13 Best Coffee Shops in Norfolk Virginia


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Norfolk, Virginia – a coastal gem that boasts a rich naval history, a vibrant arts scene, and a dynamic culinary landscape that includes an exceptional coffee culture. Known for its scenic waterfront, historic landmarks, and the world-renowned Naval Station, Norfolk is more than just a nautical haven; it’s a rising star in the world of specialty coffee.

Over the years, Norfolk’s coffee scene has been quietly brewing, and today it’s ready to impress. The city’s coffee shops range from industrial-chic cafes serving ethically sourced beans to charming, book-filled nooks where the aroma of freshly ground coffee is as inviting as the friendly baristas.

Each coffee shop in Norfolk brings its own unique flavor and character, reflecting Norfolk’s wide-ranging community and its passion for quality coffee.

Whether you’re a local looking to discover a new place to sip and savor, a visitor searching for the perfect cup to start your day, or a coffee aficionado keen to explore the offerings of this naval city, we’ve got you covered.

13 Best Coffee Shops in Norfolk Virginia

Join us as we embark on a caffeinated journey through the 13 Best Coffee Shops in Norfolk, Virginia. Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich tastes and delightful surprises of Norfolk’s thriving coffee scene! Buckle up, coffee lovers, because Norfolk is ready to steal your hearts, one cup at a time!

Mea Culpa Cafe

Mea Culpa Cafe is a delightful spot in Norfolk, where you’ll not only enjoy great coffee but also feel warmly welcomed. Their savory oats are highly praised, and they offer a variety of breakfast options to satisfy your hunger. Along with the delicious breakfast choices, you can also indulge in amazing espresso drinks or refreshing sandwiches.

While visiting Mea Culpa Cafe, you’ll appreciate the friendly service and overall hospitality, making it a place you’ll want to return to and bring your friends to share the experience. Norfolk, Virginia, has a hidden gem in Mea Culpa Cafe, and it’s definitely worth checking out during your coffee escapades.

Coalescence Coffee Company

Coalescence Coffee Company is a unique coffeehouse that captures your attention with its sleek design and modern touch. Walking in, you’ll instantly feel welcomed by the friendly baristas ready to get you your favorite caffeine fix.

Known for its signature blends and inviting ambiance, this coffee shop is perfect for enjoying a delicious cup of coffee and relaxing.

The coffee shop offers a varied menu of fresh brews, from classic coffee drinks to specialty items. You can choose to spend a quiet afternoon sipping on some delightful beverages or engage in conversation with the friendly folks around.

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EspressOasis is a hidden gem in Norfolk that’s worth a visit. As you step into this cozy coffee shop, you’ll be delighted by the warm atmosphere and friendly staff. EspressOasis specializes in serving delicious coffee and tea options made from organic and fair-trade beans.

Not only do they care about the quality of their beans, but they also pay attention to the brewing methods. You can expect a well-crafted cup of coffee or tea with each visit. Their menu offers a variety of options, from classic lattes and cappuccinos to specialty drinks that will appeal to your adventurous side.

One more thing to note is their dedication to sustainability. They make a conscious effort to use eco-friendly products, making your visit guilt-free. So next time you’re in Norfolk, make sure to drop by EspressOasis for a scrumptious coffee break.

Kobros Coffee

Kobros Coffee is your go-to spot for amazing quality beans, delicious roasts, and house-made syrup crafted from locally sourced ingredients.

The owners and knowledgeable staff at this cute coffee shop will make you feel right at home while you enjoy your freshly brewed coffee.

Not only do they serve some of the smoothest lattes in town, but they’re also a short drive from Virginia Beach, making this the perfect pitstop on your way to the shore.

The High Cup

At The High Cup, you’ll enjoy an inviting atmosphere combining great coffee with vibrant art. This downtown Norfolk gem showcases a locally roasted coffee selection and boasts an art gallery featuring monthly rotating exhibits.

While sipping on your coffee, be sure to explore the local art displayed on the walls, which adds character to the shop’s environment.

Not only will you be treated to a delicious cup of coffee, but you can also indulge in their tasty and warm muffins. The friendly service ensures that you feel welcome, making it an excellent spot to visit when in downtown Norfolk.

Vessel Craft Coffee

At Vessel Craft Coffee, you’ll find a cozy cafe atmosphere perfect for sipping on their unique specialty drinks. The shop is known for its inventive bourbon barrel-aged coffee, where freshly roasted espresso beans are aged in a bourbon barrel before being brewed into their distinctive signature drinks.

One of the highlights at Vessel Craft Coffee is their almond latte, a delicious blend that is worth a try when you visit. Located in Norfolk, Virginia, this coffee shop takes pride in using quality beans and offering a welcoming environment for all.

Norfolk Coffee & Tea Co.

The Norfolk Coffee & Tea Co. is a family-owned business that has been roasting gourmet coffees in Norfolk since 1918. You’ll find their commitment to quality and value unmatched, and they’re always working with the best beans from growers around the world.

This cozy Norfolk coffee shop is not only about coffee; they also have a wide range of teas for you to enjoy.

