Top 10 Coffee Drinking Countries in the World: It Surprised Me!


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Coffee, the elixir of life for many, has cemented its place in the daily routines of people across the globe. With its rich flavor and energy-boosting effects, it’s no wonder that some coffee drinking countries just can’t resist indulging in this magical brown liquid.

Intrigued about which nations have succumbed to the delightful allure of coffee the most? Our journey through the top 10 coffee-drinking countries is just about to begin. So, buckle up and prepare to traverse the world of java aficionados, where the borders transcend continents, and the passion for coffee unites all.

From frosty Scandinavia to the far-off lands of North America, the quest for the perfect cup is an essential part of daily life for many. Embark with us on this caffeine-fueled adventure and discover which countries lead the pack when it comes to imbibing this delicious brew.

Top 10 Coffee Drinking Countries in the World

Top 10 Coffee Nation Rankings

When I set about researching this I almost wrote the US in as number one straight away. I was shocked to find that wasn’t the case at all.

Although when it comes to the total coffee consumed by a country, the US may be top, when it comes to the amount of coffee consumed per capita (per person) that is not the case at all.

In fact, Europe leads the way and even Canada makes the top 10.

The Elite Coffee Connoisseurs

These nations have an undying love for coffee. As declared by the World Population Review and is ranked by lbs of dry coffee consumed per year per person:

  1. Finland (26.45 lbs) – Holding the top spot, with an impressive 26lbs per capita, this icy nation can’t resist a hot cup of Joe.
  2. Norway (21.83 lbs) – Vikings may no longer sail these shores, but their descendants proudly carry the coffee-loving torch.
  3. Iceland (19.84 lbs) – Despite the small population, these island dwellers know when it’s time to take a break from surfing freezing waves and savor a warm cup of java.
  4. Denmark (19.18 lbs) – Don’t be fooled by the sweet pastries, Danes aren’t immune to the enticing aroma of a fresh-brewed coffee.
  5. Netherlands (18.52 lbs) – With a staggering 8.3kg per capita consumption, this flat terrain is fueled by caffeine.
  6. Sweden (18.00 lbs) – They might be known for tasty meatballs and minimalist designs, but Swedes secretly cherish their coffee breaks.
  7. Switzerland (17.42 lbs) – After yodeling one’s way up the Alps, it’s only natural to enjoy a warm cup with a picturesque view of snow-capped peaks.
  8. Belgium (15.00 lbs) – Sharing borders with the Netherlands, it’s no surprise that Belgians have developed their own love affair with coffee.
  9. Luxembourg (14.33 lbs) – They might be small, but boy, do they adore their coffee.
  10. Canada (14.33 lbs) – It’s not just maple syrup and hockey that makes Canadians tick, eh? They also love their daily java fix.

The US comes a lowly 21st in the list with just 9.26 lbs of dry coffee per person per annum – get drinking USA!

The Coffee Culture of Top Countries

Unique Coffee Customs

Coffee in Ethiopia

In the world of coffee, traditions and rituals reflect the character of each country. For example, in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, the traditional coffee ceremony is an important social event that can last hours. The host roasts green coffee beans, grinds them with a mortar and pestle, and brews the coffee using a clay pot called a jebena.

Meanwhile, in Finland, the top coffee-consuming country, the concept of “kahvitauko” (coffee break) is deeply embedded in their culture, with Finns consuming around 26 lbs of coffee per capita per year.

Coffee Festivals and Competitions

Coffee enthusiasts worldwide gather to celebrate their love for the beverage and showcase their skills at various coffee festivals and competitions. Some notable events include

  • the World of Coffee, a prestigious event that brings together coffee professionals from across the globe
  • the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, where baristas showcase their creativity by crafting unique coffee cocktails.
  • In Colombia, the Fiestas del Café is a week-long event that celebrates coffee production with a series of parades, parties, and contests.
  • The Berlin Coffee Festival is another exciting event that focuses on specialty coffee, sustainability, and innovation in the coffee industry.
  • Every year, the World Barista Championships brings together the best baristas from around the world to put their skills to the test in a series of brewing, bar skills, and routine presentations. It’s the ultimate showdown for coffee fanatics!

The Role of Coffee in National Economies

Coffee is not just a beverage that keeps us awake during crucial meetings or fuels our creativity on a slow Monday morning. In many countries, it’s an essential factor in their economies, making it practically the elixir of life for the nation itself.

In fact, coffee is the second-most-exported commodity on Earth, right after oil. Talk about a caffeine kick!

Let’s take a beany trail down memory lane to the top coffee-producing countries in the world. It’s a fierce competition where giants like Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia battle a grinding guerrilla war.

These caffeinated commanders maintain strong supply-chain connections with the world’s largest coffeehouse chains that, in return, play a significant role in supporting these developing economies.

Elements of the coffee economy include:

  • Importers
  • Transportation – shipping and trucking
  • Roasters and packaging
  • Whiteners – milk and creamers
  • Sweeteners
  • Flavorings
  • Disposable products (we’re looking at you, coffee cup!)
  • Maintenance
  • Equipment sales, both for consumers and commercial coffee services
  • Indirect services such as accounting, marketing, and promotion (ever wonder who comes up with those catchy slogans?)

Well, that’s enough brewing of thoughts for now. Remember, every time you sip your delicious java, you’re a part of this complex, ever-growing, and aroma-filled economic web.

Beans of Wisdom: Coffee Fun Facts and Trivia

Coffee Cherries Containing Coffee Beans
Coffee “beans” are actually the seeds contained in these coffee cherries

As we explore the caffeinated cultures around the world, let’s take a moment to appreciate some coffee fun facts and trivia that might just enhance your appreciation for this beloved beverage.

While many people call them “beans,” in reality, coffee beans are not beans at all. They are, in fact, seeds found inside the coffee cherry. So next time you enjoy that cuppa joe, remember: you’re sipping on a seed brew!

Can you imagine that goats played a role in the discovery of coffee? Legend has it that an Ethiopian shepherd noticed his goats dancing after eating coffee cherries. Curious, he decided to try them himself, and the rest is caffeinated history (source).

It may surprise you to know that Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world, contributing to around 40% of the coffee consumed on our planet. That’s almost twice as much as Vietnam, the second-place holder.

Feeling hungry? Did you know that coffee can be eaten too? From BBQ sauces to chocolate-covered beans, combining coffee with other ingredients can result in delicious and unique culinary creations. Who knew we could also munch on our morning pick-me-up?

Finland takes their love for coffee to a whole new level. As it turns out, the Finns hold the title for the highest coffee consumption per capita. Sipping coffee all day must be their favorite pastime!

While we’ve covered numerous coffee fun facts, remember that among the top 10 coffee drinking countries, every nation brings its own unique twist to the coffee culture. So, as you explore the world through its diverse coffee flavors, let these beans of wisdom make your journey even more gratifying.

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