegetarian options, such as tofu banh mi sandwiches and quinoa bowls.

For gluten-free and vegan diners, Lucky Dumpling offers a special menu that includes dishes like rice noodle rolls and sweet potato fries.

It also offers some cocktails and wines to complement various dishes. 

11. Adam’s Mountain Cafe

Just outside the Garden of God’s Park sits Adam’s Mountain Cafe, where you can enjoy breakfast and brunch items throughout the week.

The menu is thoughtfully crafted to accommodate a wide range of dietary needs, including vegan and vegetarian options.

Vegetarian and vegan dishes include veggie omelets, fruit smoothies, homemade granola, and homemade muffins. A few gluten-free options are offered as well.

Brunch includes seasonal offerings such as sweet potato French toast, kale and sausage hash brown casserole, and spinach and cheese quiche.

Desserts include banana pudding, chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake, carrot cake, and raspberry cheesecake.

12. The British Pantry And Tea Room

This quintessentially British tea room offers traditional English tea in the Rockies.

Located in the Old Town area the British Pantry & Tea Room offers guests a truly authentic experience with traditional British fares like tea sandwiches, scones, and clotted cream.

Open weekends only, reservations are recommended.

13. The Rabbit Hole

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the Rabbit Hole is one of Colorado Springs’ best-kept secrets.

Located underground, it serves up modern American cuisine with a twist.

Many of the dishes are named for classic literature including the Queen of Hearts bloody mary, bacon-wrapped rabbit meatloaf, and carrot cake, just to name a few.

Guests can enjoy the ambiance, service, and flavors of the Rabbit Hole while providing something different to the traditional dining experience for those looking for something out of the ordinary.

14. Mission Coffee Roasters

Mission Coffee Roasters is located outside the main bustling Colorado Springs area but is the best stop if you are looking for a great cup of coffee while on the road or just stopping by to grab some lunch. 

Mission Coffee Roasters roasts their own coffees and has been around since 1999.

Their specialty is espresso drinks, but they also make pour-overs, latte art, and even offer cold brew options.

They are a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, and their beans come straight from farms in Central and South America.

15. Story Coffee Company

Story Coffee is a tiny home-turned-coffee shop located inside the park in Downtown Colorado Springs. They offer a variety of coffees, teas, smoothies, and snacks.

Their unique location allows customers to sit outside and enjoy their beverages while taking in the beautiful views of the Blue Fountain.


Colorado Springs certainly has some amazing coffee shops to explore while you walk around this lovely city.

Hopefully this selection of the best coffee shops Colorado Springs has to offer will keep you well and truly caffeinated for a while. 

So the next time you are in Colorado Springs and reach for your phone to search for coffee near me just head straight to this page instead.

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