The location is nestled at 212 E. 18th Street, Norfolk, making it the perfect spot for your morning or afternoon pick-me-up. While you’re at the Norfolk Coffee & Tea Co., take the time to appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff.

If you’d like to stay connected or find out more about their offerings, be sure to follow them on social media or visit their website.

Equinox Coffee Co.

Welcome to Equinox Coffee Co., a beautiful cafe nestled in the cultural heart of Norfolk. Here, you’ll find locally roasted, organic coffee that’s bound to delight your taste buds.

Equinox Coffee Co. was founded in 2017 with the vision of combining the best coffee with a strong sense of community, both locally and globally.

As you step into the cafe, you’ll be greeted by a warm, inviting atmosphere, where life’s best moments can be enjoyed over a cup of their ethically sourced coffee.

Engage in casual conversation or take a moment to contemplate your day. Equinox Coffee Co. takes pride in contributing to the vibrant local community of Norfolk.

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Neptune’s Fury Cafe & Roastery

Nestled right in downtown Norfolk, Neptune’s Fury Cafe & Roastery offers a stellar selection of specialty coffee, with beans sourced from various parts of the world. At this waterfront cafe, you can savor incredible espresso beverages and drip coffee while enjoying the picturesque Elizabeth River view.

Their baristas are skilled in creating tantalizing latte art, ensuring that the presentation matches the delightful taste. If you prefer decaf, they’ve got you covered with Colombian coffee, retaining its rich flavor through the “sugar cane” decaffeination process.

With a cozy atmosphere and interesting decor, Neptune’s Fury is the ideal place to unwind, have a chat with friends or catch up on some work.

While it might not be sour-themed or located in Virginia Beach, it’s still worth the visit if you’re in the area. So, treat yourself to a unique coffee experience at this trendy spot in Norfolk.

Voyager Cold Brew Coffee

Step into Voyager Cold Brew Coffee, one of the most underrated coffee shops in Norfolk. Tucked away between a real estate office and Elation Brewing, you’ll find an exceptional selection of 100% Hawaiian single-origin coffee that will surely please your taste buds.

Nitro cold brew coffees are their specialty but don’t miss out on other tempting hot beverages like dark chocolate lattes, toffee nut lattes, and tasty flat whites.

While Voyager only opened its storefront in February, they have been mastering its craft since March 2021, selling nitro cold brew from the tap and canned cold brew at farmers’ markets around Hampton Roads.

As a veteran-owned and operated business, you can expect great service, all served with smiles. Enjoy this cozy spot to work, meet up with friends, or simply savor a great cup of coffee.

Cure Coffeehouse

Cure Coffeehouse is a must-visit coffee shop in downtown Norfolk. Located in the Freemason district, this inviting cafe offers a variety of beverages, from expertly crafted espresso to loose-leaf tea and even craft cocktails. You’ll be impressed by the cozy vintage atmosphere, perfect for you to catch up on work or simply enjoy your caffeine fix.

The menu doesn’t stop at drinks, as Cure Coffeehouse also offers delicious baked goods to complement your beverage of choice. You’ll find a range of options, from sweet pastries to savory sandwiches, ensuring your taste buds will be satisfied during your visit.

With its convenient location, charming ambiance, and tasty offerings, Cure Coffeehouse is an excellent choice for both visitors and locals looking to savor some of the best coffee in Norfolk.

Mudita Cafe & Coffeehouse

Set foot in Mudita Cafe & Coffeehouse, and you’ll soon discover why this charming local spot is a must-visit in Norfolk. Located in the Ocean View area, Mudita Cafe takes pride in providing first-class craft coffee, cocktails, and a delicious selection of breakfast, lunch, brunch, and tapas options.

It is also the first locally-owned cafe in OV, and as a women-owned establishment, they truly embody the spirit of community and happiness.

As you sip on Mudita Cafe’s signature Moroccan and African inspired coffee, you’ll get lost in the perfect balance of spice, sweetness, and familiarity. The cafe also serves classic espresso options to cater to your taste.

Seating is not an issue in this cozy coffee shop, with ample indoor spaces and a few outdoor tables as well. If you find yourself exploring the Ghent neighborhood or any other part of Norfolk, Virginia, be sure to make a pit stop at Mudita Cafe & Coffeehouse to enjoy their delightful offerings.

ALatte Cafe

At Alatte Cafe, you can treat yourself to a delicious and freshly brewed cappuccino or choose from a variety of other tasty drinks. Pair your beverage with a scrumptious sandwich or other menu items that cater to your taste buds.

The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make Alatte Cafe a popular spot on Granby Street.

If you’re in the mood for exploring, you might want to check out Cafe Stella as well. This charming cafe is known for its welcoming setting and flavorful house blend coffee, along with delectable sweet treats baked from scratch.

Hopefully you will manage to check out at least one or two on this list of what we consider to be the best Norfolk coffee shops.

Remember, the next time you get your phone out to search for the best coffee near me in Norfolk just come back to this page instead and try out another of our recommendations.

Also take a look at the best coffee shops in Virginia in the other places we cover in the state.

 Be sure to take advantage of the chance to explore our wide range of coffee shops in Arlington, and Virginia Beach as well.

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