10 Best Lakewood Coffee Shops: Your Cozy Guide


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Lakewood is the hidden gem of Ohio, where coffee flows, communities gather, and stories unfold.

Our mission? To navigate you through the Lakewood coffee culture. In a place brimming with choices, finding the ultimate coffee spot might seem daunting. We show you nothing but the finest coffee shops in Lakewood OH.

So, buckle up for a delightful expedition through Lakewood’s vibrant coffee shops. Explore and let the Best Lakewood Coffee Shops unveil themselves in a symphony of flavors and atmospheres.

Lakewood Coffee Shops

Best Coffee Shops in Lakewood

If you are searching for the best Lakewood coffee shops then look no further. Our guide will help you find a great cup of coffee. Every corner, every turn in Lakewood, introduces a new coffee haven, each with its unique buzz and blend.

Roasted Lakewood

Located at 13417 Madison Ave, Roasted Lakewood is a welcoming coffee shop in the heart of Lakewood, Ohio. It is known for its excellent service, friendly atmosphere, and well-crafted drinks. Having opened a sister location to the popular Roasted Tremont, your new favorite local spot offers a variety of coffee roasteries, diverse food options, and highly-rated reviews.

Roasted Lakewood is dedicated to providing only the finest quality coffee while supporting community events and local businesses. At Roasted Lakewood, you are sure to find a cozy environment with an impressive menu, complete with coffee, tea, bakeries, and juice bars, as well as smoothies.

Their reputation for delivering delicious drinks and food leaves customers coming back for more. You can feel the warmth of their service, and you will enjoy reconnecting with old friends and making new ones within the walls of this beloved Lakewood coffee shop.

Propaganda Coffee

When you visit Propaganda Coffee, prepare to enjoy an exceptional coffee experience. This 100% vegan and gluten-free coffee shop in Lakewood, Ohio offers a wide variety of delicious drinks, including coffee, tea, and specialty beverages, accompanied by an assortment of satisfying food options.

Propaganda Coffee is more than just a cafe; they are a unique destination for customers seeking quality coffee and a welcoming atmosphere. Their commitment to providing great coffee without villainy makes them a remarkably friendly establishment that cares about their community and the environment.

The favorable reviews and health score of 99 out of 100 are a testament to their dedication to exceptional service and an enjoyable experience. You won’t be disappointed when you swing by this local gem for your morning coffee fix or a relaxing afternoon treat.

The Blue Café

Lakewood’s newest delightful coffee shop, The Blue Café, should definitely catch your attention. Whether you’re looking for a fantastic cup of coffee or a cozy spot to enjoy a quick bite, this family-owned coffeehouse boasts an incredible experience for you.

Stepping into The Blue Café, you’ll find an inviting ambiance, friendly service, and comfortable seating areas for those cherished moments alone or conversations with friends. Imagine sinking your teeth into one of their delicious breakfast sandwiches, or savoring a rich and aromatic cup of coffee, proudly sourced from Phoenix Coffee.

If you’re a fan of local arts and music, you’re in for a treat as the café plans to showcase local talents in the evenings. Safe to say, your taste buds and artistic senses will be fully satisfied as you indulge in their carefully prepared drinks, locally sourced pastries, and desserts.

Birdtown Coffee

Birdtown Coffee, located in Lakewood, Ohio, is a locally owned roaster that produces premium small-batch specialty coffee. Founded by three entrepreneurs, they know that building your dream doesn’t come easily. That’s why they celebrate other entrepreneurs, artists, leaders, and risk-takers who put it all on the line just to share their passion with the world. You can find them at the Screw Factory in the Birdtown neighborhood of Lakewood.

Your love for coffee will undoubtedly grow when you visit Birdtown Coffee. Their dedication to their craft has resulted in an award-winning coffee selection, with a focus on sustainably and ethically sourced beans.

In addition to their delicious drinks, you’ll also find a variety of locally baked goods like offerings from Cleveland Bagel Co. Here, you can expect exceptional customer service and a truly enjoyable coffee shop experience.

Coffee Shops in Lakewood OH

Phoenix Coffee Company

Phoenix Coffee Company is an extraordinary choice for your next coffee fix. Located in the charming Lakewood’s Birdtown neighborhood, this coffee shop offers a vibrant locale perfect for enjoying its award-winning coffee and exceptional service. Established in 1990, Phoenix Coffee Co. focuses on serving a damn fine cup of coffee, and they’ve been saving the world, one cup at a time!

At the Phoenix Coffee Company, friendly baristas craft an array of tasty drinks and delicious food options that cater to your preferences. Their 4.6-star rating reflects the outstanding customer experiences and satisfaction, making it a must-visit cafe in Lakewood.

So, if you’re a coffee enthusiast or simply looking for a cozy spot to unwind, head to Phoenix Coffee Company in Lakewood.

Scoot! Cold Brewed Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover in Lakewood, Ohio, make sure to stop by Scoot! Cold Brewed Coffee for a delicious pick-me-up. This coffee shop offers both hot and cold classic coffee beverages such as lattes, mochas, and their signature nitro cold brew. What sets Scoot! Cold Brew apart from other coffee shops is its unique brewing process, creating a cold brew experience unlike any other you’ve tried.

Scoot! Cold Brewed Coffee takes pride in its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that every customer feels right at home. With a five-star rating on Restaurantji and a 4.8-star rating on Yelp, it is known for its exceptional service and delicious coffee. Coffee aficionados in Lakewood can’t go wrong with a visit to this cozy, women-owned establishment.

Caffeine Lakewood

Located in the heart of Lakewood, OH, Caffeine is a local independent coffee shop that aims to make your day brighter. With an inviting atmosphere and friendly staff, you’ll find yourself coming back to this good coffee shop whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Caffeine Lakewood offers a variety of tea and coffee beverages, along with an assortment of fresh food items, such as salads and croissant sandwiches. They pride themselves on serving high-quality coffee, freshly baked pastries, and delicious croissants, making it a perfect place to recharge.

The coffee roasteries ensure that your coffee is fresh and full of flavor. With great reviews highlighting their excellent service, Caffeine establishes itself as a noteworthy local business in the Lakewood community.

Goodkind Coffee

Step into Goodkind Coffee, a cozy coffee shop located in Lakewood, OH, where you can indulge in a variety of delectable drinks and tasty treats that will satisfy your taste buds. This friendly spot, known for its exceptional service and welcoming atmosphere, is the perfect place to start your day or take a break after exploring the scenic west end of Madison.

Goodkind Coffee has garnered rave reviews from customers who appreciate its commitment to quality coffee roasteries and unique flavors. From their popular Fall Latte to a refreshing Iced Coffee and more adventurous options like Ube Latte and Chi Tea Latte, you’ll find an array of delicious drinks that are sure to please.

Don’t forget to pair your beverage with a slice of their moist Banana Bread, or perhaps satisfy your sweet tooth with a freshly baked cupcake.

Rising Star Coffee Roasters

Rising Star Coffee Roasters in Lakewood, Ohio is known for its award-winning coffee and friendly atmosphere. As you step into this popular coffee shop, you’ll be greeted by the aroma of freshly roasted beans and the warm smiles of their staff.

They offer a wide range of drinks, including delicious espresso beverages, pour-over coffees, and teas. In addition to their top-notch coffee, they also serve a selection of food items to complement your drink. With a strong focus on providing quality coffee, service, and organization, Rising Star has quickly become a go-to destination for coffee lovers in the Lakewood area.

The welcoming environment and attentive staff make it easy to understand why they receive glowing reviews from their customers. The next time you’re in need of a good coffee shop, be sure to visit Rising Star Coffee Roasters in Lakewood and treat yourself to their exceptional offerings.

Burning River Coffee

Burning River Coffee is a delightful coffee shop located in Lakewood, Ohio. Specializing in traditional European coffee styles, unique teas, and handcrafted pastries, this cozy establishment offers you a warm and inviting atmosphere. With their commitment to providing only the best products, you’ll find fair trade, organic, and all-natural ingredients in their coffee and food offerings.

Their refreshing drink options include the Red Eye, a freshly brewed coffee with a double shot of espresso, and the Cold Brewed Toddy, a 24-hour cold brewed coffee blend with rich chocolaty overtones and a high caffeine kick.

For a creamier choice, try their perfectly balanced Lattes and Mochas, or indulge in a spiced Chai tea. Their friendly baristas will ensure a satisfying experience, as they pride themselves on excellent customer service.

Wherever you are in Lakewood there will always be plenty of coffee shops nearby, so it won’t be hard to find one.

Hopefully, you will get the opportunity to check out at least one or two of the Lakewood coffee shops we recommend.

Remember, the next time you get your phone out to search for the best coffee near me in Lakewood then just come back to this page instead and try out another of our recommendations.

Check out the best coffee shops in Ohio in the other places in the state we cover including the coffee shops in Toledo and Cleveland.

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